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He hit a speed bump, however, when he signed his contract for Giant , which included a clause that prohibited him not to race during the filming of the movie. Dean enjoyed practicing magic tricks. One of his favorites entailed an unlit cigarette and a flaming match being placed into his mouth.

Then, when he would pull the cigarette out, it would be lit. He wanted to forge a relationship with the seasoned actor, but Brando declined his invitations. The mix of his good looks and rebellious spirit made Dean a male sex symbol, but his own sexuality was a bit of a mystery. He was engaged to actress Pier Angeli, but others doubted that it was genuine. In it, he says that he reformed his previous risky driving and instead is extra cautious when driving on the highway.

The actor was 24 years old when he died in a car accident in He was speeding down Route in his Porsche Spyder, nicknamed the Little and collided with another vehicle that had crossed the center line.

30 Facts About James Dean–James Dean's Secret Moments

Dean had a passenger with him during that last drive. Dean was issued a speeding ticket two hours before the fatal car crash. His death occurred less than a month before the release of Rebel Without a Cause, what became his most iconic film. An auto customizer named George Barris purchased the car after the accident and claims that when it arrived at his shop, the car rolled off of a trailer and crushed an employees legs.

From the Archives: Film Star James Dean Killed in Auto Crash

According to Barris, other mysterious occurrences surrounding the vehicle kept happening. Once, a thief attempted to steal the steering wheel of the Porsche, but tripped and broke his arm on his way out. Other people who purchased parts of the car supposedly encountered their own fatal crashes, too. Type keyword s to search.

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Dean was unmarried. He leaves his father, Winton A. Dean, a dental technician at Veterans Hospital, Sawtelle. From the Archives: Elizabeth Taylor dies at 79; legendary actress.

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    His Early Life And Passion For Racing

    James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor on the set of "Giant. Entertainment Inc. He forms a substitute 'family' with girlfriend Natalie Wood Judy and timid Sal Mineo Plato after a tragic incident - an automobile test-of-nerves dare known as the "chickie run" - has brought them together.

    Rebel is more than a monument to its star, it's a movie for all time. The script described Jett Rink as 'a violent young ranch hand, half juvenile delinquent, half genius, who wants to make a million He makes a hundred million Tough, always angry, restless, bewildered and reckless with animal charm and a tycoon's magnetism. Racing James Dean's passion for racing was legendary.

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    His vehicle collection and racing career brought excitement to his life. James Dean. Licensing Companies that have used James Dean in their marketing or branding.