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If your little one is sleeping well through the night, factors such as illnesses, teething , and growth spurts may cause temporary disturbances in sleep. Many families find that if their little one is having difficulty sleeping through the night, moving them to their own room can make a big difference in helping their baby sleep better. Your baby will receive their 9-month well-child check-up this month. Along with typical physical check-ups and weight, length, and head circumference measurements, the 9-month visit will include:.

Although your baby is growing and developing more and may express frustration during car rides, it is still extremely important that you keep your infant rear-facing in their car seat as long as possible. At 9 months old, your infant should be in a rear-facing 5-point harness car seat that is appropriate for their weight and height. If your little one is crawling or has been crawling for some time, you will also want to make sure your house is properly baby-proofed with things like:.

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American Academy of Pediatrics Ages and stages: Baby. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Milestone: 9 months. Dosman, C. Evidence-based milestone ages as a framework for developmental surveillance. DOI: Baby's First Year. Overview Newborns. Your Growing Baby. Developmental Milestones. A Day in the Life. Baby Care Basics.

Must Knows. View All. Added about 10 inches in length since birth. Displayed 0. Have a slower rate of weight gain, but may be reaching tripling their birth weight. Can see colors well now Develops specific preferences for tastes and may have favorite and not-so-favorite foods Shows curiosity Explores how things work May express separation anxiety Remembers where certain items in the house are—no more tricking them by "hiding" items out of sight Plays, such as rolling a ball back and forth Loves opening and closing things. When to Be Concerned.

Nutrition Needs. Sample Schedule. Wake Up. Morning Meal. Mid-Morning Snack. Afternoon Meal. Mid-Afternoon Snack. Evening Meal. Breastfeed or 6—8 ounces of breast milk. Breastfeeding Tips. Introducing New Foods. By eight months , your baby can use the thumb and forefinger to pick up small pieces of food. Encourage self-feeding by providing different finger foods for your baby to try such as Cheerios, small pieces of bread, or cut-up cooked chicken, vegetables, or pasta.

Even with foods that are safe for infants and toddlers, you should always stay close and watch for signs of choking. At first, they are more likely to play with the spoon or throw it. But eventually, they will use it to eat, even if it's after the 1-year mark.

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Cut-up table foods and soft foods, such as mashed potatoes, pudding, yogurt, jello, and eggs, are good choices. Putting them to sleep awake or a little drowsy Avoiding letting them nurse or feed to sleep Using a fan or white noise machine before laying your baby down or performing a sleep ritual, such as an infant massage. Recommended Safe Sleep Guidelines for Babies. It is therapeutic for me to re-visit my memories, as horrific as they may be, and put them to words 2. I want to let other women who walk through similar experiences know that they are not alone and 3. Even in my sorrow. I had been looking forward to January 31st all month.

Language Milestones: 1 to 2 Years

I always feel more bonded to my baby once I know the gender. I can call them by name and dream up what they might be like. Were we going to add to our little girl club or were we going to enter into the new territory of boyhood? We dropped Penny off at school and the rest of us piled into the small ultrasound room, anxiously waiting to hear the news. I thought maybe if we kept searching we would find it.

She wiped off my tummy and said the baby was measuring around 16 weeks, I was She left to get my midwife and I sat there in disbelief. How could this be? I stared at the equipment, tears rolling down my cheeks, wishing I was alone so I could sob like my inside was. Am I being punished? We were scared to enter into the newborn stage so quickly, but at the same time we were so in love with this little unexpected life.

We heard a heartbeat at 15 weeks! How could this be the ending? This is not. I feared what was ahead of me. I felt betrayed by my body. I felt different, knowing there was no longer a live baby inside of me. My midwife explained what needed to happen next and sent us on our way with a packet of grief material and the instruction to decide when we wanted to induce labor. We rode the elevator in silence, completely overwhelmed by all that had happened.

I was living in this nightmare that I just wanted to wake up from. Truman had to go get Penny from school so he dropped me off with the other girls. I put them in front of a TV show so I could process my new reality. I fell to floor on my knees with my arms catching the edge of our chair and sobbed.

I cried the way I wanted to cry as I sat on that ultrasound table in silence…and I prayed. Your faith is never tested more than when you meet despair. I confirmed what I knew to be true: He did not do this. And He does not punish His children. I knew that He felt my sorrow with me. I knew that because Jesus walked the Earth as a human, he could sympathize with the deep sorrow I was in.

I so badly wanted to find peace in that. I begged Him to help me fight the lies that were attacking me from every angle. I begged Him for His peace that surpasses understanding. And through heavy tears and a broken spirit, I begged that His glory would shine through our devastation. Truman and I sat together and cried for a long time. The past four months had been so exhausting and we felt far beyond our limits.

We felt beaten and broken, unsure of how to even take another step. I was so fearful of what was ahead of me. I was scared to induce labor, something I had never done. I was scared for the pain. I thought I had another 20 weeks to get ready for my fourth labor. We had a vacation scheduled and it was a week away so my midwife advised that we move quickly to give my body enough time to heal. We decided to go in the next evening so I could labor overnight.

I was supposed to have 20 more weeks of baby kicks and stretching skin and it hurt so badly to have that taken away. It was dark as we drove to the hospital.

As we sat at the check-in desk, with visitors coming in and out, a wave of familiarity washed over me. We had been here twice before to deliver two of our daughters with so much excitement and anticipation. There was no joy this time. The cramps started lightly and were bearable for hours. I felt emotionally numb. I needed this process to be over.

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Occasionally I could hear shouts of pain down the hall from other moms in labor. I did my best to shut off my emotions every time the lullaby would play through the speaker when a baby was born. It made me wonder if there were women enduring this heartbreak on the same floor as me while I was delivering my babies. Perspective is a crazy thing. I managed to drift off to sleep for a bit until my water broke in the early hours of the morning. We inserted the second dose of pills to make the contractions stronger and waited as my body slowly pushed our baby further down.

My midwife sat by my bedside, answering all of my questions and talking to us about our options for burial. We spent so much time waiting in silence for the pushing to begin. Truman slowly tickled my arm as I read through my Bible verse cards. I had compiled a list of songs to play and as we listened in silence the tears started to roll down my cheeks.

Truman held my hand and cried with me as the reality settled in that we would be meeting our baby soon. My midwife could sense a shift in our emotions and suggested that we pray. I held on to those last moments of my baby inside me. As I gave my final push and felt the weight of my child leave my body I wept deeply into Truman and let the heavy wave of grief take over.

I was so relieved that this part was over, but I knew that I now had to face so much emotional pain. When they brought her over to me for the first time I could hardly bear it.

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My chest ached deeply to feel the weight of a newborn. I longed to feel her head under my chin and hear her tiny cry. The beauty of childbirth is that you endure hours of pain because you know there is joy at the end. As Truman held our baby in front of me I longed to feel that joy. There was only deep, deep sorrow at the sight of our lifeless, precious baby. Ten fingers. Ten toes.

How incredible is the human form that in only 16 weeks a baby has fingernails?! I studied the ears, the eyes, the tiny mouth, the delicate chest bones. My perfect and beautiful baby. A doctor came by to inspect the body and see if he could detect a reason for death.

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He was an older man and at first seemed to be unemotional, I suppose you have to be when you deal with so many difficult situations like this. He explained that the umbilical cord was twisted and wrapped too tightly around the abdomen, leaving a bruise and cutting off blood flow. A complete accident.