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Amendment to the Corporation Tax Act. Amendment to the Trade Tax Act. Amendment to the Civil Code. Amendment to the Act concerning companies with limited liability. Article 8. Article 9. Article Amendment to the Regulation concerning volunteer activity of unemployed. Act to protect the right of inheritance and the participation rights of illegitimate children and individually adopted children in probate proceedings Gesetz zum Schutz des Erbrechts und der Verfahrensbeteiligungsrechte nichtehelicher und einzeladoptierter Kinder im Nachlassverfahren - Adoption : Date of entry into force: DEUL Amendment to the Testament Directory Act Article 2.

Amendment to the Federal Notary Regulation Article 3. Amendment to the Testament Register Regulation Article 4. Air traffic Section 3. Maritime and inland waterway transport Section 4. Act to strengthen vocational education and training of the elderly. Amendment to the Care of elderly Act, concerning vocational training. Act to improve the rights of patients. Amendment to the Patient participation Regulation. Amendment to the Hospitals financing Act. Article 4a.

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Amendment to the Approval of contract doctors Regulation. Article 4b. Amendment to the Approval of contract dentists Regulation. Article 4c. Amendment to the Doctors' Regulation. Subsequent amendments Article 3. Permission notice Article 4. Amendment to the Residence Regulation. Amendment to the Second Regulation amending the Ordinance on integration courses for foreigners and ethnic German immigrants. Regulation concerning the implementation of the allowance for private nursing care according to the Social Code Book XI.

Amendments to the Social Courts Act. Fifth regulation to amend the Social Security Earnings Regulation. Incorporates amendments to the par. Regulation concerning the reference period for the short-time work unemployment benefit. Made in relation to the reference period for short-time work unemployment benefit due to a temporary reduction in working hours due to a lack of orders, in accordance with article of the Social Code Book III, extends the above period to twelve months.

Amends Book IX of the social Code - Rehabilitation and Participation of Disabled Persons, in relation to numbering, minor changes, and new paragraphs added para. Regulation concerning statistical surveys on occupational accidents and work-related health problems in the labour force survey in the European Union.

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Made under the Federal Statistics Act. Pronounces the entry into force of the Council of Europe Convention for Germany. List of debtors Section 2. Registration form and transmission of orders and decisions Section 3. Insight into the debtors' list Section 4. Procurement procedures Part 3. Subcontract Part 4. Special provisions Part 5. Transitional and Final Provisions. Preamble Article 1. Purpose of the Agreement Article 2.

Area of Agreement application Article 3. Determination of the competent bodies Article 4. Smooth cooperation Article 5. Forms of cooperation Article 6. Requests and ad hoc communications Article 7. Costs Article 8. Data protection Article 9. Commission Article Amendment to the agreements and system Article Application of the Agreement Article Registration of the Agreement Article Entry into force Article Termination of the Agreement. Fifth regulation to amend the Ordinance on the modalities of payment, accounting, and bills in the field of social security BGBI I. Introduces minor amendments to the par.

Agreement of 12 January , between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Kingdom of Netherlands concerning cooperation in combating cross-border abuse of social security benefits and employment contributions and basic security benefits for job-seekers, as well as undeclared work and illegal cross-border temporary employment.

Gesetz zu dem Vertrag vom Act to repeal provisions in the Fight against child pornography in communication networks.

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Gesetz zur Aufhebung von Sperrregelungen bei der. Repeals the Act on the restriction of access to child pornography in communication networks Access Restriction Act. Makes consequential amendments to the Telecommunications Law. The restriction of access to child pornography in the Internet has been replaced by deleting of web contents with pornography. Makes minor amendments to wording and provisions concerning monthly allowances for youth voluntary service participants.

Conference of Programme Directors

Act on Family Care Leave. Purpose of the Act 2. Definitions 3. Promotion 4.

Mittwoch, der 10.07.12222

Family care time insurance 5. Eligibility termination 6. Loan repayment 7. Advanced reporting 8. Services in unpaid by employers, assets transition 9. Labour Law regulations Further regulations Certification Procedure General administrative regulations Administrative fines Resources provisions Article 2. Amendments to the Social Code. Article 4 Final provisions. Act on the recognition of professional qualifications. Determination of equivalence Chapter 1. Non-regulated professions Chapter 2. Regulated professions Chapter 3.

General rules Part III. Makes Amendments to the Code concerning termination of employment in the Labour Court. Special provisions. Pension insurance Part IV. Miscellaneous provisions Chapter 1. Administrative assistance Chapter 2. Implementation and interpretation of this Agreement Part V. Act amending the Manpower Provision Act and the Law to intensify measures against illegal employment and tax evasion connected with illegal employment. Occupational injury compensation Article 2. Damage compensation for widows, widowers and surviving life partners Article 3. General provisions. Act to combat forced marriages and to better protect victims of forced marriage, and to amend some Acts on residence and asylum.

