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It lasted for about 15 seconds. This has happened to me a few times under differnt circumstances. It looked almost like a computer download. It was really wierd and I don't know what to think about it. Sounds like you could be suffering from Hypnogogic hallucinations. This is not a psychological disorder, it's a form of sleep paralysis that happens just before going to sleep or as you are waking up from sleep.

It can include visual, tactile and auditory sensations.

14 Common Dreams and Symbols and Why They're Important

Visual hallucinations are not uncommon and the visions can last from several seconds to several minutes. Auditory hallucinations are usually described as undefined sounds, such as deep ringing, static like noise or buzzing. This process will not harm you in any way, but may be quite unnerving. You may want to do some research on this type of sleep disorder, it may put you at ease to know that it is not paranormal and is somewhat common.

Hope this helps.

PrincessKatie 7 stories posts. I have visions once while I was awake it didn't mean anything it was a man wearing light blue jeans and a brown leather jacket. He had grey hair and a big belly. He was pale and medium sized in height. He walked then stopped turned his head at the side looked my way then looked back then carried on walking then the vision finished. Soma 3 stories 21 posts. That's really cool!

I wish I could see things like that as often as you. I'm sure there must be some meaning to it. If you can remember some of the Chinese or Japanese characters, you can send them to me or post them on this site and Ill let you know what they mean. Even if you don't remember exactly, give a general picture of it and I'll show you the characters that look similar. Maybe these visions are trying to tell you something?

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Although, it would be more useful if it was in English eh! Shane 13 stories posts. Looking forward to the drawings. I will see if I can be of more assistance to you in letting you know what the symbols maybe. Too bad you couldn't capture them on film and then we could take our time and maybe even translate them for you.

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I understood completely what you meant by the symbols stood out in the dark even though they were black. Peace, Love, and Luck be with you. Hi guys, Just a short message to tell you I really appreciate your comments!

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I will post a more in-depth reply tomorrow when I have sometime, I will do some drawing's for you also. In reply to JW Yes I know what you mean, I think you've misinterpreted what I mean't though You know how light illuminates? Well these letter's had the same effect, but they were jet black, I can't explain it, they just stood out in the dark room Il talk about it more it in my next post anyway, but again thanks, it's really interesting to hear what you think Rocio guest.

Well maybe your grandfather is trying to help you or warn you about something. Wait is your grandfather dead? You should ask your family if your grandfather had to do something with a scroll written in another language. The good thing is that none of these apperances have hurt you physically JW posts. Dude, I am confused by this sentence, "a scroll long and narrow , etched in black It was so black that in stood out in the dark room like a light-bulb I don't know about scriptures, I would never describe scrolls as that, but it must be your belief.

I saw such things and they were all lit up in golden light with major gold symbolic letters foreign to myself. I thought they were the book of life. Your scrolls sound like the book of death or of the dead. Really, dark visions man. Heather guest. Are you completely sure you were awake for these "experiences". Maybe one night when you're feeling really brave you should get up and see if it's real, you know, touch it or something. Martin, I am hoping that the Author of this one is able to follow up with you on the drawing of these symbols he is seeing on these scrolls.

I would be willing to bet that some of them match up to the symbols on the one site I sent to you. The others of the moons would I believe fall under Druid, maybe Pagan symbolisim, not sure if Wiccan or not. I would have to ask Brittney since she seems to be our local Wiccan expert. But even I can only hold so much info before my head starts to spring a leak and some is lost.

Martin posts mod. Shane, people get a reply from me by email when their stories are published and I do mention in those emails that they can send any pictures as attachment and I will publish them. The problem is most of the times when I request it personally, I don't even get a response. That's why stories that are centered on a picture don't get published until I have them. And yeah, I hear you about the "pray jesus they're no such things as ghosts, it's all demons" posts.

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  5. Hopefully authors realize they'll get a great diversity of responses and they'll take what seems valuable to them. Maybe, one of these days, after 10 stories, it'll actually be demons ;. If at all possible I would love to see a drawing of the symbols you have seen on the scrolls as I have an idea as to what they may be, but without actually seeing them I don't want to hazard a guess.

    Let's Talk About Sleep Paralysis: When You Wake Up and Can't Move

    You will probably get the usual its the devil thing here shortly, but I wouldn't put any faith in that. I am not sure how you could get a copy of your drawings of the symbols to us? Maybe Martin would have an idea and could post them with your story. Shaun 2 stories 7 posts. Here's my suggestion. Get a camcorder, place it in your bedroom, recording the area that the visions usually appear.

    The gradual emergence of serious scholarship on grimoire traditions, and the welcome revival of interest in practical grimoire magic outside the system-building mania and constraints of Victorian occultism, mean that ever more serious and occasionally eccentric editions of these texts are coming to market. The former particularly interested me because it contains, alongside a relatively conventional instruction manual, the record of visions, spirit communications and interactions achieved by the authors.

    As those who have trawled through magical manuscripts know, practical records are far less common than handbooks and grimoires. It should be understood that there is no clear, bright line between grimoire and record: many grimoires, including the instructional part of this manuscript, bear the traces of practical revision and innovation in the light of practice. But an unadulterated record is a relatively rare thing. As the one scholarly discussion of this manuscript notes, there is very little in the lives of these men, all competent and practically-minded men of the Elizabethan world, to suggest an interest in ritual magic.

    There is much of interest here, not least the focus on the great fallen angel Azazel, often associated with magical learning, the sudden appearance of uncalled spirits Luke the Evangelist and John the Baptist as well as the obvious debts to earlier necromantic handbooks. Much of the instruction is familiar — requirements for sexual abstinence, ritual purity, the presence of the four kings — though blended with some directly received magical prayers. It is the visions themselves that are most captivating, however.

    But often they are extremely striking. Jo[hn] sawe a great woode, having a greate howse in the middes of it, with a little howse by yt most strongly bylded; having an iron dore, with 9 key holes. These kinds of experience will be familiar to any practical magician. The obviously symbolic nature of the vision — nine keyholes for the heavens? A later annotator, interpreting the vision, puts the astrological symbol for the sun in the margin next to the description of the golden inner chamber. Obviously, hidden magical books have a long pedigree, from the famous stelae of Hermes Trismegistus, which the magicians of ancient Alexandria believed to be kept in a pristine temple near the source of the Nile, or, later, the mysterious book buried with Christian Rosencreuz in his sealed tomb.