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Wall Street was in a frenzy over tech stocks that soared higher every day. Inspirational computer programmers like Bill Gates, Marc Andreessen and young Liemandt were the new masters of the universe. A job at Trilogy meant long hours, but the money was good, and the perks—like beer parties on the patio every Friday—made it like campus life without midterms or finals.

Liemandt was known for doling out lavish signing bonuses and gifting Porsches and BMWs. Joe Liemandt made the cover of Forbes twice in , including that year's Forbes issue. He's at the bottom left. Occasionally there were impromptu corporate off-sites to places like Las Vegas, where Liemandt would book suites at Luxor and charter a to fly his team out after work. Say HP was selling a computer system with a different video card or printer.

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This might require a different specification or an additional cable and thus change the price of the package. The software Liemandt developed could handle thousands of combinations in minutes, saving money and costly mistakes. For customers like Boeing, a single product configuration mistake can cost millions.

The young Liemandt seemed destined for business success. After his father left GE to be CEO of a mainframe software company in Dallas in , Liemandt began programming but also took a strong interest in entrepreneurship, frequently reading the business plans his father brought home. As a Stanford economics major, he was determined to create the kind of business that either Jack Welch or his father would want to buy.

In pcOrder.

Liemandt set up other subsidiaries like carOrder. The stock market crash forced Liemandt to rethink his strategy. Liemandt began to shun publicity. Amid the wreckage, Liemandt set his sights on a tech model he had long admired. Liemandt consolidated control of Trilogy and went to work. Trilogy still produced cash thanks to its software maintenance contracts, particularly with auto manufacturers like Ford. It also had software patents. Versata, which like all other Liemandt entities became part of ESW, launched a flurry of patent lawsuits between and Most of the cases were settled.

But some went to trial. Less than a dozen remain as contract employees working from home.

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For many people living outside the U. Contractors use their own hardware. Crossover administers tests to determine whether a recruit can handle the work and would be a good fit, and often new recruits spend days working online during a boot camp to standardize workflow processes.

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In Liemandt’s empire, innovation and growth have taken a back seat to sheer profitability.

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