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They did not get to return to visit their family for 3 years. The book is a fascinating story of adjustment as Metha learned a new language, new customs and all of the new material that kids learn in the first couple of grades. Highly recommend for its honesty about a subject with historical value and personal growth. June 25, - Published on Amazon. Very short and personal narrative.

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Some insight on the boarding school system that still exists. This is a too short story for people who know the reservation. February 20, - Published on Amazon. My great aunt wrote this, tragic and seldom talked about story of how our culture was and in many ways is still treated, forgotten people of history June 22, - Published on Amazon.

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The Forget-Me-Not Girl. The more my sisters, Helene and Lucy, tried to console me, the harder I cried. As I closed my heavy eyes and laid my head on her lap, I heard her softly say, "Tomorrow tomorrow we'll go home.

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They were much older than I. After all, Helene was eight years old and Lucy was seven. They would take care of me. Papa told them to watch over me. My world as I knew it no longer existed. We were shipped off to a government boarding school.

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It was The Indians must be divorced from his primitive ways! We must recreate him! Make a new personality! Teach them the white man's ways! Where are you?