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Here you will be able to admire the engineering of the 88 elevators that brought to life Rome's best spectacle. Next you will head to the arena floor. Most visitors are restricted to walk only around the edge, but you have access to walk on the floor itself, standing on the same spot where the battles took place. After the tour of the Colosseum is over you will be left inside to enjoy some free time and really take in the energy of this world wonder.

Once outside, if you wish to continue visiting the nearby areas, home of Ancient Rome, on your own, our tickets allow you to access the Palatine Hill and Roman Forum areas, and wander at your own pace. Duration: 2 hours. It crosses Via Triumphalis, now Via di San Gregorio, which was the way the emperors used to enter the city. Your private guide will tell you about the curiosities and secrets of ancient Rome and underlining the differences between present and past Rome.

Here is where Gladiators used to prepare for their battles; the guide will explain it to you and will tell you how it was connected with the Colosseum. This Roman Basilica is developed on three levels and you will be able to look at the construction of the different areas of the same church. It will seem to go back to the Roman centuries!

This very unique church is built on three different levels: in just one site you will be able to admire a 1st century Roman House, a 2nd century Mithraeum and a 4th century Early Roman Basilica. With the help of images and visual aids, our private guide will show you how it was and how it is. This visit will be like to travel through times! Duration: 1 hour Stop At: Museum and Crypt of Capuchins, Rome, Lazio After having visited San Clemente's Basilica, you will walk with your guide to the Crypt of the bones if you prefer you can take a taxi to be paid on site.

This crypt, already known as the Capuchin crypt, is made by real human bones of the Capuchin friars, arranged in objects in six chapels and crypts. Located under the Trevi Fountain, here you will admire the rests of the ancient aqueduct of Rome. Explore one of the most magnificent structures of ancient times where thousands of epic battles have taken place for fame, sport, and glory. This rectangular plaza was where the marketplace was located, considered to be the center of ancient society, and the very site of many important Roman government buildings.

Also included in the package is a fast track admission to Palatine Hill. Skip all the long lines and make your trip to Rome more efficient and convenient with this Colosseum priority entrance ticket! Join this two days private sightseeing and historical tour to discover the Eternal City. Step into the deep realm of the underground of the Vatican City and join us on this exclusive and rarely visited tour. Taking you to what lies beneath Saint Peters Basilica, you be guided one what is a truly unique and limited Roman experience max 15 pax. You will explore through the Vatican Necropolis with your expert guide explaining everything you need to know about this incredible place.

Explore the Vatican Museums, one of the most extraordinary collections of art in the world. Peter's Basilica and the Vatican Holy Caves where many popes are buried. Visit Rome's symbolic monument with a tour that makes it easy and fun for all ages. Learn about the amphitheatre's history from a guide with an art and archaeology background. Hear about the fascinating and terrifying history of the Colosseum, including the bloody gladiator battles that once took place here. Be amazed by the impressive construction methods of ancient Romans.

See the world. Catacombs Rome. Vatican Necropolis Rome. Ancient site. Catacombe di San Domitilla Rome: Outside the walls. Catacombe di San Callisto Rome: Outside the walls. Catacombe di San Sebastiano Rome: Outside the walls.

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Santa Cecilia in Trastevere Rome: Trastevere. Tickets Tours. The greatest racing arena in ancient Rome is now a grassy jogging oval and outdoor concert venue. Peter's Necropolis Rome: Vatican. Stadio di Domiziano Rome: Tiber Bend. Teatro di Pompeo Rome: Tiber Bend. Da Pancrazio Rome: Tiber Bend. Day tours Multi-day tours. Rome Underground Tour. Enter the Medieval St. Clement's Basilica and get the hidden stair that will lead you one level below, to visit the Ancient Roman St.

Clement's Basilica 30 feet under the modern level.

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Go further below and be astonished by the atmoshphere of the Mitra temple buried 45 feet underground. Keep walking and get the mysterious large Ancient Rome warehouse with its natural waterspring 50 feet under the modern streets. Leave the area and climb the Celian Hill to enter another underground site: the Ancient Roman houses buried below St.

John and Paul's Basilica. A labyrinth of ancient rooms, frescoed fountains, baths, wine cellars and hidden Early Christian tombs hidden underground for years and recently rediscovered. This tour always includes a professional Archaeologist to guide you Underground Rome Tour.

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On this 3. Given that much of ancient Rome is still being excavated today in the course of street work and other infrastructural improvements, at some points 10 meters 30 feet below the modern city, there is a great deal to unearth. We'll piece together an educational narrative about urban layering, the relationship between the modern city and its history, and the cutting edge of Roman archaeology.

We will also see the remains of an ancient apartment complex, and talk about domestic Roman buildings.

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From here our Underground Rome tour varies. We may proceed to the Vicus Caprarius, a newly opened space showing Roman apartments under a modern cinema near the Trevi fountain, or pop into Sant'Ignazio Church, with its stunning ceiling frescos by Pozzo. We may also stop into the chic Rinascente department store, which houses the Aqua Virgo aqueduct, inaugurated by Augustus in 19 BC, in its basement.