Amendments to the Asylum Procedure Act - amendments in wording. Amendments to the Penal procedure odrinance, in numeration. Amendments to the Civil Code - changes in numeration. Amendments to the Regulation on the Implementation of the Law on the Central Register of Foreigners - minor amendments to wording and numeration. Act on the coordination of social security systems in Europe. Minor amendments in regard to pensions paid to ex- Eastern National Army employees. Act amending the Temporary Employment Act - Prevention of abuse of temporary workers.

The following provisions are amended. Transitional provisions. Act on the Federal Volunteer Service. Amends the Act on the Asylum Process with respect to numbering. Act concerning better employment opportunities in the labour market Employment Opportunity Act. Regulation on the collection of migrant background characteristics Migration background collection Regulation Verordnung zur Erhebung der Merkmale des Migrationshintergrundes Migrationshintergrund Erhebungsverordnung - MighEV - Adoption : Date of entry into force: DEUR Regulation on reporting obligations under the Workers Act.

Act to further develop the basic allowance for job seekers. Article 91e stipulates cooperation between Federal and regional authorities in providing basic insurance for job seekers. Scope of Regulation and definitions Section 2. Identifying and assessing the risks from artificial optical radiation; Radiation measurements Section 3. Exposure limits and protective measures against artificial optical radiation Section 4.

Staff training on hazards arising from artificial optical radiation; advice from the Advisory Committee on Protection Section 5. Exceptions; final provisions. Comporte un protocole final faisant partie de l'Entente ainsi qu'un arrangement d'application de l'Entente. Based on the Social Code Book V authorization, competences enclosed in par. Regulation on the working conditions of mobile workers engaged in inter-operable cross-border railway transport Railway Crews Regulation. Scope of Regulation Section 2. Definitions Section 3. Daily rest periods at duty station Section 4.

Daily rest on assignment Section 5. Breaks Section 6. Weekly and annual rest periods Section 7. Travel Section 8. List of daily working hours and rest periods Section 9. Amendments to the existing legislation Section This law regulates the care for victims of an intentional, unlawful assault or self-defence. Also includes families of persons who are killed as a result of violent crimes. Division 1. Scope of application; definitions Division 2. Court jurisdiction and concentration of jurisdiction Division 4.

General rules of court Division 5. Admission of compulsory enforcement, recognition, finding and restoration of custody of children Division 6. Enforcement Division 8. Cross-border placement Division 9. Certificates concerning national decisions pursuant to Regulation EC No. Costs Division Act on mandatory working conditions for frontier and seconded workers and domestic workers employed on a regular basis - Seconded Workers Act. Chapter 1 - Objective of the Law Chapter 2 - General employment conditions Chapter 3 - Collective working conditions Chapter 4 - Working conditions in the care sector Chapter 5 - Civil Enforcement Chapter 6 - Monitoring and enforcement by government authorities Chapter 7 - Final Provisions.

Act on Pension Rights Adjustment. Act concerning tax incentives for employee owned enterprises Employee Owned Enterprises Act. Incorporates provisions to enlarge employees share in enterprises ownership. Section 1 General provisions Section 2 Recruitment of applicants Section 3 Professional development Section 4 Personal development and qualification Section 5 Professional assessment Section 6 Transitional and final provisions. Regulation concerning the amount of lump sum for the costs of implementation and examination of employers' insolvency.

Amount of the allowance and the collecting agencies Article 2. Distribution of the allowance Article 3. Amount of the allowance for the examination of the employer through the beneficiary of German pension insurance Article 4. Amount of the allowance for the examination of the employer by the agricultural insurance Article 5. Maturity and payment Article 6. Act on the reinforcement of labour market policy instruments. Gesetz zur Neuausrichtung der arbeitsmarktpolitischen Instrumente - Adoption : Date of entry into force: Date of gradual entry into force: DEUL Makes multiple amendments in order to strengthen labour market policy and employment.

Act to improve conditions for the protection of flexible working time arrangements and to amend some other laws. Amends the Social Code - Book IV:Article 7 b value credit agreements; c use of credits; d implementation and management of credits. Also includes new subsections 7 e bankruptcy protection; f transmission of credits; g report of the federal government. Act concerning adequate control of the labour market with respect to highly skilled professional immigrants and amending further legal residency Regulations Labour Migration Control Law. Contains provisions on the immigration of skilled professionals and outlines requirements to be met by individuals willing to continue their professional activity in Germany.

Incorporates changes regarding terms, economic situation and longevity of prior activity. Makes consequential amendments to the below Acts. Regulation concerning occupational health care BGBl. Ordinance concerning the subscription period for partial unemployment benefits. Regulation extends short-time contract period up to 18 months.

