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When you saw red roses this validated my grandmother. Furthermore, I always go back to feeling and seeing my grandmother's hands. When you brought this up I was overwhelmed with tears. She was validating her presence. There were so many of my memories I am constantly sharing with my grandmothers spirit that you validated.

The messages she sent my husband and I were exactly what she would have said to each of us.

Thank you. Listening back to you communicating with my dog, Sadie I noticed she was able to share the one underlying thing I needed to know that I didn't initially pick up on - that this was her time. There was nothing else I could have done. I've been calling on answers as to as why she left us. This is beginning to put my mind at peace. Thank you for sharing your gift with my husband and I.

I'll continue to listen to the audio file. You validated so many things that I thought were only in my own head. You've reassured me that I'm communicating with my grandma based on those validations. Kayli May 5, Hi Sue, I bought myself a new journal to start the year fresh and in it are questions to answer to help inspire and remind you of your journey. Today, I was asked "What experiences, information, or books have most influenced you? I want you to know that the answer I wrote was based on one experience in particular that I've had in the last few "trying" years.

That was the day that I met you after being given the gift certificate to come to a reiki session. That hour with you started me on my spiritual journey and paved my journey in spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical growth.

A Divine Connection: Experiencing a Moment

Had it not been for our meeting that day, I would not be the woman I am today. I have grown and changed in ways that I never thought of doing. The books I have read, the knowledge you have inspired me to learn, and your belief in me have been the biggest influence in my life in the past few years and have changed me in ways that no one else has. I know that you have a gift and you share it with so many people, but I hope you can grasp at least a small notion of the effect you have had on me. The words you have spoken and the messages you have shared with me have truly, Sue, helped save my life and I wanted to share that with you.

You have become an integral part of my journey and I am so blessed to have you along. I know I have shared messages with you before, but I truly believe in telling people good things they do and how they help people. I wish you and your family all the best in Vanessa January 5, Sue is extraordinary in her ability to act as conduit for divine energy! Her healing sessions provide a truly powerful and transformative experience!

Sue has such an amazing gift! Her readings are so accurate and her ability to convey messages from those who have crossed is incredible. Sue is such a blessing and thanks to her my life is at peace! Graham Montreal, QC December 16, The readings we received from Sue were awesome! To give us information about our loved ones was very inspiring. The reading gave us both hope and power to live a good life, help others and know that we will be in a better place.

We wholeheartedly recommend Sue! It is obvious that she is doing what she loves while helping others to be at peace! I want to thank you Sue for such a wonderful session! I feel different I have already shared part of my experience with a couple of friends and highly recommended you! I will be in touch Kirti December 16, We met two days later, as she is also an intuitive medium, and had received messages for me.

She was amazingly accurate, insightful and knew things about me personally, having never met me. It also opened up a floodgate of spirituality for me, and in fact what she told me has impacted me and changed my life. I have since been working on my own spirituality and gifts and we recently had a long distance session, as I live in a different province.

This was two days ago. Again her insights were profoundly accurate, she confirmed things that were actually presently occurring in my life and the messages she had for me regarding coming changes, have shockingly begun to occur already. For anyone, at a crossroads in their lives, seeking spiritual guidance and prepared to hear the "real deal", I would highly recommend Sue I just wanted to thank you again for today's Reiki session.

It was just what I needed, and I was honoured to have you work on me. You have a wonderful gift, and I'm so grateful you are sharing it with others. I feel so much more empowered and grounded just from today, and most importantly, I feel like I was nudged in the right direction again. Thank you for those lovely messages that you relayed to me from Brett. As I mentioned, you are very accurate with your intuitive reading of him and our family. He was an amazing young man and teacher to our family when he was in his earth incarnation and continues to do this while in spirit.

It was a wonderful validation to know that he is continuing on the journey of learning, guiding and teaching.


It was because of him that I have become an end of life, and grief hypnotherapist, something I never would have thought of doing had he not shown us the true reason we are here It is difficult to move through life without the physical presence of a most loved one beside you.

However it is through loving, graceful people such as yourself we are able to keep that connection alive and strong. Thank you again for allowing yourself to be such a honest and caring conduit for that connection. Debra December 16, Hi Sue, just wanted to thank you for the amazing Reiki session with you!

