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The R is able to show the strength of my tube equipment by conveying the subtle tuning differences of each guitar with their jarring but beautiful notes. While sitting nearly in front of one speaker, I was able to hear decent imaging from the speaker opposite me. If you have friends over for a listening session, no one has to jump for the center seat anymore. Spatial presentation is good but not as pinpoint as a few other speakers I have auditioned, but I prefer a slightly diffused image instead of clearly defined performers. I prefer this type of presentation because it is similar to what I hear in live concerts.

There is no hint of boxiness for a ahem box speaker. In this regard KEF did a superb job getting the sound outside the cabinets. Sound emanated above, in front and everywhere else when the recording demanded it. Maria is singing in front of the left speaker, and Orenda is singing in front of the right speaker, or is it vice versa?

In my opinion, the absence of boxiness is almost on par with electrostatic or planar panel speakers, but without the disadvantage of the latter types producing larger than life singers or instruments. Imagine you are a Lilliputian hearing Gulliver sing in front of you. Okay, maybe not that big. The perception of depth was good for this price class, but fell short of the very best regardless of price. A few other speakers I have heard reproduce better depth, including my own AAD I have about a half dozen versions of this symphonic piece, but my favorite version is Istvan Kertesz conducting the London Symphony Orchestra.

The R produced crescendo peaks capably, with a wide gradation from the softest to the loudest notes. Tympani strikes had the correct skin tone.

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Violin tremolo notes are appropriately revealed as vibrating and jagged, while the bowing is silky smooth. Mid-bass is present but slightly attenuated on some recordings when compared with a fuller range speaker such as my reference AAD monitors which can produce notes in the low 30 Hz region. This slight mid-bass attenuation and absence of low bass makes some recordings sound a bit leaner when compared to my AAD speakers. Instrumental harmonics and vocal intonations were spot on when listening with my tube equipment.

For example, sibilance was more pronounced with my Virtue Audio Sensation amp and R combination. Harmonics and instrumental texture, as well as vocals were richer and fuller with my all tube electronics. This ability though to discern a change makes the R a good monitoring transducer with its chameleon like ability; allowing the listener to evaluate differences among components easily.

The KEF R and my tube components produced a very nice symbiotic or synergistic relationship together.

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It is impossible not to be biased favorably toward the KEF R The attractiveness, material quality, fit and finish, and most of all the sound quality equals excellent value for anyone looking for a speaker in this price range. No audio component is perfect, regardless of price. I consider the few faults found minor. The R is well worth an audition and you may find the speaker more than satisfies your need at a cost below what you are willing to spend.

Add a subwoofer if a full range speaker is the requirement. Until next time, I wish you happy listening. Each was refreshing, both were delightful and evocative. I think I have to go with Gulliver, as the idea of a giant voice being tamed by fine electronics brings a smile to my face.

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When was the last time a reviewer so artfully threaded an 18th C fantasy author through the tapestry of his write-up? Nah, they are all pretty dry. Excellent write up. I bought some KEFs about 20 years ago and they are still going strong. A reliable company and good value for your dollar. And especially appreciated the literary reference. Enjoyed the review bit like every other review it was one sided.

As if author was afraid of comparing it with other speakers. It mentions LS50 in the beginning but does not comprehensive the two either because KEF forbidden it or he did not feel qualified. I compared the R to my reference AAD speakers in the review.

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I am about to purchase the R and will be using them with the slightly warm NAD M3 and M51 so these should match well. I am selling some lovely Neat Motive S1s to make room. Nice review, thanks. Based on your setup, the Rs should work well in your system. Good luck with the sound you want! Will they fit with a Roksan Kandy2 system? I am not into technical details. I just want quality and enjoy. The short answer is yes.


Roksan amps are known for speed and rhythm, which the KEF R also does well. Thanks for your time. Nice vocal and rich mid-range as well. She told BBC Radio 4's Today programme: "We have an amazing ability now with social media to hear audience reaction immediately and it shows that we want more diversity on our stages, and not only that we want authenticity. Casting directors should take "a lot of the responsibility" for bringing about change and equality, she added.

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Lin-Manuel Miranda, whose parents are Puerto Rican, decided to write his first show, In the Heights, because Bernardo in West Side Story was virtually the only role available to Latino musical theatre performers. He went on to follow that with Hamilton - the biggest hit of the decade.

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  • But in , an Australian production of In the Heights was cancelled after criticism of the predominately white cast. But that role eventually went to Dutch-Tunisian actor Marwan Kenzari. If you have a story suggestion email entertainment. Sir Kim Darroch steps down as Boris Johnson faces criticism for not fully backing him.

    Related Topics The Proms. Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Boggess said she would "allow an opportunity to correct a wrong that has been done for years" Broadway star Sierra Boggess has withdrawn from a concert performance of West Side Story at the BBC Proms after complaints about "whitewashing".

    More on this story. Theatre cancels opera over portrayal of Asian characters. Hollywood whitewashing: Is Ed Skrein's Hellboy exit a turning point? Actor Ed Skrein quits Hellboy after whitewashing criticism. The story of West Side Story.