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I tried to keep it short. Judging from the picture of you in a coat that Steve Young posted the other day, I assume you went back to Chicago. Smart move. Maybe that was an older photo, though. Wow a David, just thinking of you imagine 47 year anniversary Cmon Get Happy??? I mailed out your letter today, Sept. You should be getting the key chain in the mail any day now. I have 2 mores days left, before I leave on my trip to West Virginia.

When I get back I will tell you all about my experience. I got to believe I deserve to go on this trip. It should be fun. You take care, until we meet again! May God bless David Cassidy! David Cassidy, and every single person that was on the show and everyone involved, thank you for the happiest show I ever watched. Hello David……? The rain is pouring down outside my window tonight as I sit here strumming my guitar. I wonder where you are….? I wonder how you are….? Hope you are alright. I know I am but one voice among the many who hope and wish the best for you beautiful voice beautiful heart.

Just watched the BBC interview with David- whoa, what a babe! Those eyelashes, to die for. And so articulate and intelligent. I hope you are still doing well health-wise and that you found your home in decent condition after the hurricane went through. I was doing my usual research today that I do while writing about various subjects for clients, and I ran across something that may help you in your fight against alcoholism.

It seems that one main underlying reason people use alcohol, cannabis, or tranquilizers is that their body is deficient in GABA gamma-aminobutyric acid , which slows down the firing of neurons. Life circumstances push some of us into using the crutches that contain it. Our brains are supposed to produce adequate amounts of GABA on their own, especially when we get enough vitamin B6, but many of us are deficient.

Maybe this applies. Not knowing much about your particular situation, all I can do is throw findings like this your way in case something hits home and you want to try natural stuff. This supplement can be found at GNC and other health stores. David, please let us know you are doing good in your health and you are okay, because you are one loved man, and I believe you can still work it all out no matter what, hope you are getting back home , or are home and you feel wonderful.

David Cassidy good things happen when you believe and never give up hope to better days, you were a inspiration to us fans, have peace and love to you. Denice in Cleveland. I am glad you like the key chain. I also mailed you a letter. I am 3 days into my West Virginia vacation. I am at peace and I am content. I thank God for all my good friends, including you as well Denice!

I fly home tomorrow. Having a great time very relaxing. I bought post cards. I will mail yours when I get home. Anyway I enjoyed your post. Take care, until we meet again! Hi David, hope everything is alright, we really miss hearing from you personally wishing you happiness and everything in life you deserve, lots of love hugs and love Yvonne from Scotland xxx. I really miss hearing from you…hope it will be soon. And I want to say a prayer to all those families who were injured or,to those who lost their life in yesterdays tragedy in Las Vegas. Lets come together as one nation and put politics aside.

Be safe and well David…We love you. I got back from West Virginia on Monday night! My brother made supper. I had a wonderful time with my friend Deanna in West Virginia. It was hard to come back. I sent you a post card. You should get it sometime by next week. I mailed you a letter just before I left for West Virginia.

I hope you received it. Wishing you a lovely day! Monday night. My brother had made. My bus trip for one day was wonderful, got to go to carousel works, the factory where they make them out of wood and ship all over. Than in Mansfield Ohio got to ride a carousel, town was fun,dinner was at a restaurant called the barn and the grounds were breathtaking. Thank you Felicia and your friend for the time you gave in the army.

My thoughts are in Vegas, and prayers. On that note tommorow is a new day. Voice recognition software such as the one below could help you knock out the questions within a week just by speaking. Hi David, hope you are ok not hearing from you makes me think something is wrong, hope all in your life is as good as it possibly can be, hope and pray we can hear from you personally my thought ,are with you always, you are so loved by thousands wishing all the love in the world,lots of love and hugs Yvonne from Scotland, love you always xxx.

