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Christmas revellers try to smuggle knives disguised as pens into bars and clubs

Should the ink feed too rapidly it passes through hole 10 into slot 7 whichacts as an auxiliary reservoir to hold the ink until it is required to augment the flow through the duct 5 in more rapid Writing. The notches 9 form in conjunction with the inside of the feed pipe 2 other auxiliary reservoirs when-the pen is heldupright in the pocket tohold the overflow caused by the expansion of the ink in the main reservoir 1 due to the heat of the body.

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When the pen is lowered to a writing position the ink in the notches 9 flows into the slot 7 and through hole 10 to the pen so as to insure a supply of ink at the beginning of the writipg and until the flow is established through lot 5. The gepressions 6 in the bottom of the groove orming the duct 5 permits the maintenance of the flow of ink through the duct should any foreign matter, such as a grain of sand or sediment from the ink, get into the duct.

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A feed bar for fountain pens provided with a feed duct, a slot open at the sides of the bar and forming a reservoir for surplus ink, and a hole connecting the duct and slot to convey the surplus ink to said reservoir feed pipe provided with a feed duct, a transverse slot having angular shoulders at its inner end, notches in the sides of the bar cor n municating with said transverse slot at 1ts inner end, said notches forming with the bore ofthe feed pipe auxiliary reservoirs, and a hole connecting the front end of the duct and said slot.

In a fountain pen, in combination with notches 9 in the sides of the bar. Patented Ian. Application filed March 28, Serial No. Insert the new pressure bar assembly into the pen with your needle nose pliers. Push it all the way into the tail. Be careful not to push the pliers deeper than they are meant to go into the pen. They can easily split or shatter the barrel. Pulling out the new J-bar can snap or ruin that thin piece of metal holding in the lever, and that is a lot harder to fix.

Your new J-bar will likely never be as effective as the old one, but it will fill your pen reasonably well. Plus it will also have saved you plenty in parts and labor.

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Thanks, every where I looked the Jbars are out of stock. Those Estie J-bars breakdown in a hurry. Best of luck with your class!

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