It went so fast! I feel a lot better. My hips must have been so out of whack that my legs have been sore due to the change of bio mechanics. That was quite an adjustment! My body really responds to your healing touch. Wendy December 16, I have had a couple of different types of sessions with Sue Mediumship and Reiki , and both times I received messages from loved ones. These messages gave me peace, comfort and happiness and I left each session feeling that much closer to my loved ones knowing that they are never far away. Sue I wanted to thank you again for everything, I am very glad to have gotten to know you.

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You have definitely helped me through a difficult time. Michelle December 16, Sue - for those who may have visited your website or your Facebook page and have not yet made the jump to have a reading with you I just want people to hear how amazing and real your gift is. I had my first reading by you last summer and I remember sitting back in amazement as you said things to me that really touched a chord with my heart. There was no way you knew any of these things ahead of time, and hearing messages from you made me so happy - a bit freaked out by your accuracy but happy.

I called on you again this winter as we were contemplating selling our home and the challenges that come in selling in this very slow market. You assured me that it was meant to be and in fact you said you saw things starting on Feb 6th. This was January and every day I thought of Feb 6th. I remember sitting in the kitchen on Feb 5th saying tomorrow was the day and I didn't think anything would happen. Imagine my excitement when the phone rings and it's my agent telling me my first showing was tomorrow - Feb 6th.

Again I sat back thinking of what you said and was so amazed. I called you to tell you and right away you said you woke up thinking of me that day and wondered if something was happening. So in my excitement I asked you what's next. You said - something is going to happen on the 26th. Well Sue we did sell the house and imagine how freaky it was when the initial offer came in and it had subjects to be removed on - you guessed it, the 26th!

When I found Sue, I was full of fear based emotions, frantically thinking and questioning absolutely everything in my life. I stumbled upon this website one night, and, by the next morning at am, it was clear to me that every fiber in me needed to see Sue ASAP, so I called her! I left a message for her and I got a call back at exactly pm, which is my sign from Spirit that "I'm on track". The moment I heard Sue's voice, I had tears. I knew right then that she was exactly what I needed. She happened to have a cancellation in her schedule and I got my wish the next evening when I met her for the first time for a reading.

My life began its start to a BIG transformation. I walked in to her office as a nervous wreck, but, by the middle of my session, I couldn't stop giggling because I just felt so light with Sue! Sue, your very presence is absolutely warming, and I can feel how genuine you really are.

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Thanks to you and your love for what you do, through your beautiful gifts, you are able to tune in to exactly what my needs are, what resources to look further into, and what affirmations that are best suited for me in this journey! It has been so wonderful having you for the encouragement and reassurance. The level you have affected me has just been so profound. I truly do believe this was work from a Higher source that led me to you. My hips feel amazing! My body hasn't felt so in-sync in so long. Thank you thank you thank you!

I am so totally excited to see you again! Jasmine Neault December 16, Hi Sue, just wanted to thank you again for making a house call to do Reiki for my kitty Lucy, and also for the prayers and guidance. Lucy seems to love it when I just hold her and pray and visualize her tumour getting smaller, she starts purring. She just had a follow up with the vet yesterday and we were told her breathing has improved and sounds better than when she was at the vet 3 weeks ago. I feel like the Reiki and all the hoping and praying and sending positive energy is really helping because the last time she was at the vet he was not so optimistic.

Lucy is back to her old self lately, running around the house like a maniac and being very playful again! Sheryl B. December 16, Hello Sue, I just wanted to touch base to let you know that Karen and Chelsea and Kim and Diane and Kim's sister-thoroughly enjoyed their time with you this past Monday. We went out for dinner last night and they shared the amazing stories of their mediumship sessions and readings.

Words just don't seem to express the level of gratitude I feel for you! Have a wonderful day - will be booking myself in soon - will keep you posted. Sue A. Sue, I'd love to come see you again! Can you believe my spirit guide, the horse, who you told me was with me , was a huge symbol in it all as well. Pretty cool. Life's been one great blessing after another since. I hope you are doing well.

350 Best Spiritual Quotes That Will Enrich Your Life

Gorete December 16, Hi Sue, I have been meaning to email you all week since I had my Reiki session. I wanted to tell you how relaxing and nurturing that first visit was for me. When I left I had a real sense of joy emanating for awhile! I'm looking forward to the next visit that you rescheduled for me. I am so grateful that I took the time to call you and have the opportunity to work with you on my wellness.