David Cassidy, wherever you are, whatever your doing may you be in a good place! God bless you every day of your life , sweet man. You have made a huge impact on society! I will cherish you forever! Now this your time in life to have fun in the sun! I am so glad you can finally have a private life! I received both letters and your post card. I will carve out some time this weekend to answer both letters. I will write a nice long letter to you. I am so grateful to have this website to be able to communicate with you. You are an awesome friend and a great human being with a big heart!

Hi Felicia, thank you, did you see the new post, pictures of David in concert in I will look forward to your letter. I am happy to have you as my friend. You are a person who is caring ,and sincere. I liked your post,about David. He does need time for himself. I want the best for him. Been a beautiful fall this way, how has it been up your way Felicia?

I will write back. He gave us so much, nice to have this time to tell him all the good things about him and enjoy eachother posts and see photos from past concerts. Someday I will contribute one, I have to decide which ones. The one I have in mind, he is singing, and looks so great. David hope you are having peace, love, and joy in your life.

Denice in Cle.

Proinsias Cassidy

I mailed you a total of 4 letters. Please let me know if you got them. I just mailed the 4 th letter today. I hope everything is okay. I hope I have not said anything offensive. Please reassure me that everything is o. When I mean the past, all the good times with David Cassidy. I am so glad that now we all can be on David Cassidy website. I never imagined this was ever going to happen. David I got to know a very wonderful person ,Felicia, life is worth taking chances and risks, good things do happen, and all your fans just CARE, so much ,about you. Please say hello to us all soon, Felicia thank you again, good friends are a true blessing.

I will soon. Hi Denice, I am glad you got the letters. Well 2 out of the 4 that is. In the first letter I got real emotional. That is why I keep asking you if I offended you? I feel in life sometimes we say things we wish we could take back. So hopefully the letters are okay. You are such a good friend. I was listening to the Cherish album on c.

Oh my God! The sun came out. It has rained here for 3 days. Anyway I am proud to call you my friend. I think it is so neat how we met, right here on D. Even if he wants to live a private life , I am happy for him. I do miss his monthly letter to the fans. Denice you take care! Thank for the posts you sent me, it is uplifting! Hi Felicia, Could it be forever, is the all time song, that was played over and over on my record player when it came out.

David Cassidy voice on that song, I cannot put into words, I love how David made that song truly great music to be enjoyed forever. I miss hearing from him. You know what they say, no news is good news, when the time is right he knows we are all still here. And Felicia you never offended me, you have been a terrific friend to me, and I love the fact we are both true fans of David Cassidy, and friendship started here.

Bye for now. David if you read your post, have a really good day and a blessed day. Denice, I received the owl you sent me in the mail. What a wonderful gift. You have absolutely made my day! For some reason my day is going good, and it even got better when you sent me that beautiful gift. I really like it. Thank you so much! Hi Felicia, I am new here and just catching up on David Cassidy as I practically moved on after being a huge fan in my pre-teen and teen years.

I was pleasantly surprised shocked to see that DC actually communicates with his fans. That is sooooo sweet and kind on his part and I can guarantee you not many would do the same. I do not know who is contact with him so I thought you may be. Just a small note to tell us he is fine will be a relief for all of us. And Felicia, you are a great caring friend, and I felt really happy after I read your letters.

Thank you for taking the time for understanding. I hope my letter on the way is okay. You are arriving at this site during a slow time. We used to hear from him about every three weeks back then. Then he started recording an album in Chicago somewhere around May. Then he came back home to Florida for a while. Then he left Florida on September 7th, I think, just before Irma hit. I assume he went back to Chicago and just stayed there to finish up the album since, I guess, he has a condo in Florida and is not worried about hurricane damage.

People in the know do read our pleas for information, but we can only assume that David is either too busy or too private to let information be released to us. Still, you can contact David directly in this post above or ask Jane who runs this site if you want to. Thank you so much for replying to my post. I just ran into this site sometime in June of this year and saw with amazement how David would keep us informed about his projects so I guess maybe he spoiled me and now I expect him to keep it up.