Or we may round out the itinerary with one of the myriad underground sites controlled by the Comune di Roma or other governmental ministries. Note: Many of the docents who lead this walk were featured in a National Geographic article on the ruins under Rome, written by Context founder Paul Bennett. Several were also interviewed on the History Channel Cities of the Underworld program.

Both of these are excellent resources for whetting your appetite for this walk. Please also note: Although we will prebook all appointments to the sites, participants are responsible for buying their tickets at the time of the walk to any sites that require it. This 3-hour guided tour of Rome underground combines secrets and mysteries of a journey into the ancient world of the Eternal City. Uncover the three underground levels of the Basilica of San Clemente and the stunning frescoes of the Basilica dei Santi Enjoy underground Rome during a relaxing and entertaining, small, semiprivate group tour.

Expert Led Tour of Rome's Underground. From here, we can decide where to go based off what we want. Underground Rome Tour for Kids. One of the best ways for your family to understand Roman history is to see it layer by layer—literally. Much of ancient Rome is still being excavated today in the course of street work and other infrastructure improvements, sometimes up to 10 meters 30 feet below the modern city—so we can learn a lot by looking beyond the surface.

On this 2-hour Underground Rome for Kids Tour, with an expert guide, we'll descend below the city streets of this fascinating city to uncover its secrets. Giovanni e Paolo Church. While exploring the hidden, subterranean levels of Rome, we'll learn how we are still discovering bits and pieces of the ancient city, even today. Explore the subterranean depths of Rome Underground Rome for Kids Tour led by a scholar trained to work with families Strict maximum of 6 participants Underground Rome for Kids Tour First, we'll start our Underground Rome for Kids Tour with a visit the Church of San Clemente, a medieval building erected on the remains of a 1st century Mithraic temple and Roman structure is it a house?

We will explore the two medieval churches that sit on top of these ruins, one of which contains one of the oldest instances of Italian writing in the world. Giovanni e Paolo, where we'll find a series of middle-class 3rd century houses beneath its main floors. Here, we will look at how average people lived and decorated their homes, and how these ancient sites were transformed during the Middle Ages. Together, we'll discuss what life was like in ancient Rome, as well as the way that Romans have historically reused structures to develop its modern urban landscape.

For more subterranean discoveries, consider booking our Mithras Tour. Looking for the adult version of this tour? See our Underground Rome Tour. Getting To Know You In order to plan the best possible experience for your children, it would be helpful for us know some background. Have they traveled to other countries in the past? If so, where? Have they studied any subjects in school that would relate to the walk? Are they interested in art, music, even food!

The more you can tell us, the better. Due to the very interactive nature of our Underground Rome for Kids Tour and given the educational environment our experts aim to create, we adhere to a very strict maximum of 6 participants.

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Groups larger than 6 will need to book two separate walks that can run concurrently, but with different experts. Underground Rome: St Clement's church. Do you know that beneath the surface of the modern city there's a hidden and ancient world, waiting to be discovered? Jump on my time machine, I'll take you back to the Imperial Rome, to explore a hidden gem: Saint Clement's church. As a Licensed tour guide I can make you explore the Basilica of the fourth century and then descend to the first century city, where there is still a pagan temple.

Centuries of art and history waiting to be discovered! We'll learn about the invasion of Robert the Guiscard, who destroyed the old Basilica, dedicated to the 4th pope, Saint Clement. You'll be fascinated by the story of Mithras, god from Persia, whose mysterious cult was widespread among the gladiators. Private Tour of Underground Rome. Rome is not only Colosseum and Vatican. With our 3 hours walking Tour of the Underground Rome you will discover off the beaten track sites.

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Enjoy a tour of the less known places of Rome. It's a unique experience that you can recount to your friends once back home! Rome Underground Catacombs and Crypts. Discover the ancestral and underground area of Rome. You can admire several burial chambers and various pagan burial sites. These places were formerly used as burial grounds because it was forbidden to bury or cremate corpses in the city.

You will visit Crypts decorated with bones of friars and mummies. You can visit the largest and oldest underground cemetery in Rome, which is part of the Flavia Domitilla estate and dates back to the year d. The catacomb of Priscilla, known in all ancient topographical and liturgical documents.

For the amount of martyrs buried here, this cemetery was called the "queen catacumbarum". Several cubicles, small rooms with frescoes depicting the Old and New Testaments are still visible. Nymphaeum of Annibaldis - Underground Rome. Discovered in during the developmental work on the homonymous street, the Nymphaeum is reachable by a small door in the wall of via degli Annibaldi, behind the Colosseum. In ancient times the nymphaeums included facilities equipped with tanks and water plants by which the nobles spent moments of leisure or feasting.

The Nymphaeum degli Annibaldi, originally made up of a semi-elliptical shape, almost certainly belonged to a wealthy home. Hypogeum of Via Livenza - Underground Rome. The Hypogeum had an elongated layout, consisting of a main apsidal hall and some secondary rooms: now has a small trapezoidal portion that it alone can give us an idea of the beauty and uniqueness of this place whose function is still debated by experts.

