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But then I remember, if they really were true, that would be it. That is the kind of man I want to spend my life with. Hi Amy, Thanks for your reply!

If You Want To Know What It Takes To FIND and KEEP LOVE - WATCH THIS!

My partner is the same, kind, loving, supportive and exactly the type of person I want to be with. I always seem to feel like there is a problem because we communicate well and there is no drama silly huh?! Clearly a part of me is still stuck in adolescent love. Anyways, sorry for the rant! It is so interesting that you talk about letting go of love as this intense feeling! Amy, Thanks so much! Today is much better, and I am feeling more like myself.

It is always nice to have these moments of certainty! I try and think of how strong we are to really take the time to learn and work for love. All the best to you as you plan your wedding! I am so glad to hear you are feeling better today. I too am feeling a bit better. The moments of clarity make all of the work totally worth while. It makes it even better that I am learning new things about myself too!

I have been following your E-Course and am up to Lesson 5-how to manage my anxiety. I am also reading your book, Conscious Bride, and both have been a huge source of comfort, relief, help and most importantly, guidance. I have also been seeing a therapist which is a huge help and outlet for everything I am working through. I have been doing pretty well but yesterday Aunt Flow came to visit and it was as if I took a thousand steps back and my anxiety came crashing back down on me. I spoke to my mom about it and she just thinks that because of the time of the month, I am just in a bit of a mood swing.

Unlike the past, I am able to recognize that this is fear or ego in the driver seat, not my Self. Hi Amy, Glad to hear things are better today! Hope to hear from you! Hi katherine and amy, Your stories really seem to be similar to mine. I found this site because I am going through crippling relationship anxiety. I finally shared with him that my feelings of anxiety stem from uncertainty in our relationship. I love him, and the thought of losing him was unbearable. It seems my heart and mind and body all want different things.

Moving On: How to Quit Your Job with Grace

I feel the same way. Best of luck! Love, love, love this Sheryl!

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Reading your blogs has been very therapeutic for me. My boyfriend left for basic training and since he has left I have been having anxiety attacks and crying. Now all I feel is numb and just want to break up for no reason. I cant seem to get back to that feeling of wanting to be with him. I know its there somewhere and I feel selfish cuz while he is away he is helping financially and I am thinking I probably shouldnt be receiving any help since lately all I want to do is break up.

Its so hard to stay positive now and hope for the future when you dont see or you feel like its not going to work. I feel like if I broke up with him I could function I would be fine but there is is this other part that is slowly being silences the part thats crys I love you in the moment but then when so called reality hits I just cant see it working.

I have been suffering for a while now and the more I read your article the less it starts to hit home. I mean when I first discovered your site I cried because I thought that was me but slowly over time its not hitting me the same way. Im scared that I let the best thing in my life walk out of life just cuz I feel so closed off. Its like I cant open my heart or just dnt want to.

I wish he was here for reassurance. I couldnt wait to visit him before he left for basic training now I feel hesitant to see him graduate next month. Im so hestitant on booking the plane ticket based on how I feel.

What If I’m Only With My Partner Because…

What is going on with me? This kinda confuses me alittle bit , are you saying we are with the wrong person if we have theses thoughts because it might be true or saying we should come realize that these thoughts are just thoughts and make room for them but stay on track with are loving partner?? Sheryl, As always this is a great post. I am feeling so scared. I am terrified of making a mistake again. Terrified of losing myself again. We just got engaged and were sooo happy but I have been anxious in my belly the last few days. My current what if is about someone else.

Months ago I saw a fairly famous academic speak online and my whole body was overcome with spirit. Like a huge life force. I felt like I knew this person and thought maybe this is my husband. I even reached out to his office for a meeting and got nowhere.


I thought I had let this fantasy guy go in my mind but now he keeps coming to mind. I try to telltales th. I think you have your answers. You admit in your title of your screenname that you are scared. You also admit you fear making the same mistake as well as entertaining a fantasy image of this speaker who, from reading your entry, you do not know personally. The problem is, the more you think like this, the more likely you will run into the same pattern over and over again of never finding anyone who meets these unrealistic demands.

To continue to think this way will keep you safe and protected. It will keep you from opening up to love. But I think you already know that. Ashley, My boyfriend is also in the military. My advice is to book that plane ticket, and go see him. Make the decisions your non-wounded self would make, and let that carry you for a while. Distance is an ugly modifier to relationship anxiety, because as you obsess over it, they become more and more of a concept without a real physical person to show you the truth.

How did you manage while he was away?. Because I find that now its is harder to fight. Its an all day struggle for me not to be convinced of something so easily to believe based on how you feel. Sheryl, Since when i have entered in relationship with the girl i love, i am constantly in a fear. Nausea, pain in chest, knot in stomach, tightning of legs etc are the issues i am dealing with. I get scared when i think what will happen if get comitted with her forever.. I need your help. Love this! Reading this does make me feel slightly better…but there are still those nasty little thoughts in the back of my mind saying:.

Don't be surprised if the devil tries to make you fearful. Take a deep breath, resist fear and forge ahead. Take one step at a time. Moving isn't just one decision, it's a tangled mess of many decisions that can overwhelm you.

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You don't have to handle everything at once. The Bible says you are not on your own; you don't have to figure out your relocation plan by yourself. You have a Shepherd, and He is good. He leads you "beside quiet waters" and He guides you "in paths of righteousness" Ps. Trust your Shepherd's leading.

He will make your transition peaceful; and He promises that "the steps of a good man are made firm by the Lord" Ps. Let go of the old. When God wanted to bless Naomi, He told her to leave the forsaken land of Moab and move to Bethlehem. Her Moabite daughter-in-law Ruth pledged to go with her, but her other daughter-in-law, Orpah, stayed behind. Orpah couldn't tear herself away from her culture and her lifestyle, even though God was visiting His people in Bethlehem Ruth Sometimes when God calls us to a new place in the Spirit, we discover that we are hindered by many soulish distractions.

You must love Jesus more than you love your comfort zone. It's good to have roots in a place, but you must never let those roots become stronger than your willingness to follow God anywhere. Cry if you need to. A few days ago, after we finished loading every piece of furniture on our moving van, I walked through my house in Florida one last time and locked the front door.

Then I sobbed in my car as I remembered playing with my young daughters in the back yard, hanging Christmas decorations on the shrubs and burying our family dog in the back yard. It's totally normal to feel sadness when we move. The best way to process your feelings is to let the tears flow. Be open to God's detours.

One important lesson I learned in my transition is that we must never lock ourselves into "our" plan.

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You may sense the Lord leading you to leave where you are, but when you begin moving to your new destination God may redirect you. The apostle Paul was heading to Rome to preach the gospel, but a shipwreck took him to the island of Malta—and thus he led a successful but unscheduled revival. Don't be so headstrong about your destination that God can't gently nudge you 15 degrees to the right, or take you on an unexpected detour. Expect miracles along the way.

When I knew for sure God was calling my wife and I to Georgia, we asked our friends to begin praying with us. Start by considering how to add value to the picture they already have of you. For example, send them news about relevant trends in your industry, forward useful articles or even facilitate key introductions when possible. This article originally appeared on LearnVest and is reprinted with permission. By Marianne Hayes 7 minute Read.

And that situation is not as uncommon these days as you might think. Translation: You guys are great. Try To Ensure A Smooth Transition Sure, you may be fantasizing about how lost people will be without you, but if you want to keep that business relationship strong, you should put together a thoughtful action plan for those you leave behind.

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