It does take time to complete a record so I am sure he is very busy with it and sooner or later he will post something regarding the release. He has to know he is very much loved. I truly had no idea how incredibly talented he truly is! Anyway, again thank you for your response. It was very kind of you. Have a wonderful week ahead. I found all of that out about him too just this year. I was too young in the early s for much about him to sink in. While everyone his age was lusting after him, I simply viewed him like family, loved his voice and the PF songs he sang. David had a better voice than I think he ever realized.

It could be breathy and sensual, old Hollywood, mainstream, hip rock, weak or strong, and low or high, etc. I listen to everything he ever recorded throughout his life that I can find. Some of his early work was never released, but I hope that it will be. We can see from YouTube videos that he had stage presence as early as his Partridge Family days to go with the voice. He was charming and funny on talk shows through the years.

David Cassidy obituary

Since EFX was such a success in the s, I assume he had choreography talent and managed others well, too. If he had never been born with any talents other than his piano talent, I think his piano talent alone would have paid the bills. He also played the guitar, as we all know, and the drums.

Who knows…maybe he played other instruments too. Talented, talented, talented. He apparently also received a lot of love from that side of the family during those formative years. Everything fell into place for him after that career-wise, though it fell back into the singing direction, which was not his first choice. Hi Tricia, I am replying to your text. I am just a fan like you. I have no connections with David Cassidy. I just like to post my thoughts on this website. Thank you for reaching out to me. I encourage you to write your thoughts on this website.

I am sure David checks the website once in awhile. I have made 2 friends on this website , they are awesome people. So Tricia welcome to the David Cassidy website! Thank you so much for your response. David Cassidy has some great fans following him that is for sure! I just rediscovered David June after a very very long absence and I am in love all over again but this time in a more mature, discriminating manner. And what a vulnerable and beautiful human being he is.

I got spoiled when I saw he would post on a fairly regular basis. I will come here once in awhile and post, and maybe just maybe David will read one of my posts. Like him, I live in South Florida on the other coast. Dear Tricia, I truly enjoyed reading your post! So glad to see that you are part of the David Cassidy web site. How exciting that you live in southern Florida! Keep the faith! Never give up hope! David Cassidy does have the best fans!

You take care now! I had a nice time. So looking forward to receiving your letter. I will respond with a long letter. My cat Tabby goes to the vet. She turns 20 on Dec. She is healthy so far. The time will come when she will cease to exist some day. I know my friends will be there for me when that day comes. Anyway this is the David Cassidy website, and all I can say is I hope he is doing well! May God bless him every day of his life! Thank you to everybody who keeps this website up and running! Hi Felicia, got your last two letters, thank you, let me know how tabby is doing?

I know you have given her the best care. This is wonderful how so many posts are enjoyed and friendships do happen here. David Cassidy fans are all really nice people. Because David Cassidy is a true example of bringing good to the world. David I hope you like all your posts and finding enjoyment in each day. Thanks for letting us be who we are. What a lovely post! Just sent you letter number 5. I received your letter, and I am in the process of writing letter number 1. I also mailed you a thank you card. This web site always cheers me up! Tabby got a clean bill of health at the vet.

She still has some more miles on her. Denice you take care, and to good times! Good Day. Really good website to be part of. And glad we are friends Felicia, I sent you a letter yesterday. Welcome to the website ,everybody here is so friendly,and really care for David and his wellbeing. Hi John! Welcome to the David Cassidy website! I am just a fan I am nobody special. I do love David Cassidy and everything he stands for.

I have been on the website for about 18 months. I have made 2 friends on this website. It is a pleasant fun place to express your thoughts and views. David Cassidy has the best fans. Real people do exist on this website. John you take care! Hi Felicia, thank you for the welcome. I too have been on this website for quite a while and posted a few comments. Really looking forward to the new album from the man with the golden voice. David,s talent seems to carry on to us oldies children my daughter is the same David crazy,she has seen him a few times in concert with myself when he was here in the UK, true but talent is the only thing that lasts.

