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Revel in the exquisite landscape of rugged mountains, cool waterfalls, lagoons, lakes and rivers. So, what are you waiting for? Do whatever you need to do to get to Cape Town and the Western Cape. Adventurously yours, naturally ours! IN defiance of the on-going economic pressures faced by travellers today, has been a very positive year for tourism in South Africa. The first half of. A large part of our success is due to the multi-layered offering South Africa can present to the visitor today. Ten years ago we pioneered the Cape Town Declaration on Responsible Tourism, the globally important agreement which put responsibility in tourism firmly on the agenda.

What this translates into for our visitors is a truly authentic encounter with a confident country. We believe that good places to live are good places to visit, so visitors are encouraged to eat local produce, meet local people and stay in places which are in sync with their locality to experience the true sense of South Africa.

And not forgetting value for money. As a long-haul destination the airfare is the greatest challenge to budget-conscious travellers.

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For more information on South Africa visit www. South Africa offers a plethora of attractions ranging from outstanding national parks to cosmopolitan cities — with everything from iconic landmarks to amazing wildlife found in between. According to recent figures, tourist numbers to South Africa increased by an impressive Today, the nation has 12 million international arrivals, of which 8. The government and tourism industry are, however, committed to seeing that number increase even further. By South Africa hopes to welcome no less than 15 million international arrivals per annum but, in order to achieve this, it sagely realises that it needs to invest in the growth areas of the future.

It is this recognition that is behind the National Tourism Sector Strategy. As well as an increase in tourism numbers, the South African tourism industry wants to see a much greater emphasis on travel within, and from, its own continent as well as increase the volume of domestic travel. No less than 5. This is over R million, or 13 per cent, more than.

But as well as encouraging home-grown tourist, South Africa is promoting itself as a destination to some new international markets. A total of 60, Chinese visitors came to South Africa in the first half of , which represents a massive South Africa is also reaping significant benefits from its marketing efforts and strong trade-relations work in other emerging markets, including India and Brazil, with arrivals from India also on the up. We have only one chance. The release of the minimum standards for responsible tourism is but the beginning.

We now need the sector to invest much. FFor or more m orr e information i n f or m a t i o n or for details f o r booking b o o kin g de t a i l s please pl e a se contact contact. There are no less than four natural World Heritage Sites in the country, while the scenic Garden Route is home to the indigenous Fynbos flora. Created in this unusual watering hole is the epitome of South African culture. Historic and unique, the country is like no other — yet it continues to embrace the future. Five new stadiums were built especially for the tournament, and five existing venues were upgraded.

The country also improved its public transport infrastructure within the host cities, including Johannesburg's Gautrain and other metro systems, along with major road networks. Such an investment proved immensely positive for South Africa, and the country is once again poised for the football limelight. Johannesburg, Durban, Rustenburg, Nelspruit and Port Elizabeth will host the match tournament which will be attended by 15 African nations, proving that the FIFA investment was one worth making.

In these tough economic times South Africa is still an extremely reasonably priced destination, and anywhere that can make spending money stretch that bit further is bound to be an appealing choice. And, with frequent, direct flights now available, it is easier than ever to get to. Many Brits also find the minimal time difference. Did you know? The Rainbow Nation is also famed for its beaches, therefore increasing its appeal even further as a tourist destination. Wildlife is however one of the main reasons for visiting South Africa, with numerous game lodges and parks providing a huge choice of tours and safaris, which can range from a few hours to a couple of weeks.

For a more cosmopolitan visit, however, then Cape Town is the destination of choice. Located on the shore of Table Bay, it is one of the most multicultural cities in the world and boasts fabulous beaches to boot. Responsible Tourism recognition : South Africa has pioneered responsible tourism in many ways, and its numerous awards reflect its efforts. As a result, its own buildings set the trend for energy cuts, and the city has received much acclaim internationally. Joburg was the only South African participant at the Seoul C40 Summit, where it presented a paper on Smart Buildings: how Johannesburg is implementing energy efficiency in buildings.

However, responsible and sustainable tourism is not a foreign concept for South Africa. In , the Minimum Standards for Responsible Tourism was released. It is this groundbreaking attitude which is set to cement. As a result, the three cities have joined forces to simultaneously address the substantive global shift toward urban tourism and the pressures being felt by their respective visitor industries.