Shelly December 16, I received your handwritten card - nice touch. I did enjoy the Reiki. Interestingly, I napped 2 or 3 times after the session and they were solid deep naps too. By that I mean the constant state of 'tension' or 'on guard' that my body and mind is usually in, completely let go and went soft and relaxed. My body let itself shut down for awhile. It's significant because nothing experienced or attempted before has had that effect, including massages, acupuncture, exercise, yoga, meditation, etc. Usually to fall asleep that fast or feel that tired I have to put myself to physical exhaustion even then it's still in a state of tension but your post Reiki session put me to a level of peacefulness not experienced since childhood.

That is curious enough to get me to want to try it again and explore the practice further. So, I will be back! Tristan December 16, My youngest son passed away in May of and I thought that my world had crashed to an end. We had shared such a close bond as he grew into the wonderful young man he'd become and he left behind so many who love, miss and grieve him still.

Unfortunately it happens. When was the last time you had a real heart to heart with God? Not just recite the words in the prayer book, but tap into your inner core and share your deepest concerns, fears and thanks. Try it not in public please and see if you feel more connected to God afterwards. Put down the iPad, the iPhone, the i-whatever and look at gorgeous world around you. When was the last time you took in a breathtaking sunrise or sunset? Cry listening to a piece of music?

Be awestruck and the sheer brilliance and wonder of one of your amazing children? Did you see the incredible photos of the Niagara Falls frozen solid? We would devour it, getting a glimpse of his great knowledge and feeling a far deeper connection to the man. The Torah is the blueprint of creation. When we learn Torah, we are directly connecting to God, seeing the depth of His wisdom and learning to think how He thinks.

It is a series of ongoing eureka moments. Who is more likely to express their genuine appreciation for dinner that your wife or mother makes: you or a guest? How many meals has the guest received? How many meals have you received? When we are the recipient of so much ongoing blessings in our life the terrible irony is that we start taking them for granted.

7 Ways to Connect to God

Appreciation is the bedrock for a loving relationship — with your parents, your spouse, and with God. Who gave you your eyes? Your hearing? Your hot coffee this morning? The people you most love are the people you most trust. And vice versa. Think about something that concerns you, that is creating some fear and angst — financial pressures, results from a medical test, the boy your daughter is dating — and let go of the fear and trust God.

Try to feel that God has your back. He has the power to help and He wants to help. Nothing is too big or too small for Him. Perhaps the most direct way to connect to God is to perform a mitzvah — give tzedakah, visit someone who is sick, say Shema, mark the Sabbath. Since God is not physical, closeness is measured spiritually.

The more we resemble Him by aligning our will to His will, the closer we become to Him. I've been feeling as if my relationship with God has been failing the more I grow up But now I feel really encouraged..

2. Have a heart to heart with God

Thankyou for sharing this. It's nice to see that Chassidus has been spread so far, its influence reaching even non-Chassidic sites. This article is practically a very succinct, brief summary of some of the main points of Tanya! The latter being a guide to connection to G-d on some level. Gentle wisdom, insight on vulnerability, trust, appreciation and gratitude Insight and wisdom on vulnerability, trust, appreciation and gratitude for tenderness of one's heart in a sacred, loving home Dear, I'm Muslim and I really have full respect for all religions.

I believe that it's a personal between any one and God. I'm practicing almost the same ways that you do. I really feel the God. God's wants to be many religins on earth. But honestly I feel that we all pray and connect to one God. Thanks for the article. God bless you all. I've been religious for a long time now.

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I sincerely appreciate this. I love god with all my heart and I appreciate this article on how to get closer to him :. It picked me up when i was at my lowest point ready to hit rock bottom. But when i stumbled upon this article everything change, just whant to thank you for sharing this message may god bless you, and keep up the god work. This article was what I needed this weekend. I am currently attending a Lutheran University for one year. This article really is what I started doing in small steps. I am Jewish but never felt connected. As I attend the Bible class required here I started feeling alone.

I eventually let the instructor know that I was Jewish and he is now more sensitive to the class material. We have to learn the old and new testament. As I continue on my journey to become closer to God I have this article as a guideline and inspiration to learn more. I really enjoyed your article.