Have you received my thank you card and thanksgiving day card? I hope you got all my letters. I want to wish you a happy thanksgiving! To David Cassidy and family I want to wish you a happy thanksgiving! Hello David, whatever you are about I hope that you are well and living your life each day as best you can , as we all must. I think the older we get the more precious time becomes when we are young we think we are invincible for the most part at least most of us do. We all must take each day as it comes young and old and try to make the most of it.

I hope that is what you are doing? But you know age really is just a number. So come on Mr David Bruce Cassiday and let your loyal fans know that you appreciate all the support if you are able? Best wishes Madeleine from Scotland xx. I have read all post. I have come to the conclusion that everyone still has hope that David Cassidy will keep this website open. I keep going on U-tube and watching David Cassidy videos. My favorite is The David Cassidy Story! To all the fans reading this, I truly believe David has access to this website and he can read all the post that you right.

My point is all the regular fans should post a positive message to David every day. I truly enjoy reading all the messages that fans post! You are all so creative and so compassionate! To my dear friend Denice, I miss your post. David Cassidy has the best fans on planet Earth! David is a caring person, I think he would be happy we became friends right here on the best website ever. David has left it open, and we all wanted him to take a break, so us fans can still post and enjoy exchanges with eachother. Felicia happy Thanksgiving. Madeleine I liked your post, time is precious as we get older.

We need to stop and enjoy. David Cassidy happy Thanksgiving to you, and thanks for all your love and happiness you have given us fans, and to this day for letting us be here. I really like your post. I am glad we both agree that the David Cassidy website is a great place to be! To be able to communicate with each other is so awesome! Anybody who post on this website is a true David Cassidy fan! My wish for David is that he is in recovery and is enjoying his private life! David Cassidy all of us fans love you and we all want the very best for you!

David Cassidy – a life in pictures

Felicia my friend I am crying so hard. I hope God will be there in this critical time for David, my sister called me ,I just knew in her voice , I called my Dad, everyone knows what David meant to me. I have to be strong and believe and trust God during this.

Denice, I am in shock! When my brain absorbs the fact that David is on his way out, I will be crying uncontrollably. I am so saddened by this news! Denice write me a letter, write about your feelings and I will respond with another letter. I will light a candle for David in church tomorrow. I will pray for him. All David Cassidy fans unite! A friend broke the news to me that David was in liver failure and kidney failure, and was hospitalized 3 days ago. May God comfort David in his last days.

Family and friends remember 'Partridge Family' star David Cassidy - ABC News

It is unfair that we have to lose him at 67 years old! All David Cassidy fans all around the world unite and pray for David! Praying so hard for you David,I want you to know how much your music has helped me throughout the years. You are so special to all of us! God bless you. My god oh no say this is not true Denice are you there? This is so awful so sad so what am I reading? Felicia and Madeleine, we must pray, I heard he is conscious and family there, he needs a liver transplant, Our precious David, I have to stop my crying, I cried so hard, and pray God will take over. We are believers and friends here each one of us, have to lean on eachother.

Do you have internet where you are at Madeleine? You are far. In the bibl. In the Bible worry is not the answer. David knows God, he is there with him. And his family. We will be together through this. I pray for the doctors there with David and there staff. God will work through them. All of us fans are holding hands in prayer for you David Cassidy. My husband just came in the room and told me he heard the news about David. Wish we could all fly to Florida and show support.

He has meant so much to all of us for so many years. Like a member of the family to fans all around the world. If this is the time God will call him to His presence, we will all miss him, even though the majority of us have not actually met him in person. But, I said to my husband, David did not want to linger like his mother did in the nursing home.

Whatever has brought him to this point, I picture him having end of life wishes prepared. I hope he finished the Songs my Father Taught Me the way he wanted. I hope he knows how important he has been to so many people. His difficulties have been something we can all relate to in our own lives. Making us all part of the human experience.