Practical requirements of accessibility and value for money support the nations belief for responsible tourism, while the stunning natural landscape and diverse cultural heritage will continue to draw the crowds. Afterall South Africa is, indeed, a showcase worth visiting. Travellers Travellers looking for urban tourism urism experiences can lose themselves mselves in the music, club and cuisine scene, contemporary fine art, fashion, shion, film and lifestyle encounters, ers, weekend markets and unforgettable thiss is a smooth and sophisticated city for luxury travellers on unforgettab ble township tours.

Alongside thi premium culture, a pr emium budget. Arts, heritage and cultur ure, deluxe accommodation, destination stination spa experiences, for there shopping fo or gold and designer labels and silver service experiences are are the ere for the taking. Get to Joburg and enjoy getting under the skin of this enigmatic destination.

W With ith the Joburg Open Golf Go olf TTour ournament taking place in the new year, year, followed closely b by the continental Tournament on that is the African Cup of Nations, N ther shortaage of world-class soccer celebratio celebration theree is seldom a shortage sporting action and a excellence in the City of Gol d.

Tanzania TWICE the size of neighbouring Kenya; and with dramatic contrasts between its highland, coastal, rainforest and prairie landscapes; few countries can offer big game safaris, exotic islands and wildebeest migration quite like tantalising Tanzania. Nestling amongst the striking landscapes of East Africa, framed by eight neighbouring nations Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique and the Democratic Republic of Congo and the gentle waves of the Indian Ocean, Tanzania is renowned for its diverse wildlife and contrasting terrains.

A wide swathe of its landmass is occupied by the vast Unyamwezi Plateau, reaching up to a height of metres and dissected by a slice of the Great African Graben with its magma-rich mountain massifs. A bizarre geological oddity, Kilimanjaro was created, shaped, eroded and scarred by the twin forces of fire and ice to rank as the tallest freestanding mountain on the planet. Though formed by a trio of large stratovolcanoes, Kilimanjaro has been free from volcanic activity in recent times.

However, ominous rumbles can be heard echoing around the valleys occasionally — an eerie reminder from the belly of Kilimanjaro that it is merely dormant, not extinct. Spouting fumaroles, rivers of rock and bizarre extrusions bear testament to this. Choose from six challenging routes each with umpteen permutations across rugged rocks and steep loose-stone tracks flanked by cactus-like spikes and bird-rich heather-cloaked moors. Characterised by sun-parched, dusty scrub, wildflower-scattered fertile prairies, woodlands, tall grasses and a riddle of inky-green rivers, the Serengeti has been proclaimed as 7th world-wide wonder, with its wide, open wilderness spanning over 14, square kilometres and some of the most.

Business is up on last year — most bookings are from US. Saadani National Park is notable as the only sea-side wildlife sanctuary in Tanzania and occupies a hot and humid coastal plain amidst a unique and colourful mix of both marine and mainland flora and fauna together with about 30 species of larger mammals and numerous reptiles and birds. Tall grass savannahs, scattered palms and castle pasture characterise the region while the marine system is distinguishable by its coral reefs, mangrove forests, salt pans and bare saline areas that are home to hippos, crocodiles and numerous birds including kingfishers, fish eagles and many species of wading birds.

Here, long plush carpets of sand in shimmering Champagne hues remain oh-so popular with visitors keen to pair up wildlife-spotting on game drives and the friendliness of the local Masai tribe with world-class beaches. Few places on earth offer a chance to see a pride of lions or a herd of elusive greater kudu in the early-evening after a morning strolling bare-foot on powdery sands among screw palms on the Indian Ocean after an afternoon amongst the beaming smiles of the local people in mud-and-thatch Saadani village. With metre high walls and a rich volcanic floor that plays host to the big five, Ngorongoro is one of the continent's most famous safari destinations.

No trip to Northern Tanzania is complete without a visit to Ngorongoro where visitors will encounter one of the most beautiful natural wildlife sites on the planet. Venture out to Lake Magadi, cupped by the crater, to witness large concentrations of pink flamingos as a prelude to meeting a healthy population of black rhino, some of the biggest tusker elephants in Africa today as well as lion, leopard and hyena and good herds of wildebeest, buffalo and zebra. With Ngorongoro Crater itself limited to game driving only, it ensures the focus is wholly on the wildlife — and both grazers and predators thrive in this magnificent, ultra-fertile 2,metre crater under a veil of soft cloud.

