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They are self-contained living spaces within the grounds of a larger family home and are usually designed for one or two people.

Another benefit is the added security of having someone else living on the property; it is more likely to act as a deterrent to potential burglars than a single residence with all the lights off. As a builder, we put just as much care into building granny flats as we do to the main home. That means you get the same level of quality and experience, the same dedication and customer-focus and the same reliability and guarantees for delivery.

Grannies Quarter Creek (in Kershaw County, SC)

At Stroud Homes, we understand how important build time is to you. That is why Stroud Homes offers a variety of guarantees, with our most important being completing your build in a dedicated timeframe. We understand what is important to you and your family, that is why all our guarantees will ensure to keep you happy, within your budget, and to your timeframe. View Our Guarantees. Brisbane South Residential. Call Us Home Designs Home Designs.

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When the van breaks down, or a revolution breaks out, they roll with it. The banter and bicker comes naturally. The two opinionated women had different takes on the Taj Mahal, one of their stops this season. Fraser's opinion: "It was just OK to me because it was a memorial.

Grannies Quarter Creek in Kershaw County SC

In India, the Amber Palace took my heart because it was a living, breathing fort where people had worked and lived. I could imagine the people going through their daily lives. Each episode includes stunning panoramas, lush sounds of nature and indigenous music, travelogues, ceremony and customs, and vignettes of local artisans plying their trades: the Moto weavers in Zanzibar, pottery makers in Morocco who still mix clay with their feet, Zulu doll makers in South Africa.

Each season, the Grannies have been more intentional about building sustainable cultural bridges. Next: Watch a teaser from the show.

Pack tight, travel light

We relate to and respond to these people, and understand the difference between eating and not eating, of girls not going to high school because they need an electric olive press," Fraser says. Their support of the Linking Dreams Committee in Chicago creates educational opportunities for rural youth in South Africa, supplying solar-powered computers and soccer fields. They have not wavered in their belief that boomers, never content to watch from the sidelines, are raring to see the world.

They want to be productive, to give back, to leave a legacy," says Fraser, who at 68 refers to herself as a "leading edge baby boomer. We are still productive people with a desire to participate in life. Beating a life-threatening illness takes determination. Fraser was in her late 20s, with a 1-year-old daughter. From that experience I promised myself to never give up, to follow my dreams, to do all the things I wanted to do and try to always show those I loved that they mattered," she says.

Doing this TV show is a result of that pledge I made to myself 40 years ago.

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