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Woon looks undeniably like a warrior, his long hair tied in a braid and two large swords fastened to his back and to his side. The two men are at a distant from the nearest village, and the rain does not look like it will stop anytime soon. Suddenly, Hwon spots a little cottage at the foot of the mountain and announces that they should seek refuge there until the rain passes. In what kind of a situation does a guest ask the homeowner to reveal herself?

How did you know I possessed a sword? As expected… Ah! Milady asks me to invite you inside. What foolish question. Anyway, will you not come inside? Although Hwon wants to go in, he can not insist on it because of Woon. This gives Hwon the perfect excuse to impose himself and quickly enter inside. Seol leads the guests to an empty room.

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The room is filled with the scent of an orchid, and on the floor lies a small table with some liquor and appetizers. And next to it is a brazier warmly greeting the guests, as if they were expected. But otherwise, the room is no different from any ordinary room and does not have any characteristic to indicate that it belongs to a shaman.

The adjoining room is separated by a divider, and Hwon can only make out the form of a graceful woman on the other side. Her hair is braided and tied with a daengi ribbon , indicating that she is still unmarried. From the other room, the lady does a deep bow to Hwon, and then follows it with another. But the lady bows yet again, confusing the two men.

Three deep bows is for Buddha. After completing her fourth bow, the lady presses her forehead on the floor and lowers her body as low as possible. The woman slowly raises up her body, and gently places her two hands on her left knee. He asks her why she bowed to him four times. Hwon can not say any more. This woman surely knows that he is the king. This time the lady speaks to ask Hwon to have at least a sip of this liquor that she has prepared for him. But when she merely responds by requesting him to have a drink, Hwon orders Woon to remove the divider.

Why do you not heed my command? Thus, I failed to think of my duty as a homeowner and only thought of my duty as a woman to keep her distance from men. Hwon laughs as he grabs the bottle of alcohol. He has never encountered a woman like her before who did not shirk back from expressing her thoughts so respectfully but so confidently to the king. Hwon pours a drink for Woon, but Woon does not look at the glass and only looks to the floor to indicate that he cannot drink while on duty to guard the king.

Seeing this, the lady speaks:. You do not know who I am or what is in this drink, and yet you refuse the drink? Will you guard His Majesty with your sword alone?

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At her words, Woon has no choice but to have a drink. After a deep thought, the woman answers that she recognized him from the sword carried by Woon, as Seol is pretty knowledgeable about swords. No, to know about it even before seeing it. Am I truly being lured in by a ghost…? After some hesitation, the woman walks to the room where Hwon and Woon sit and she too takes a seat.

Who calls a shaman more lowly than a slave a human being? I am a shaman with no such abilities. Woon takes a glance at the woman and lowers his head to indicate that he too has never heard of such a thing. Seeing the woman speaks so calmly, Hwon feels great sadness. He asks again. Before the king, everyone is just a trivial being.

Please permit me to introduce myself only as anyone. In frustration, Hwon raises his voice. How dare you make me repeat. I shall ask again. What is your name? If you are a human, you should have a family name and a given name. If you are truly not a spirit, tell me your name.

But as I have neither a father nor a mother, I did not receive either. Before arriving at this place, what was your identity? Your name, your age? You have not even answered what kind of a shaman you are! Are you really even a shaman? If I lie, will you find that answer satisfactory? Hwon continues to drink without a word and silence fills the room.

He opens his mouth once again.

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The woman eventually comes an arm-length distance from Hwon and sits again. Although that is still too far for Hwon, as there is no space to come even closer, he relents.

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She has long eyelashes, and under them are her dark eyes. And to Woon, her sadness is apparent. In order to not look at the woman, Woon puts his head down and closes his eyes. With a deep sigh, Hwon speaks. Cause I will take you back with me. Then will you permit me to hold you?

A king and a shaman are too far apart and can never be together. The woman quotes an excerpt from Zhouyi Book of Changes on how a heaven and the earth must be apart to uphold peace. Just as fall and winter following spring and summer is the nature of the four seasons, heaven and earth have their ranks. What more can be said of a human. Although the sovereign leads and the people follow, the sovereign must be exemplary for the people who follow to be righteous.

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If I become righteous, my people become righteous. If I become noble, my people too become noble. I was taught that was the rank of nature.

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I will not become lowly from embracing you, but instead you will be noble. Not embracing me brings order to your position and is exemplary for the people… I am a lowly one without even a name. As soon as I was born, I was proclaimed the crown prince-select and could not have a name. And when I became the crown prince, I was given the name Hwon but concurrently no one could call me by that name. And now as a king, my name Hwon cannot be even written on paper. She remains steadfast like a rock. Hwon stays quiet while deep in thought. Then of a sudden realization, he proclaims:.

As your godmother did not call you by a name afraid of being tied to you by fate, then if I give you a name, then you and I will be bound by destiny. I shall give you a name. All Rights Reserved. My Profile Sign Out. Moon Embracing the Sun preems tonight. Rosalinda L. Orosa The Philippine Star - August 13, - am. Embrace the charm of Southwoods City at Tulip Gardens. Sa krisis, malalaman kung sino ang tunay mong kaibigan. What it takes to give the best education to our children. Latest Trending.

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