Over students enrolled to attend training and education programmes aimed at modernizing tourism services and hospitality industries. Sanga was appointed Chairman of the Tanzania Tourist Board to develop the organization to authority level. Repeat visitors experience something new, exciting and wholly different every time they arrive — and theynever tire of the incredible biodiversity, it astounds them.

Plot 75 E-Tower Kampala Road. Why Tanzania? Kilimanjaro and its deepest lake Lake Tanganyika. Off shore coral reefs lend the beach a striking alabaster hue, just 35km off shore from the Tanzania mainland and only six degrees south of the Equator. Miles of palm-scattered sands look out to smaller isles and atolls in an archipelago renowned for its noteworthy artists, musicians and poets throughout history — and still draws painters and photographers to this day. Gin-clear waters abundant with marine life lap at towering coconut palms while Green Wood Hoopoes and Weaver birds flit and flutter between rustling leaves and the fruit high above.

Beach activities run from volleyball to horse riding, while many run dive trips out to some of the best and most varied dive sites in Africa. Steep wall dives; drift dives and world — class coral formations make this area a prime location for the experienced deep water divers.

Visibility is good, the water warm and the marine life. Meander along a skinny riddle of cobbled alleyways to stalls of pungent spices. Redwoods State Endlesss pos Endles possibilities sibilities b begin in the US USA A with un unforgettable nforgettable e experiences xperiences ffor or y your our clients, c and ne new w busines business ss opportunities ffor or y you. For For partnership inf information, o orma tion, c contact ontact partnerships thebrandusa.

Likewise, travel and tourism experienced continued growth, but at a slower rate in than in Business conferences and meetings travel returned to growth in As a result of higher occupancy, hotels at the higher-end were able to increase their daily room rates in Business car rental saw an increase of four per cent in current value terms in , due to the increase in business air travel. In response to Americans spending more time on social media websites, the US travel and tourism industry is introducing more social media initiatives to build brand awareness and maintain brand loyalty.

Travel operators have attempted to take advantage of this by creating a presence on Facebook and other social media websites. Brand USA previously called the Corporation for Travel Promotion is a public-private organisation created to promote the US internationally, as well as to educate international visitors on visa and security requirements.

Brand USA will initially target residents in the UK, Canada and Japan beginning in May , through television, the Internet, billboards, print advertising and social media. The second wave of outreach will include Brazil and South Korea, with other markets to follow. In terms of inbound visitors, Canada, the UK and Japan are expected to remain the leading, third and fourth markets in These three countries are expected to see increases in visitor numbers of 25 per cent, 23 per cent and 17 per cent respectively over the forecast period.

Brazil is expected to stand out between and , with visitor volumes forecast to increase by 88 per cent. Visitors from South Korea are expected to grow by 46 percent over the forecast period, aided by its entry into the Visa Waiver Program in October The emerging countries of Brazil and China have seen their economies grow at a rapid pace, and were less impacted by the global recession than Western European countries. The high levels of economic growth in these markets are creating a burgeoning middleclass in these countries.

While foreign travel was previously limited to the upper-classes, this new middle-class group has the disposable income to pursue international travel. In turn, the US travel and tourism industry is now focusing on attracting visitors from Brazil and China to increase business. These new emerging markets offer strong opportunities for the US as a tourist destination. The US travel and tourism industry is increasingly looking at emerging nations as the main driver of growth in incoming tourist numbers. US marketers are looking towards Brazil, which has shown explosive growth in recent years thanks to the global demand for ethanol and metals.

Government initiatives have moved many citizens out of poverty into the middle-classes. In turn, the newly wealthy Brazilians are travelling. The number of incoming tourists to the US from Brazil grew by 25 per cent in Brazilians are also big shoppers, as they can purchase goods much more cheaply in the US than in duty-heavy Brazil. Travel and Tourism in Brazil Its developing nation status is fading away each year, as Brazil astonishes the world with strong economic development and growing international importance. This growth acted as a major magnet to international tourists, leading to a positive performance in terms of arrivals, and enhanced tourism flows within the country in Air transportation and travel accommodation were the main beneficiaries, with continuous investment in new routes and rooms to further capitalise on such good momentum.

