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On This Page. Top 5 promotion strategies Take your marketing to the next level with these tips: Open an eBay Store. As an eBay Stores subscriber, you'll be able to showcase your listings in a fully customizable eBay Store and get up to 10, free fixed price listings each month. Get more eyes on your listings. Increase your visibility by optimize your listings for search engines. Use promoted listings to create effective ad placements in prominent locations across eBay, and pay nothing unless the ad leads to a sale.

Use Promotions Manager. Create customized discounts and coupons to incentivize buyers to spend more in your store. Use Promotions Manager to improve your items' visibility, and move inventory faster. Take advantage of Social Media. Millions of people use social media every day. They share their passions with the world, and they connect with what they love. Learn how social media can grow your business.

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Go global. Reach buyers around the world risk free. The Global Shipping Program is a great way to expand your market and your sales.

Getting Seen on eBay: 21 Tips for Cracking the Cassini Search Engine

Selling across the world is as easy as selling across town. Sell more with Promotions Manager. Incentivize buyers With Promotions Manager, you can create customized offers to showcase your inventory and incentivize buyers to buy and spend more. See Promotions Manager. Give your sales a boost See how an eBay seller used promotions to increase traffic and build customer loyalty. Watch Video. Provide services your buyers want.

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Set a competitive returns policy. Learn More. Offer free, fast shipping. Opt-in for eBay Guaranteed Delivery. Get to know your buyers Hear what these buyers have to say about shopping on eBay. As an avid vintage clothing shopper, Janet shares how listings can give her an emotional connection to the items she's looking for.

Ben, a seventh-grade science teacher, describes how he makes purchase decisions on supplies for his classroom.


A lover of fine jewelry, Susan explains why it's important for sellers to put themselves in their buyers' shoes. Tina describes the importance of communication and transparency in her purchase decisions when she shops for collectibles. Maximize your visibility Expand all Collapse all.

Show buyers you're a pro and they'll put their trust in you. Boost your sales Expand all Collapse all. Track your success Expand all Collapse all. At a glance, you can: See your current status and how you're trending. Get timely alerts when you need to take action. Get recommendations and personalized coaching to help you improve. To see your sales and traffic reports: Visit the Performance tab in Seller Hub or go to My eBay to view your sales reports.

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Visit the Performance tab in Seller Hub to view your traffic reports. Turn knowledge into profit. Subscribe to Marketplace Research by Terapeak and Determine the market value of products you plan to sell. Find best-performing keywords and categories for your listings. Track products to gauge seasonal demand.

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  • 51 Secrets to eBay Success.

When photographing the items you'll sell, take shots from multiple angles. It's incredibly important to make sure shoppers have as much information about your product as possible and high-quality photos are one of the best ways to differentiate your item's listing from similar ones. For example, photograph clothing on a hanger, dress form, or mannequin. For shoes, photograph them from the top, sides, and bottom of soles," Sam Bright , vice president of merchandising at eBay North America, told Business Insider. If the item is pre-owned, include photos of any flaws or scuffs that you have described in the listing.

Editing photos to brighten them or remove shadows is okay, but make sure the finished images that you post are accurate representations of the item you are selling. Determining the best way to list an item will help you to increase your chances of making the most money from a sale. Bright said you should sell your items at a fixed price using the "Buy It Now" feature when you know the market value of your item.

This can be an efficient way to make a sale because many shoppers won't track an auction for something they can instantly buy from another vendor. However, he said rare or special items without a defined market value are good candidates for auction-style listings where demand can drive up the price. Users can also utilize eBay's pricing recommendation feature to better figure out how to list their item and what to sell it for.

You might make more profits during certain days of the week. Stuart C. If you're selling items using an auction-style listing, timing is crucial. You want to maximize the number of eyes on your products by running auctions during peak traffic times. Take full advantage of this traffic by setting up seven-day listings that begin and end on a Sunday night," Alison Garrison , senior director of creative and marketing services at e-commerce platform Volusion, told Business Insider.

Be sure to monitor your auctions to see if your experience differs. For example, if you find that your market is more active in the middle of the week, time your auctions accordingly. You can better understand how much your item is worth by looking at how much it has sold for on eBay in the past.

You can search for active listings on the site and filter the results by "sold items" to see what your item or similar items are selling for across the platform. According to Bright, handbags are popular on eBay. With around million shoppers on eBay worldwide , the platform sees buyers with all sorts of interests, but there are certain types of items that shoppers almost always demand.

Ebay For Beginners - 5 Tips To Make Your First $1000 Selling On Ebay

Bright said some items that sell often include sports trading cards, watches, smartphones, video games, and handbags. If you're struggling to generate a profit on eBay, it might be worth selling items that fall under categories that almost always have an audience. Creating an effective title for the item that you want to sell impacts how your item will appear in search results. Don't forget to also include these major details in the listing's description.

The more information you can give your shoppers, the better. Listing culturally relevant items on eBay is a good way to increase traffic to your page. You may earn more money if you are listing items that are trending on social media or are associated with celebrities. When LeBron announced he was taking his number 23 from Cleveland to Los Angeles, searches for his new Lakers jersey soared," said Bright.

11 tips to make more money on eBay

If you notice a certain color or style keeps appearing in a fashion magazine or on popular Instagram accounts, it might be worth stocking your ecommerce page with more products related to that trend. Buyers might be more likely to purchase items from you if you've got a high seller rating. Keep shoppers coming back to you by providing good customer service. If your reputation as an eBay seller is poor, shoppers may think twice before purchasing items from you.

Be prepared to answer buyers' questions promptly and ship sold items as soon as you can to generate positive feedback and boost your reputation as a seller.