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Just as he acted in the fast lane, so to did he live his live in the very fastest of lanes. He quickly slipped into the habit of partying into the early hours, crawling home at 5 in the morning and then having to be on the set by There is no doubt that Robin was blessed with more physical energy than most.

Inevitably, however, that energy began to burn out.

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One night, after performing a late night set at a comedy club, Robin met up with fellow comic John Belushi. Robin was devastated. The news shocked him into making changes in his lifestyle. It was at this time that he discovered cycling, a form of exercise which he credits for saving his life. Producers tried whatever they could to resurrect the initial appeal but nothing seemed to work. They decided to make Mork less naive, allowing Williams to work in more of his nightclub act material. By the middle of , the character that had propelled Williams to superstar status was beginning to feel like a millstone around his neck.

She was a dancer, having studied at Juilliard herself. They began a relationship and, after two years, were married on June 4th, It was with the birth of their son, Zachary, on April 11th, that he finally managed to shake off his addiction. However, he was unable to control his wandering eye. He ended up having an affair with a cocktail waitress by the name of Michelle Tish Carter. He settled out of court, only for his wife to sue for divorce a few months later.

On April 30th, , less than a year after the divorce from Valerie being finalized, Williams married Marcia Grimes, the former nanny to his son, Zach. They had actually been carrying on an affair during the last two years of his previous marriage. Two years later, they had a second child, Cody Alan.

Williams married for the third and final time in Susan Schneider was a graphic designer at the time.

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In fact, nearly everything that he did on screen was improvised. The performance was good enough to earn him an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor. Over the next decade, Williams appeared in an impressive number of films, displaying a huge range and appeal across the generations. His role as the genie in the Disney animated musical Aladdin showcased his amazing vocal range. The role had been specifically written for him, although he improvised much of the dialogue, just as he had done in Good Morning Vietnam.

He spent four hours every day putting on his makeup to play the part. Williams played a lonely photo technician who becomes obsessed with a family whose photos he has developed for years. He received rave reviews from such esteemed critics as Leonard Maltin and Roger Ebert.

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In the animated film Absolutely Anything he provided the voice of Dennis the Dog. It closed out a 38 year career that encompassed 74 movies. Together with his second wife, he also created the Windfall Foundation to help donate money to a variety of causes, including St. Robin dropped everything and rushed to his bedside. He turned up in full costume as a crazed Russian doctor, giving Reeve the first laugh since his tragic accident.

Robin would go on to to donate huge sums to research into spinal cord injury. When Reeves died in , Robin was devastated. Williams was also passionate about supporting the military. He traveled and performed at so many bases around the globe that he was known as the modern day Bob Hope. During his career, he entertained over a hundred thousand troops in thirteen countries.

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However, in he lapsed back into alcohol abuse while working on the movie The Big White on location in Alaska. For the next three years he denied that he had a problem. Finally, he was confronted by family and friends, who convinced him to check himself into a substance-abuse rehabilitation center in Newberg, Oregon. There he admitted that he was an alcoholic.

Shortly after that his second wife, Marcia left him. A depressed Robin did what he always did when life got too tough — he threw himself into his work, going on tour to do stand up. But in the middle of the tour it was discovered that he needed heart surgery. The operation went well, but it required quiet rest time to recuperate.

This forced time of inactivity allowed the demons in his head to have free reign. Cycling was a healthy obsession for him, but, for a man who had struggled with depression his whole life, being alone in a room with a computer was very dangerous. He soon began drinking again. In July, he was back in rehab. He died from asphyxiation. He was billed as the 8th wonder of the world - a legitimate giant of a man, 7 foot 4 inches tall and more than pounds. Andre the Giant was the greatest attraction the world….

He grew up to be over six feet tall, a fashionable dresser, and friends with some of the most famous Americans of his time. But he started life in a corner of the Austrian Empire… Early…. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel. Susan Schneider, Wife, Robin Williams. Share 4. Related Biographies. Andre the Giant Biography: Larger Than Life He was billed as the 8th wonder of the world - a legitimate giant of a man, 7 foot 4 inches tall and more than pounds. Nikola Tesla Biography: Inventor Ahead of His Time He grew up to be over six feet tall, a fashionable dresser, and friends with some of the most famous Americans of his time.

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