This scenario is only likely to improve as the country prepares to host global sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup and the Olympic Games. According to Euromonitor International, inbound tourism has seen 12 per cent growth in Argentina and the US remained the most important source countries for arrivals to Brazil during — responsible for 1. The large number of Argentinean tourists to Brazil can be explained by the proximity of Brazil, which is reachable by car or coach from Argentina. The fact that Argentina is now a priority market for Embratur is only likely to increase future arrivals.

Promotional activity included participation in trade shows and conferences, as well as advertising in its various forms television, print, outdoor, etc inviting Americans to go to Brazil. Albeit from a small base, India, Russia and China registered strong growth in arrivals, of 38 per cent, 31 per cent and 22 per cent respectively in In previous years, source countries such as these became key target areas for growth in inbound tourism, as economic stability made travelling long haul more accessible for the first time in years.

Overall, China is looking to expand its influence in Latin America, and is therefore an ideal target for boosting the number of groups of leisure tourists into Brazil. Brazil is expected to record much stronger growth in arrivals and welcome a total of 8. With a vast territory and numerous attractions to offer, Brazil has all the resources needed to become a leading travel and tourism destination.

Its cultural pluralism and diversity works as a magnet for the growing desire for authentic, experiential travel. Moreover, hosting large sporting events — the World Cup and the Olympic Games — is known to increase international exposure and the number of arrivals in the years preceding, during and following these events. However, the strengthening of the Brazilian currency is likely to remain a barrier to growth in the short term, particularly as main source markets such as the US remain highly cost-conscious and in search of destinations where they can get the most out of their money.

Leading his team out into the WTM arena is recently appointed tourism minister, the Honourable Stephen Cadiz, available alongside the tourism and private sector delegates to promote his islands as world-class event hosts. West Indies cricketing legend, Brian Lara, will be on the stand during WTM to talk about the power of sport as a driver of tourism opportunity.

Sister island, Tobago, will also be presenting the annual Tobago Cycling Classic. At 19 years he became the youngest ever javelin winner in the history of the Games, putting his island home on the international map. Travel agents are invited to come onto the stand for destination training and to an exclusive VIP party on Wednesday night. Considered by many to be the true Caribbean, Tobago offers visitors a unique tourism experience — and the opportunity to explore rich history, culture, and biodiversity. Accommodation on the island ranges from luxurious villas, to quaint bed—and-breakfast establishments, from guesthouses to full-service hotels.

The attractions of Tobago are many and varied, including festivals and sporting events throughout the year, fine dining, idyllic beaches and historical attractions. For dive enthusiasts, Tobago is a must-see destination, along with adventure seekers, bird-watchers, beach lovers and hopeless romantics. Celebrating its 50th Anniversary of Independence this most southerly of Caribbean island destinations is focussing its attention on its great cultural heritage and consequent rich visitor experience. Trinidad Carnival but also the international launch of the Tobago Jazz Experience, a rich festival of music that takes place in April every year.

Keen divers travel from all over the globe in late July to participate in not only dives to some spectacular sites, but also seminars, lessons in underwater photography, kit demonstrations and taster sessions for the kids. Eid and Diwali are spectacular celebrations particularly in Trinidad. Visitors to World Travel Market can get a taste of all that these two islands have to offer on stand CA where there will be fascinating heritage displays and a series of events throughout the four days.

Celebrities will include West Indies cricketing legend, Brian Lara, and former premiership and Trinidad and Tobago international footballer, Dwight Yorke. FOLLOWING a quite dramatic decline in visitor numbers — from just over 83, in , to below 35, by — there have recently been some signs of recovery.

After seeing the alarming drop in visitor numbers continue throughout the global economic crisis, the government has stepped up to the plate and seems to have tourism at the top of its agenda. For example, along with some heavily discounted tourist packages, Trinidad and Tobago is promoting itself to an intriguing combination of business travellers and sports enthusiasts, as well as retaining its more traditional leisure focus.