Agreement of 12 November between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Republic of Bulgaria on cooperation in combating cross-border abuse of social security benefits and contributions due to undeclared employment, as well as illegal cross-border temporary labour. Aim of the Agreement Article 2. Territorial scope of the Agreement Article 3. Designation of competent authorities Article 4.

Levels of cooperation Article 5. Requests and unsolicited messages Article 7. Privacy protection Article 9. Joint Commission Article Amendment of the Agreement Article Implementation of the Agreement Article Entry into force of the Agreement Article Cancellation of the Agreement. Act to implement the Council Framework Decision on combating the sexual exploitation of children and child pornography.

Part 1 - Purpose of the housing benefits and housing benefit entitlement Part 2 - Calculation and the amount of housing benefit Part 3 - Unsuccessful housing benefit claims Part 4 - Authorization, payment and change of housing allowance Part 5 - Costs, and data synchronization Part 6 - Housing Benefit Statistics Part 7 - Final Provisions Part 8 - Transitional Provisions.

Act contains provision on voluntary services by young people in Germany and abroad. Determinates the conditions to be met by volunteers and organizations, certificates and applicable labour regulations. Act to amend maritime transport, traffic and other regulations related to the Law of the Sea. Amendments to the Federal Maritime Responsibilities Act dealing with the safety examination and certification of vessels and equipment conditions. Article 2 Amendments to the Ship Safety Act phrases ships safety regulations changed to regulations.

Act to amend the right to contest paternity. Aims at enabling, regulating and restricting immigration of foreigners who are not citizens of the European Union. Lays out the legal framework for entry, residence and promotion of integration. Based on article a al. Entry into Force, Expiration. Article 4 An Act to improve works old-age pension coverage. Sort by Ascending Date of adoption Date of entry force Date of publication Country Subject Descending Date of adoption Date of entry force Date of publication Country Subject results 50 per page per page per page.

Germany - - Law, Act Act to combat child marriages. Entry into force Germany - - Law, Act Act to improve pension benefits for reduced earning capacity and to amend other Acts. Entry into force Germany - - Law, Act Act to secure employees rights in the meat industry. Germany - - Law, Act Act on Council of Europe Convention of 11th May on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence.

Germany - - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance Regulation on determination of earnings in Agriculture and Forestry for the year Germany - - Law, Act Act on implementation of the European Union residence regulations for labour migration. Germany - - Law, Act Act to improve the supply of therapeutic appliances and remedies. Entry into force Germany - - Law, Act Act to strengthen the fight against illegal work and clandestine Employment. Germany - - Law, Act Act to improve the capability to act of self-governing bodies at major organisations in statutory health insurance, as well as to strengthen the supervision over them.

Germany - - Regulation, Decree, Ordinance Regulation on administration financing of the compensation fund in statutory care insurance. The invention relates to a drug delivery system and a spraying device for spraying liquids, in particular for agricultural purposes, with a carrier liquid tank, a carrier liquid pump, a plurality of spray nozzles and a carrier liquid line for connecting the carrier liquid tank, the carrier liquid pump and the spray nozzles.

Such spraying devices are for example found on so-called field sprayers which are carried behind towing vehicles and self-propelled or are used for the application of plant protection agents. Such sprayers typically have a folding linkage, said working widths of up to 36 m can be used.

In conventional sprayers to be sprayed, a plant protection agent is mixed with water, so that then present in a spray tank ready-mixed drug-carrier liquid mixture before spraying. Problems such conventional spraying equipment so if changing the drug concentration during spraying who is the. Even if the pesticides to be sprayed is to be changed, it must be emptied before the whole system and cleaned.

Mit der Erfindung soll ein verbessertes Wirkstoffversorgungssystem und eine verbesserte Spritzeinrichtung geschaffen werden. With the invention, an improved drug delivery system and improved spraying device is to be created. By such a formation of a drug delivery system, a direct dosage of pesticide is possible, so that the drug carrier liquid mixture is produced immediately prior to spraying.

Mixing the carrier liquid and active substance can take place in a mixing chamber, which is arranged for example either immediately before a branch into the individual boom sections or even on the spray boom, immediately in front of the individual spray nozzles. A very precise dosing of active ingredient to the carrier liquid can be reached when the metering pumps are controlled pulse-per pulse and injecting a precisely defined amount of liquid into the carrier liquid flow.

A suitable active ingredient concentration can then be adjusted depending on the required concentration of active ingredient, to the currently prevailing carrier liquid flow and optionally the current driving speed. Mit einem solchen Wirkstoffversorgungssystem bzw. With such a drug delivery system and such a spraying device short term change in the drug concentration during spraying is possible ei ne. It is also possible to feed more active ingredients simultaneously in varying mixing ratios, and the conditions are created to vary the expelled spray concentration as a function of the just-sprayed plant stand or carry out a so-called site-specific treatment.