The north wall of the Hypogeum is divided into three adjacent arches: the two at both sides gave access to one of the stairs, the other to the now lost small rooms. Over the central arch, richly decorated with frescoes and mosaics and bordered by two marble barriers, is located a deep rectangular tank equipped with a system of adduction and deduction of the water.

Tomb of Scipios - Underground Rome. At the beginning of the third century BC the founder of the illustrious family of the Scipios, Lucius Cornelius Scipio Barbato, consul of BC, began the construction of a monumental tomb for his gens. The monument has got an almost square base, with four large pillars that divide it into six galleries that line the four sides and two that meet in the center. Barely visible are the paintings that decorated the base, giving access to the tombs containing the graves. They show three layers, with military scenes barely recognizable in the most ancient, dating from the second century.

Auditorium of Mecenate - Underground Rome. The Auditorium of Mecenate is located in Rome city center The building, now protected by a roofing, originally had a vaulted roof, and consists of a large hall which is 24 meters long and 13 wide, with a semicircular apse on the bottom which has a staircase with seven concentric steps.

However, the peculiarity of the building is the pictorial decoration, realized at the beginning of the first century AD, which is well maintained both in the niches and on the top, where there is an ornament on a black background with Dionysian scenes and miniature gardens. The steps that distinguish the back wall are too small to let us think it was a theater idea that, at the time of the discovery, gave name to the place , in fact it is nothing but than a monumental fountain. Special Access - Colosseum Underground Tour. Skip the long tickets lines and learn the rich history of the monument with a fun and knowledgeable guide.

The tour will start with onto the Arena Floor with an official archaeologist from the Colosseum. The tour will then descend to the Underground of the Colosseum and explore the various tunnels and chambers. Gladiators used these tunnels to enter the arena from their training area in the Ludus Magnus. Exotic and dangerous animals were kept in underground chambers and would be released onto the arena floor to surprise the gladiators in the middle of battle.

Explore the first and second levels of the Colosseum and be sure to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Ancient City from the 2nd floor balcony. San Paolo alla Regola - Underground Rome. The underground site of San Paolo alla Regola is the most particular underground site in Rome because it is for about 15 m in height corresponding to four floors: two below the current level, to a depth of 9 m, and two above the ground.

It is a large complex of structures, whose first step consists of rooms on two floors, covered with a barrel vault. The building underwent a complete renovation at the beginning of the third century. The entire complex underwent a further reconstruction following a fire probably the one occurred in which had caused damage to the structures. To this step, the age of Constantine the first decades of the fourth century , belongs the backfilling of the ground floor and the strengthening. Small-Group Tour: Colosseum Underground. Skip the lines to the main monuments of Ancient Rome on a small group guided tour of the Colosseum, with exclusive access the underground and arena floor.

From these fantastic viewpoints you will gain a unique perspective on the games the Romans watched here. Get a glimpse into what life was really like in Ancient Rome with a trip to the Roman Forum and Palatine Hill afterwards. Colosseum Underground and Roman Forum Tour. An expert English speaking guide will take you on a journey back in time, recreating the amazing history and mysteries of this grand monument.

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Join us on the Official Colosseum Underground Tour and walk out onto the famous Arena floor once stood upon by Rome's greatest gladiators. Underground walking Tour of Rome for families.

This 3 hours Tour is the ideal one for you if you wish to visit less ordinary locations, sharing your experience with Adults and Kids. Through the help of one of our child- friendly guide, you will be entertained and amazed while touring around in the Crypt of Bones, the Vicus Caprarius and the Domitian Stadium. Gladiator's Arena and Colosseum Underground Tour. Experience all the wonders of Ancient Rome on this Colosseum Underground tour. First, enjoy a walking tour of the Roman Forum. Your expert, local guide will bring these ruins to life. Continue to the Palatine Hill , where Rome's Emperors lived.

Enjoy a beautiful view of Rome. Next, enjoy a Colosseum Tour. Please note that the Colosseum and Roman Forum are ancient sites and not wheelchair friendly due to the steep stairs and uneven ground. Because of the extensive walk and little opportunity to sit and rest, it is also encouraged that children and infants be carried. Evening Underground Colosseum Tour with Prosecco. Just sink back in the timeless elegance of the superbly appointed and newly refurbished rooms and suites.

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Relax at our new solarium with a hot tub, or delight in the culinary highlights of the Mediterranean cuisine at the Flora Restaurant. The adjoining bar is the ideal place to meet, to see or be seen, or to take in the flamboyant atmosphere of Via Veneto. The Flora Roof Top Terrace is the perfect setting for wedding receptions and exclusive celebrations, or simply for admiring the enchanting view over the roofs. Hear from our guests about their stay from confirmed guest reviews. Located on top of Via Veneto with easy access to the underground. Within a few minutes walking distance from Villa Borghese gardens, Spanish Steps and shopping streets.

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