Largely, the focus for Trinidad is towards business travel, while the leisure activity focus is with Tobago. In order to realise the full potential of the promotional campaigns for tourism, there has been a general recognition that crime levels must now fall as dramatically as tourism numbers have. Gang related incidents — including robberies, sexual assaults and even the murder of tourists — must be dealt with before a significant number of tourists will return to holidaying in the islands.

This issue notwithstanding, this twin island republic represents a huge draw for tourists, with stunning beaches, the warm and inviting Caribbean ocean, friendly and helpful locals and a vibrant culture, including sensational music and wonderful food and drink. This year, the islands celebrate the 50th anniversary of independence and the establishment of the republic, and the government is keen to use the milestone to draw attention to a destination with great cultural heritage and the genuine offer of a rich visitor experience.

Apart from the spectacular experience of diving here, scuba enthusiasts from all over the world converge on Tobago every July to attend seminars, take lessons in underwater photography, and try out the latest innovations in sub-aqua technology. Couples have traditionally seen Trinidad and Tobago as perfect wedding destinations, with no shortage of sunshine, bags of historical charm and plenty of venues specialising in special and personal events. Technology meaning agnascor syrtes. Umbraculi adquireret fiducia suis.

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We umbraculi fermentet ossifragi. Adfabilis catelli pessimus bellis, quod Islands. Both neglus sailing yachts offer an exclusive, syremulus zothecas, quamquam bellus fiducia suis romantic and private experience, excellent fermentet tremulus cathedras. BRAZIL is already well on its way to becoming a tourism superpower, and the events of the next four years should only serve to cement that status. Local government and tourist boards in several regions, particularly the north-east, have invested heavily in tourist infrastructure and marketing campaigns to attract both international and domestic tourists.

Flavio Dino, the president of Embratur, the Brazilian Tourist Board, has said that a successful World Cup and Olympics will help to more than double the number of people visiting the country by A recent survey of 39, international visitors to Brazil showed that 96 per cent intend to return to the country Ultimately, the World Cup and the Olympics provide a unique opportunity for Brazil to showcase all it has to offer, and we are working very hard to make the most of this opportunity to.

The World Cup is recognised throughout Brazil as a major catalyst for the country's tourist industry. It expects to welcome , foreign visitors during the tournament, with an estimated three million domestic fans likely to travel to host cities to watch the matches. The Brazilian government recently launched Goal to Brazil, a promotional campaign to attract foreign visitors to the tournament. It started in Santiago, Chile, and will travel to a further 13 cities in America and Europe up until May There is concern however that the much of the new transport infrastructure will not be completed in time.

An example of this relates to the current delay in all the infrastructure. In , research published by the Institute of Economic Research IPEA concluded that 70 per cent of the revitalisation work set to be done at airports will not be ready in time for the World Cup. This is very concerning, placing infrastructure development high in the priority list for transportation, travel accommodation and all involved with travel and tourism, so that the country will able to handle the large tourism flows expected to be seen in the near future.

It would be wrong, however, to assume there is a state of inertia in the Brazilian aviation industry. It has seen its capacity grow by 39 per cent over last five years driven mainly by the introduction of low cost carriers into the region. Between and the number of routes to and from Europe went up from 14 to 43, and routes to and from the US rose from three to The effect of the Olympics will largely be felt in and around Rio de Janeiro, but will be no less significant for their reduced geographical reach. According to Embratur, 1. For the country as a whole, the goal is to increase.

Rio de Janeiro has an extensive agenda of major events happening over the next few years, culminating with the Olympics Games in The Brazilian Ministry of Tourism has introduced new criteria for evaluating hotels and accommodation, according to the guidelines of the Brazilian System for the Qualification of Accommodation — SBClass for short. In this context, quality standards are an important tool to put our hotel industry on equal footing with that of countries that are global tourism leaders.

Only accommodation facilities evaluated according to SBClass criteria will be allowed to use this official rating. The Brazilian authorities are aware of the need to keep building on the amazing opportunity presented by hosting arguably the two biggest events in wordl sport in the space of two years. It is launching a marketing campaign to highlight the country's numerous attractions, such as the Iguassu Falls in the southern state of Parana, eco-holidays in the Amazon, the historic city of Salvador, and Brasilia, the capital, a planned city with a wealth of unique modern architecture.