This makes it possible firstly to promote the drug before start of injection to the metering pump, for example, may be located in the spray nozzles directly. Dadurch kann verhindert werden, dass sich bei Suspensionen Partikel in den Wirkstoffleitungen absetzen.

Gutscheine als Sachbearbeiter verwalten

This can be prevented from settling in suspensions particles in the feed lines. This therefore, because the metering pumps can also comply with an extremely low metered exactly in principle though, as the dosing of the drug, however, for example, is done before the branching into the individual boom sections or even immediately prior to the spray nozzles, can at very low doses sufficient mixing more be achieved. Dies deshalb, da vorteilhafterweise Impulsgesteuerte Dosierpumpen verwendet werden. This is because advantageously pulse-controlled dosing pumps are used.

For high doses the drug per working metered volume therefore must not fall below a certain value. At very low doses then the time intervals between individual strokes were too large to ensure sufficient mixing. In the invention, the at least one metering pump is in the range of a nozzle holder is provided for one or more spray nozzles and the drug flow line and the return line drug form at least part of a circulation line in which the metering pump is looped at least.

In this way it is possible to only make the supply of the active ingredients directly to the nozzle holder and yet ensure that all the metering pumps are provided with a uniform concentration of active ingredient before beginning of injection. The arrangement of the metering pumps only directly on the nozzle holder enables extremely fast response times when changing the drug concentration. In addition, falling after the end of spraying at any residues with drug contaminated liquid carrier to. In the invention, the more spray nozzles disposed on a spray boom in part widths, wherein the circulation pipe has a plurality of parallel branch lines which connect the drug flow line and the return line drug.

By providing such side lines, wherein a parallel branch line is provided, for example, per section, a uniform drug delivery of the dosing pumps can be achieved on the spray boom, even with very large working widths of a sprayer. In the invention, a different side line of the circulation line is done for each boom section.

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Advantageously, each secondary line upstream of the respective associated metering pumps to a throttle valve. This can be secured from the main circuit a reliable and consistent supply of secondary circuits. Through these measures, a simultaneous calibration is possible during the spraying operation so that even at very low Dosiervorgaben their exact compliance can also be monitored during the spraying operation. By detecting the number of strokes for a level reduction over a known, pre-defined volume, the per stroke delivered volume amount of metering pumps can be monitored.

Additionally or alternatively monitored nor the time required for level reduction, it can be set, for example in relation to the sprayed over this period amount of carrier liquid, and then to monitor compliance with the prescribed dosage. In this way, additional monitoring functions are available. Carried the refilling in considerable shorter periods of time than the average can be considered as a rule of a leak in the drug system.

In jedem Fall kann ein Warnsignal zur Information eines Bedieners ausgegeben werden. In any case, a warning signal for information of a user can be output. In this way, the content of the disposal container can be fed similar to the active ingredient against the water pressure of the carrier liquid. In a further development of the invention the carrier liquid is added at least one active substance, the spray nozzles are arranged on a rod adjacent to each other and a capacity of the disposal container in liters is the product of the number of metered different active compounds with the boom width divided in meters by a factor between 0, 2 and 0.

In this way, a fast and reliable calculation of the required size of the disposal container can be performed. Unlike conventional sprayers where a clean water tank must be kept for the flushing always been the size of the disposal container is, however, not to make depending on the size of the spray container, but the size of the drug supply system. In the invention, a cleaning nozzle and at the bottom of a minimum level sensors are disposed in the upper region of the disposal container, wherein the cleaning nozzle is supplied falls below a minimum level with the carrier liquid.

By these measures it can be ensured that the container walls of the disposal container are rinsed with the carrier liquid in the return metering operation after falling below the minimum level. Thus, the drug concentration in the disposal container will constantly decrease until ultimately only carrier liquid corresponding to pure water, is placed in the bottom of the disposal container.

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The content of the feed lines and metering pump can thus be used again the next spraying operation. Only when very low doses or highly concentrated active ingredients require a pre-dilution is not appropriate, a return operation. Through these measures, a return of the active ingredient in the return operation can be done in the direction of flow of the drug delivery operation.

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This directional valves can be used, for example, and these valves have not changed or altered who respect its forward direction to the return operation. Auslassventile der Dosierpumpen. This is the case also for the intake and exhaust valves of the dosing pumps. Thus, several functions can be performed with a multi-way valve. In a further development of the invention, the multi-way valve is provided with means to switch more valves in response to a position of the multiway valve.

Thus the conditions are created to carry out only by actuation of a central multi-way valve also shifts in the system. Does the obligation to release works councillors from work dampen employment growth? Temporary layoffs: a "new" strategy for increased flexibility in Germany? What are the effects of employment protection? Fixed-term and other "atypical" employment relationship : is the labour market's ability to function improving? Economic literature: papers , articles , software , chapters , books.