Really rough times that each and every one of us could share. For all that David has given to fans, may our feelings reach out through the website to family and friends at his bedside. After you hug Jesus, your mother and father are next. May your reunion be a glorious one. As I heard one preacher relate — Our last breath here is your first breath there. A miracle is possible! One day at a time we must pray!

Just for today David is alive! Good God please comfort every fan that is praying for David! Denice I absolutely loved your post! You have comforted me with everything you said. I was impressed with the fan who reached out to you. You helped her and you helped me. God bless you Denice Kirth for the compassion you display.

We are all in this together!

May God gives us a peaceful night and may we have the strength and peace of mind to pray for David tomorrow. His spirit lives on in each of us. With my love and blessings always. Dear Cousins — I am so sorry I cannot be with you today to celebrate the life of your wonderful father, I have such fond memories of being with all of you in Colorado, at various events over the years, and of the funny stories and teasing that Uncle Bob always did. That must be a Cassidy trait! May she find comfort today, and in the days ahead.

He was such a wonderful man and had such a great sense of humor… I will always remember Bob and Father B. Nevans joking around and how one was always trying to out-do each other when story telling. I hope you know, that you are all in my prayers, and I will always miss Bob and that wonderful smile. This is what keeps them alive in our hearts and in our minds. May these memories comfort you. Our sincere condolences. Start Arrangements. Robert J. He is survived by Georgia, his wife of 62 years and their 6 children.

He is also survived by his sisters, Margaret Sullivan and Barbara Jean Olson, and numerous nieces and nephews. He was preceded in death by his brother Father John Vincent Cassidy.

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Proinsias Cassidy is a year old Irish vampire who has been on the run from Vampire-hunting religious vigilantes. After arriving in Annville , Cassidy befriended the local preacher, Jesse Custer. Though Cassidy told Jesse of his vampirism, the latter initially assumed he was joking. Cassidy allowed himself to be burnt in the sun in front of Jesse, hoping he would get Jesse to learn to stop judging people for who they are. Along the way, they stopped in New Orleans , where Cassidy learned his son, Denis is dying.

After deliberation, Cassidy ultimately turned his son into a vampire. However, after his son was unable to control his new appetites, Cassidy was forced to leave Denis to burn in the sun. Not much is known about Cassidy's early life. He was born in Dublin in the late 19th century. When he was thirty, he was transformed into a vampire. Dating from to , Cassidy already had several arrests. Cassidy had committed assault and battery in Las Vegas.

Cassidy claimed to have done so as he disliked magicians. Cassidy was arrested for drunk and disorderly manner in Denver, as well as lewd and lascivious behavior. Cassidy was on a plane 30, ft. He used the planes bathroom and found a bible that had been heavily deciphered, and then he realized that those men were intended to kill him. He exited the bathroom and noticed the plane was heading towards the sunlight and the other men grew quiet. Cassidy pretended to laugh it off and then proceeded to kill the men on the plane in a bloody brawl.

After lunging a broken wine bottle into the pilot's chest, Cassidy casually tips him over, pouring blood out of the bottle into another bottle for later consumption. During this sequence, he bites the neck of the co-pilot. Realizing the plane is about to descend and crash, Cassidy took the pilot's sunglasses and an umbrella, and dove out of the plane, with the bottle of blood in hand.

Later Cassidy was shown to have finally reached the ground in Annville, in the middle of a field, creating a giant hole. However, the umbrella was destroyed and his entrails were scattered apart over the place. He coaxed a cow to come closer to him and proceeded to feed off of it, regenerating him. Cassidy appeared later that night at a bar and sit downs next to Jesse Custer, with whom he tried to make conversation, but the preacher couldn't understand him. He helped Jesse in his fight with Donnie Schenck and his men. The two were sent to jail, where they briefly argued about their religious views.

After Cassidy was released, he checked up on Jesse Custer , finding him passed out. Cassidy brought Jesse to his bed and began fixing the church's air conditioning. That Sunday, Cassidy attended Jesse Custer's sermon. Later, Cassidy was sitting on a lawn chair in the shade on the side of the church and watched as his hand began to burn.

