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A cornish hen is a Thanksgiving feast for twelve! Save money and mess with Willy Wonka kitchen appliances, available exclusively at Sears! And this concludes our tour, my friends! Unfortunately, our shot of the open common space a ballroom modelled off the one in Buckingham Palace has been stolen by the evil Witch-Queen Lucrecia.

That room was the vantage point from which the previous three pictures was shot, and without it, you cannot witness the apartment in all of its splendor. I leave you now with two shots from the street corner as you go on your way. We hope you enjoyed your tour. Please exit to the right and remember to leave your valuables in the bins where they have been stowed.

Goodnight, and good luck. My new grocery store. The street corner I will see every morning. Thanks for coming! Current Mood: cheerful. Deleted comment. Reply Parent Thread. It looks clean and you have hardwood floors. Reply Thread.

I have zed. Just going by my sisters' apartments: -My sister Em's had carpeting -One of my sister Cheryl's apartments had carpeting originally but she had it torn out when she bought the apartment there were nice hardwood floors underneath -All the apartments that I can remember them having had dishwashers although Cheryl had one put in the one she remodeled I actually first heard about the countertop dishwashers when I was working in the city a couple summers ago - one of my co-workers was moving into a new place and was getting one. Ebooks

Apparantly they were popular at that time since you didn't have to go through the hassle of floorspace and hookups. I don't know how Em kept her floors so clean My bad! So how much are you paying a month? It looks nice.


Grats on it. I'm in love with you right now. Marry me. This is very important. You must repent if you do not do this In Canada , classical , opera , personal , voice.

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The concert, presented to a sold-out audience, also served as a good catalyst for personal reflection, since it marked my first classical event since returning to Canada after living in Europe for close to four months. The recital was a keen lesson on the importance of authenticity, grace, and generosity, qualities the American-born, Canada-dwelling soprano has in abundance. It also underlined the magic of transformative embrace, to beautiful effect.

Many personal stories were shared throughout the evening, ones connecting circumstances with inspiration and opportunity with growth. Only time will tell. After years of seeing Radvanovsky perform live, what I think makes her so powerful as an artist is her ability to meld blazing vocalism with charismatic theatricality; she physically acted out various scenes from Roberto Devereux and Macbeth , for instance , reflecting the drama already so very present and palpable in her voice. Such a seamless fusion has won her many fans , both in her chosen country she is American by birth but resides just outsides Toronto and abroad.

What Radvanovsky gave, however in bucket-fulls , was far more subtle than that which can be easily or quickly comprehended. The rapturous cheers may have come fast and furious, but I had to sit, at the close of each piece, quietly and carefully absorbing the innate artistry of what had just unfolded; it was like watching a plant grow from a spindly, fine, eyelash-like sprout, into a lush tree full of emerald-green, merrily waving leaves, all in the space of a few hours, or even bars.

Radvanovsky took listeners on the journey of her ever-expanding evolution — artistic, creative, dare I say personal — and it was wondrous to behold. It has been a kind of homecoming in both personal and professional senses. Some homecomings, I realize more than ever, are more meaningful than others, and have absolutely nothing to do with geography. This observation, made by a colleague, was flattering if heartening.

The recital pointed at exciting new directions, a potential being realized, a new self flowering naturally from the old — not a forced transition this, but a progression, an extension, a risk into the unknown that feels utterly, bracingly right. Is one to deny evolution in favor of the familiar? Very often one does, yet another path beckons, and when taken, can yield the most beautiful of results. Radvanovsky is taking that path, as her recital in Toronto on Saturday proved, and doing it in own inimitable way.

On June 25, But what is artistry without a bit of risk? Chances are that just as many people will be pleased as be pissed off. Dear Artists: take the risk! A composer like Jobim simply begs for interpretation. This duet delivers the goods. The poetically simple instrumentation — voices, hands, bass — combined with the tonal variations in voices, combined with that gorgeous, loping bassline, make for a swoon-worthy listen.

Awesome scatting included. On November 11, In art. In the meantime, a celebration of sorts is in order.

Spirit of Alpinism Strong at Piolet d'Or -

Artist Louis le Brocquy turned 94 today. To say his work was a big reason I picked up a paintbrush sounds too trite, too twee, too completely earnest. I hope I can heed it.

For now, I send my heartfelt thanks, joy, and good wishes to Mr. Love and gratitude, always. On June 16, In addition to losing a tent pole, they also dropped their only camera while on the face. Their narrative heavy presentation contrasted with the Greenland explorers' video, photo and musical documentary of their time sailing to previously unclimbed walls on Greenland's coast. Belgians Nicolas Favresse, Olivier Favresse and Sean Vilanueva, and American Ben Ditto were "lured" to Greenland with photos of a virgin wall whose location their Scottish skipper, Bob Shepton, refused to disclose unless the team agreed to travel with him and help him sail the boat back across the Atlantic to the U.

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  3. El príncipe ruso (Bianca) (Spanish Edition).

During their presentation, Kyle Dempster and Bruce Normand strongly advised against repeat ascents of the east face of Mt. Edgar , because of the objective dangers the pair faced during the approach. Logan's southeast face from the Alpinist 31 Mountain Profile. Nominees and jury members enjoy a day of sport climbing during the Piolet d'Or. Logan's southeast face. Greg Child, president of the jury, explained that their decision was made because they felt these climbs truly represented the spirit of alpinism. The award was given to teams that demonstrated a "root" of climbing or between the climbers and the mountain.

For Okada and Yokoyama, the jury felt that the amount of work the team spent preparing and executing the massive climb was truly in the spirit of alpinism. The Greenland expedition overwhelmed the audience and jury with their sense of camaraderie. As many members of the jury told Alpinist , it was the climb that everyone wished they were on. Originally seen as a wildcard, the Greenland expedition's antics and relaxed atmosphere were infectious, infusing the ceremonies with spontaneous outbursts of laughter and music.

Child was confronted about the necessity of climbing a peak, or mountain, for a team to receive the Piolet d'Or. Child responded, saying that "climbing is not about numbers or statistics, but about the feeling in your gut. This year's nominees all climbed with excellent style, completing difficult routes that each presented unique dangers and difficulties, he said. As organizer Christian Trommsdorff pointed out throughout the ceremonies, the Piolet d'Or is not a competition, but a recognition of alpinism.