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Train comes to a subtle stop. Madoka lights a cigarette and begins smoking, she takes one last puff before demanding "Alright Denny let's get this damn mission over with".

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She gives him a grim look and throws her cigarette on the ground, "Stop your bitch ass whini. Browse Favourites. Admin of 1 Group Member of 5 Groups. All Groups.

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Eli-Uchiha Allis-of-night tbonestreeter16 Long-nanhai Ishimaru-kun16 tcanton Share a Status Update with your watchers! Preview Post Status. Im writing this journal I am just writing just to add color to my page More Journal Entries. Emo-chickie Sarah Hey im Chickie That's what my friends call me but my real name is Sarah. My favorite anime would have to be Bleach, Naruto, and anything Gundam. Harry Potter, Twilight Saga. Add a Comment:. Load All Images. It was a Free Membership day, and I took advantage of everything and wrote a journal.

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    After an altercation over the phone with Natalie, Eli tells her they have Chuckie and that they want Hal to miss all his field-goals for that day's game. Natalie and Chickie repeatedly answer the door to Bingo, who holds a number of Chuckie's clothes. When he brings home enough of them to confirm evidence, Natalie suddenly becomes worried, and Chickie agrees to go out and try and spot where Chuckie is held hostage, in which he succeeds.

    Natalie phones Hal although he told her numerous times that she shouldn't call him at the stadium and tells him about how Lenny and Eli have Chuckie and are holding him captive. When said that they'll pay any amount, Natalie informs him that it's not like that and that Hal needs to miss all his field-goals or risk Chuckie being killed.

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    After the phone call, Hal asks if he could have a word with his coach; he asks him "What's more important, family or football? Chickie runs into the room and tells Natalie that he's found Chuckie and that they have no choice but to call the police. Meanwhile, Eli and Lenny are attacked by Bingo, and is captured and tied up with Chuckie. Carelessly, Eli tosses his cigarette, setting the lair on fire just as they break for the car. Chuckie, seemingly dying, tells Bingo to ring the fire alarm. Bingo does so, overcoming his fear of fire.

    The police move in and listen to the game on the radio.

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    Then they arrest Lenny and Eli and nurse Chuckie's injuries. They call the bomb squad to find a bomb that was hidden in one of the suitcases. After finding out that Chuckie is safe, Hal scores a last-minute, crucial field-goal, but at the same time Bingo is holding the suitcase containing the bomb and it explodes. Natalie screams and faints, and so does Chuckie.

    The fireman then makes a call and finds a piece of fur in mid-air. When Chuckie wakes up, he is in the hospital with Natalie, Hal and Chickie. Hal tells him they found Bingo so they go to see him in his room. Once they enter his room, they find a crowd of people including the dogs that were tortured. They are all the people whom Bingo met on his journey, and Natalie tells Chuckie that they are Bingo's friends and they've been at the hospital all night, since they all heard his story on the news and wanted to wish him well.

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    Chuckie pulls the curtain to reveal Bingo with a bandaged arm, and lying down in bed. Chuckie tells him he needs him and he must pull through, and the doctor muses that he'll be fine. Then Chuckie asks Hal if he can keep Bingo, and after some encouragement from everybody, he gives in and says "Sure, son.

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    Just as soon as we have him neutered. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed.

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