One day, Cassidy drank a cask of communion wine from All Saints Congregational. After a baptism, Cassidy asked Emily if he could get an advance payment, though Emily denied him. Days later, Cassidy revealed to Jesse that he's a vampire, though Jesse believed he was joking. When Cassidy took a drink from his flask, Jesse asked what it was.

Cassidy told him it was too potent for humans and that Jesse couldn't handle it. Despite trying to keep it from him, Jesse snatched it and passed out as soon as he took a sip. While Jesse was unconscious, Cassidy walked off. When he returned however, he found DeBlanc and Fiore about to chainsaw Jesse. Cassidy called them out, believing they were vampire hunting vigilantes. Cassidy was shot by DeBlanc. When DeBlanc walked up to him, Cassidy bit into his leg and killed the man. Cassidy then engaged in a battle with Fiore, cutting off his arm and leaving him to bleed out.

Cassidy quickly realized the Fiore's arm was still on the chainsaw, which was approaching Jesse. Cassidy managed to stop the chainsaw in time. Cassidy cleaned up the blood and placed DeBlanc and Fiore into a box. As he left to bury the two, Cassidy found out he was too late as the sun had risen. When the sun set, Cassidy buried the two men. When Cassidy went to get the keys to the van, he stopped by to check on Jesse. Cassidy was then shown Jesse's powers by being forced to do embarrassing acts.

David Cassidy, star of 70s TV hit The Partridge Family, dies aged 67

After Jesse was done, Cassidy thought of explanations on Jesse's powers, including that he was a Jedi. When Jesse believed he had a curse, Cassidy told him to think of all the possibilities. He followed them back to All Saints' and ran over them, killing the two again. When he recognized the two, he believed they were clones. Back in the church, Cassidy ran into the two yet again.

Before killing them again, he was told they weren't vampire hunters. They explained to him they were after the entity inside Jesse and people would die if they didn't retrieve it. Cassidy asked what they planned on doing with it but they told him they don't intend on using it. Cassidy then asked what branch of government they were from and learned they were from Heaven. Cassidy told the two to stop pursuing Jesse and that he would convince Jesse to go to them.

Cassidy then told Jesse he should get out of town and go on a road trip. Cassidy told Jesse that people would want the entity inside him and Cassidy was told that Jesse would give it to them. Later, Cassidy went to Sundowner Motel. He told them that he talked to Jesse about it but would only bring Jesse to them if he was paid. Once he was paid, Cassidy went to Toadvine.

Later, Cassidy was whipped and thrown outside by Tulip, who believed he was Clive. Cassidy had a glass punctured in his neck and rushed to the hospital. While being driven to the hospital, he asked Tulip to kiss him, which she agreed to. When Tulip went to ask the nurse for a doctor, Cassidy walked off to a blood supply room and drank blood pouches. Cassidy was later brought to Walter 's house. Cassidy was asked on his vampirism by Tulip. Later, Cassidy asked where he could find drugs and a hardware store.

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  6. Cassidy then professed his love for Tulip, though he was denied. When Tulip spoke of her boyfriend, Cassidy told her that her boyfriend may not be who she thinks him to be as he has yet to go after Carlos. After exiting a strip club, Cassidy was greeted by Tulip. Cassidy was given drugs by Tulip and the two had intercourse in the latter's car. Cassidy shot the seraphim in the head, though she reinvigorated.

    They fought until morning, where they finally subdued her. While waiting for their blood-soaked clothes in the laundry, Cassidy and Jesse discussed their tattoos. Cassidy learned Jesse had one which symbolized Tulip. Cassidy then advised Jesse he should listen to his angels, though Cassidy was told Jesse only answered to God. Cassidy continued to advise Jesse to listen to the angels, though he was always shut down.

    Cassidy caught Tulip in the supply closet, where he realized he had sex with his new best-friends ex-girlfriend.