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Illustration or drawing is a part of everything I do as a working artist, but it goes beyond that into all parts of life — everything from brainstorming, problem solving, communicating ideas, or preparing for any project… things like organizing a workspace, a remodeling project, or of course designing a glass etching. It does go into three basic overlapping directions — illustration as a tool for thinking, as a tool for communication, and also as a finished form of art.

The latter is the one I rarely get to enjoy, and have explored the least. Illustrating Meet Ron Paul was a major leap forward in that direction. It taught me exactly what I needed to know — that illustrating books is something worth looking into. Illustrations by Ron Branch. The style of the illustrations for Meet Ron Paul was mostly straightforward pencil drawing with some intentional use of line-work to bend it subtly toward a somewhat cartoonish look. Also there was some exploration of affecting a blurred depth of field in some of them.

Although it is obviously not a quick looking style, ironically it was the fastest way for me to go about getting the job done. Initially, in wanting to come up with a speedy more minimalistic approach due to the situation that the end of the campaign season was fast approaching, several weeks were basically wasted, by failing to come up with a look that I liked. Micky suggested I quit worrying about minimalism and just draw them as I would anything else. At that point the whole project went into steady motion. Another huge thing I learned came directly from the circumstantial experience of working with the author Matt Blankenship.

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It was just by chance I believe that I got to see the exact best situation for me personally to be in for creativity to flow freely. There were distinct factors in this. First of all he was almost saintly in his demeanor while the project moved along more slowly than we wanted. Ron Paul first caught my eye during the campaign. I understand the historical impact that he has had in recent years bringing libertarianism to the mainstream. One of my favorite quotes from Dr. Once you become knowledgeable, you have an obligation to do something about it. I guess this was just my way of doing something about it.

Ron Paul certainly inspired a lot of us to take that next step from becoming knowledgeable to take some sort of action to help others become knowledgeable. What about yourself?


What type of exposure did you have to politics as a child, as a teenager, and in your early adulthood? I grew up in a Republican household.

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My parents were never politically active except for voting once every four years but it was enough to keep me in that mindset for awhile. I started to change my way of thinking after the second Iraq invasion.

How did you approach writing a biography aimed specifically at children, as opposed to adults? Were there certain events in Dr. They are usually about people who were the first at something, revolutionaries of their day. Another common theme is overcoming all odds to make a difference.

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The last theme that I noticed was the biography inspired others to continue their work. Ron Paul was a perfect candidate of all of these common themes. When I was writing the book I tried to stick to this common template. Biographies for kids usually are more inspirational. The events I wanted to most emphasize were the things that Ron Paul had been talking about for years that finally came true.

He has been absolutely correct on so many issues that it is probably the best weapon we have to show how rational his ideals are. The amazing thing is adults keep going back to the dry well over and over again.

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The publishing company is taking care of the usual mainstream outlets. So far the people who have heard the activism portion of this book have been very enthusiastic about it. Some have bought copies to spread out within their community.