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Note how the lust of the eyes and the pride of life played a part in her decision. God often tests His people with trying or tempting situations. Ask your child why they think God does this. Be sure to inject that making choices builds character. Note that both trees looked good but only one was good.

There were other trees as well except the two above were especially mentioned. Now have you ever wondered what the other trees were and why only two trees were noted? To be honest, this requires a lot of biblical jargon. I found an article that said the other trees were actually people because there are so many instances or passages in the bible that relates people to trees.

Leviticus , 20; Deuteronomy , 42; Judges ; 1Kings ; 2King ; 1Chronicles ; Psalm ; Isaiah ; ; ; ; ; Ezekiel ; 31; Hosea ; Joel ; Zechariah ; ; Matthew ; ; Luke ; ; Jude ; Revelation ; The author even suggested that people were already made before Adam and Eve as indicated in chapter 1 because Adam and Eve appeared in chapter two. I believe the author failed to see that chapter two was a detailed recap and not a continuation of events from chapter one.

It is possible that we were given a clue by none other than the most prolific writer of the New Testament; the apostle Paul.

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There were only three types of people God could show himself without turning them into a pillar of salt or charred debris and these were:. Prophets 2. Priests 3 Kings.

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We can also see a glimpse of freewill exercised here. Though this is just a skimmed overview but I agree with their viewpoints.

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I also believe that the two trees represent or were a parallel of the two most basic theological viewpoints that draws a line between Judaism and Christianity. To put it in a nutshell, the tree of knowledge of good and evil was already a law that requires obedience.

There were only two commandments given during this time, which is:. Satan sold himself to Eve as the ultimate authority on creation, the two trees and human existence. He convinced Eve that he had all the answers. Satan acts like he is the selfless supreme power and authority. Satan waxed eloquent on the subject of the two trees also. He told Eve that the fruit from his tree would impart wisdom and enlightenment. He declared to Eve that his tree would impart eternal life, and that the tree of life would bring unhappiness and death.

Human beings fall for it over and over and over. Remember Nimrod? The Bible identifies Nimrod as a leading figure in the post-Flood world. Throughout Mesopotamia he built multiple cities, including Babylon, and was responsible for establishing the post-Flood system of government, culture and religion. He was a mighty hunter before the Lord : wherefore it is said, Even as Nimrod the mighty hunter before the Lord. Just as he usurped God before Eve, Satan inspired his man Nimrod to establish himself as God before the people. This is one of the defining differences between a righteous leader led by the true God and a Satan-led tyrant.

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He points his followers to God. A Satan-led tyrant rejects God.

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He sets himself in the place of God , and like Satan, he sells himself as God. Satan employed this same strategy with another key historical figure. Simon Magus was a first-century religious leader of the Samarians, the people who populated the land adjacent north of Judea. He was a powerful individual who had a vice-like grip on the minds of his people. He sold himself as God! Acts 8 and other biblical passages, as well as the history of Christianity, prove that Simon Magus was responsible for establishing a great false Christianity, as Mr.

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Armstrong explained in Mystery of the Ages. Simon Magus took many of the pagan practices of Samaria and blended them with doctrines he had heard preached by the true Church specifically the apostles Peter and John to create what would quickly become the Catholic religion. Even today, that religion follows the practices of Simon Magus, and its leader rules in the place of Christ as if he were Christ! Antiochus Epiphanes was the tyrannical leader of the Greek empire in the second century b. And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power : and he shall destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper, and practise, and shall destroy the mighty and the holy people.

This self-absorbed individual is transfixed by his own personality and perceived greatness: He sees himself as God! Why does he believe this? Notice that Antiochus magnifies himself , and then by flattering, peaceful promises, he destroys. The parallels between the way this Antiochus operates and the way the devil operated in the Garden of Eden are striking.

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But should this be surprising? Not when you understand that it is the same mind, the same spirit, and the same strategy! When you think about it deeply, this is both remarkable and inspiring: All three end-time Antiochus types are living, breathing proof of the existence of Satan the devil and his grand strategy for deceiving mankind! In his booklet America Under Attack, Mr. They start behaving in ways that are juvenile, and amateurish, and they swoon.

On Election Day in , Mr. He was on the Nov. Millions of people see this man as a god! A Florida University professor, Barbara A. This is bigger than Kennedy, [Obama] comes along, and he seems to have the answers. In reality, like Satan in the Garden of Eden, Mr. Of the three end-time Antiochus types, the one who is yet to be fully manifested is the man who leads the Catholic-dominated, European beast power.

But whoever he is, one thing is for certain: Like Antiochus anciently, and like his contemporary counterparts, he is going to behave as if he is God! The level of spiritual devastation inflicted by this man is unparalleled in history. This is explained in Mr. How did this man wreak such devastation?