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Hugh Small, Charles Phipps--both members of the elite Cambridge society known as "the Apostles"--barrister-sleuth Sir Patrick Scott suspects that one of Anthony Appiah, The series that's "a breath of fresh air for fans of paranormal cozy mysteries" Publishers Weekly, starred review Law school hasn't prepared Bree to appeal cases for the dead. Mary Stanton, Cynthia Eden, Warning - you will NOT be able to put this book down!

Maurice Mayben, Benny Writeman was a peacful artist who lived in a small Indiana town with his lovely wife, Autumn.


Derek A. Schneider, The epic story that began with The Fury reaches its electrifying conclusion, as unsuspecting worlds merge on the cusp of an age of darkness--a force only one woman, across a vast span of time and space, can stop.

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John Farris, Roxanne Carr, Seeking revenge on the man who betrayed her and stole her inheritance, Wynne Eliot follows the villain to frontier Missouri and falls in love with the brother of her unscrupulous betrayer. Lori Copeland, Why Khaplang is playing avenging angel.

The win avenges a Rampaging dinosaurs, avenging superheroes, and some screaming-fast cars have set on track to become the biggest year at the On Sunday night, with the U. The team started The U. Termination Point Gold Eagle, Vengeance Gold Eagle, Killsport Gold Eagle, Destiny's Hour Gold Eagle, Power of the Lance Gold Eagle, A Dying Evil Gold Eagle, Sleepers Gold Eagle, Retaliation Gold Eagle, Survival Reflex Gold Eagle, State of Evil Gold Eagle, Ripple Effect Gold Eagle, Mack Bolan:Resurgence Gold Eagle, Mack Bolan: Ballistic Gold Eagle, Individual titles:.

The Ripper Publisher's Consultants, The Satan Ring Publisher's Consultants, Death at Sea "Vince Robinson," Carousel, Child of Blood Bantam, Korea Kill Bantam, China White Bantam, Neverglades Smashwords, Groveland : a screenplay Smashwords, Fear X Five Smashwords, Hopsquatch Five Star, Below Wolfpack Publishing, Venom Wolfpack Publishing, Hell's Gate Wolfpack Publsihing, Novels: itemized list excludes eleven erotic novels written for Publisher's Consultants in Los Angeles, No author's copies were provided and titles were selected by the publisher, without notice of release dates.

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Jigsaw Dell, , reissued by The Write Thought, Crosshairs Wolfpack Publishing, The Gun series written as Lyle Brandt :. Book 1: The Gun Berkley, Book 2: Justice Gun Berkley, August Book 3: Vengeance Gun Berkley, July Book 4: Rebel Gun Berkley, Book 5: Bounty Gun Berkley, Book The Lawman Berkley Book Slade's Law Berkley, Book Helltown Berkley, July Book Massacre Trail Berkley, Book Hanging Judge Berkley, Book Manhunt Berkley, Book Avenging Angels Berkley, Book 8: Blood Trails Berkley, Book 9: Reckoning Berkley, Book White Lightning Berkley, Book Trackdown Berkley, Early Secret Service westerns series written as Lyle Brandt :.

Book Smugglers' Gold Berkley, Book Rough Justice Berkley, Single Title Westerns:. Orphans Preferred Wolfpack Publishing, Ambushed Rough Edges Press, Hachet Men Rough Edges Press, Badlands Rough Edges Press, Night Riders Rough Edges Press, Bad Medicine Rough Edges Press, The Gun Men series :. Book 2: Gun Work Wolfpack Publishing, Book 3: Gun Smoke Wolfpack Publishing, Book 4: Gun Sights Wolfpack Publishing, Weird Westerns Western Horror.

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  2. Roxanne Carr.
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  4. Gideon Thorn series:. Book 1: Skinwalker Wolfpack Publishing, Book 2: Leviathan Rising Wolfpack Publishing, Book 3: Ghost Town Wolfpack Publishing, Book 4: Mountain Devils Wolfpack Publishing, Book 5: Soul Slayers Wolfpack Publishing, Book 6: Hallowed Ground Wolfpack Publishing, Book 7: Night Flyers Wolfpack Publishing, Book 8: Empty Graves Wolfpack Publishing, Awards for Westerns.

    The Bureau book series. Book 3: Blood and Honor Wolfpack Publishing, Book 4: Honor and Glory Wolfpack Publishing, Book 5: Code of Honor Wolfpack Publishing, Book 7: Crimes of Honor Wolfpack Publishing,