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With an example of Starbucks in Baku, I want to illustrate what we are trying to study in a context of a new idea landing in a new context. Here is the threefold research agenda:. For example, how will the newly opened Starbucks coffee shop in Baku be different from Starbucks in Amsterdam and London? How do people view this Starbucks coffee shop in Baku and other places? Are there differences? Were there enough customers? Did the lay out of the shop work well for the Azeris, who love corners and separated space claustrophilia , were there any unexpected issues with the government controls and regulations?

In other words, what is the micro-politics of this process? Now, forget about Starbucks and think of any innovations really — business, policy, management or otherwise. And you have the research agenda for policy translation. Very informative, well written and straight forward piece. Thank you. As a doctoral student working on community forest policy translation at local level in Africa and outcomes for local democracy this could be more helpful if followed by some references for citation and further read.

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Would that be possible? Farhad on June 8, What is Policy Translation? Is McDonalds in Ganjlik metro station in Baku a global or a local thing? Policy Translation and Starbucks With an example of Starbucks in Baku, I want to illustrate what we are trying to study in a context of a new idea landing in a new context. Here is the threefold research agenda: 1 Pay attention to how meanings change when policy innovations travel. The Separation of Nationhood and Statehood.

Venda: the first effort for cultural independence. Threefold Syria. A 'Tridentine Republic' in Ukraine.

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The Books. A short lecture series on social trisecting. A forerunner to the Threefold Idea. A book review by Maria Lyons here. Available as a free PDF here. There is also Victor's Blog which continues the story.

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There's a preview PDF here. A earlier draft is available here as a PDF. My Threefold Now work is mentioned there. Other texts on societal issues at the Rudolf Steiner Archive. Hard-to-find threefolding lectures and articles at Think OutWord. Social Threefolding article at Wikipedia. A few of many wonderful interviews with threefolders and cultural creatives from Have Seeds, Will Travel. Principles Matter by Barnes Part One speaks of the necessary paradox of Freedom and Equality.

Part Two gives a sharp point outline of thoughts for breaking the spell of the corporatist economic ideology. Locking up his words, his vision by Seth Jordan from Massachusetts. How Disney locked down what it freely received. A threefolder's perspective of Occupy as an impulse for civilizational renewal. A call for progressives to awaken from the governmentalization of culture.

On the separation of media and state. Little Brothers: Cyber-activists and threefolders by Seth Jordan.

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A World Uprooted by Seth Jordan. How indigenous peoples would be treated by a Threefold Republic. Are we a community without conscience? On the judiciary in a Threefold Republic. Joseph Beuys vs. A great article on the Threefold Idea as the ultimate transpartisan impulse. Waking up to a healthy trisected republic. The rift between humane wisdom and mechanistic national law. Separating the cultural ceremony of marriage from the civic rights of partnership.

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Threefolding our way to an Autonomous Rights Sphere. Tells how a Chicago-based inter-faith organization figured out the Threefold Idea on its own in —what it calls the Social Process Triangle.

The Threefold Splendor of Salvation

A Three Fold Disconnect Notes concerning Nicanor Perlas' book Shaping Globalization. A PDF version with illustrations is available here. Restoring moral, social and spiritual dimensions to a heartless technocracy. Structural change in the nation and in the world are a necessity by Dottie Zold From Argentines:.

Beyond Capitalism and Socialism. Is Slavery Really Dead? Motivation and Reality.

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