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Jesus the Savior

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Moroni taught that angels play a special role in the early stages of a new dispensation. At the beginning of a new dispensation following a period of apostasy, there is no one with priesthood authority to administer the covenants in their fulness. Consequently, the Lord sends messengers from the other side of the veil to return priesthood keys and the gospel plan to the earth.

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It is not surprising then that an angel visited Zacharias and instructed him with regard to the mission of his son. Angels appeared to Jesus in the wilderness following the temptations of Satan and administered to Him in preparation for His ministry see Matthew In other words, the higher priesthood came to Jesus from the other side of the veil. Why did Moses and Elijah appear? In three other key events, angels appear to prepare Jesus for the Atonement and the Resurrection.

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Although the Savior was to complete the Atonement on His own, instructions and support were given in the early stages. The second event occurs at the tomb on the Sunday morning following the Resurrection. The women came early to the tomb with spices and ointments to care for the body, which had been hastily encased as the Sabbath approached.

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To their surprise, they found the stone had been rolled away from the sepulcher. Why heavenly messengers at the tomb? No one prior to the Savior had been raised in glory see 1 Corinthians — Two witnesses from the other side of the veil provided the assurance that Jesus had been resurrected. What is the lesson for us today as we enter a new Christmas season?

Relive the Story of Jesus Christ's Birth as Told in the Bible

At that time, a provincial census of Judea was taken up. If Quirinius had been legate of Syria previously, it would have to have been before 10 B. A previous legateship after 4 B. It is not by chance that Luke relates the birth of Jesus to the time of Caesar Augustus: the real savior Lk and peace-bearer Lk ; see also Lk is the child born in Bethlehem. The whole world : that is, the whole Roman world: Rome, Italy, and the Roman provinces. It is a legal description indicating that Jesus possessed the rights and privileges of the firstborn son Gn 27 ; Ex ; Nm — 13 ; — 16 ; Dt — See notes on Mt ; Mk Wrapped him in swaddling clothes : there may be an allusion here to the birth of another descendant of David, his son Solomon, who though a great king was wrapped in swaddling clothes like any other infant Wis — 6.

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Laid him in a manger : a feeding trough for animals. A possible allusion to Is LXX. Luke is the only synoptic gospel writer to use the title savior for Jesus Lk ; Acts ; ; see also Lk ; ; Acts As savior, Jesus is looked upon by Luke as the one who rescues humanity from sin and delivers humanity from the condition of alienation from God. Lord is the most frequently used title for Jesus in Luke and Acts.