There is a strong focus on attracting more global conferences - in the past seven years Brazil has risen to ninth place in the International Congress and Convention Association global rankings, from 19th back in And medical tourism in Brazil is also gaining popularity due its highly qualified medical professionals and advanced healthcare technology. But for now the main focus is on the World Cup and the Olympics — and Brazil is determined to go for gold. Boiling lake and plunging waterfall. Volcanic peak and rainforest canopy. I am Carnival.

I am Creole. I am unlike any other Caribbean destination. I am nature, unspoilt. AS the most tourismdependent region in the world we, in the Caribbean, are constantly striving to improve and stay ahead of other destinations. But, progress has been plagued by the punitive Air Passenger Duty levelled by the British Government, which has curtailed travel to several parts of the Caribbean.

In spite of the onerous tax, we are pleased to report the British are still coming and, while they may be cutting back on short trips, they are planning and booking the longer stay dream journey — the type of holiday for which the Caribbean has become world renowned. These thrive despite the negative impact of the global economic recession on travel and tourism.

To continue meeting this demand, we have a number of very exciting developments across the region in the luxury sector, including the opening of the six-star RitzCarlton Reserve in Puerto Rico in December and the new Mustique Airways service from Barbados to the secluded island paradise of Petit St. We are also seeing a palpable shift towards voluntourism and experiential vacations, where travellers.

Croix, US Virgin Islands. Sustainable tourism is an area which cannot be ignored, especially in the Caribbean, where visitors are specifically travelling to experience our rich diversity and spectacular natural beauty. We are committed to ensuring we offer natural tourism products and to educating our tourism partners about the importance of developing sustainable initiatives.

We look forward to showcasing the diversity of our region once again at World Travel Market this year and demonstrating the eternal appeal of our tourism products and experiences. From value holidays for singles and families, to exclusive offerings and discovering the unknown, we welcome the opportunity to work with the global travel community to develop new partnerships and increase travel to our region.

Questions for the Honourable Minister of Tourism, Pedro Pablo Duchez How are issues such as tourist security and infrastructure within and between tourist zones being handled? We have worked with a national tourist assistance programme for many years. This has been effective and the idea is to make it stronger. We allocate a good amount of funds to protect tourists. We work continuously with institutions of security in the country with special emphasis on tourist routes and major destinations in the country.

How important do you feel the growth of tourism is for the economy of Guatemala? Tourism is the second largest source of foreign currency for Guatemala, only exceeded by remittances. We are convinced of the importance of tourism and its role as a safe way to eradicate poverty, protect the environment and improve quality of life, all these aspects focusing on sustainable development.

This year we took a major step in the tourism industry in our country, declaring it as a national policy and recognising it as one of the main axes for competitive economic growth and the social development of Guatemala. What plans do you have for sustaining or growing tourism? We are working together with the private sector to define specific promotional strategies, an example are roadshows, which are presentations of the country in various key markets in order to improve the marketing of tourism. Virtual Marketing is another major international promotion tool.

Tourists from around the world will find on our website www. We also approached other major markets on social networks. What are the plans to develop and promote the Mayan Civilisation? This is the year in which we have worked hard to bring the world to Guatemala and regard it as the place to live the Change of the Mayan Era. We are aware of the cultural and archaeological richness that our country possesses. There are studies that show that there are over 3, archaeological sites related to the Mayan civilisation, but only five per cent are open to the general public.

What do you see as your priority as Minister of Tourism? We are also working to diversify the tourism offer based on our strengths as segments: business and convention tourism MICE , rural tourism, sports and adventure, cruises, health and welfare, living cultures, among others. Where do the majority of international tourists currently come from? Most visitors that come to Guatemala come from the regional market, mainly in Central America. Mexico and the United States together account for 68 per cent of the tourists. We are a relatively small area of , square kilometres, privileged by a pleasant climate all year.

Guatemala is a very diverse destination and holder of cultural and natural wealth where they come together in a unique setting. Travel and Tourism in Malaysia The global economic crisis affected travel and tourism in Malaysia in , restricting the growth in arrivals. While economies around the world were recovering during , a further economic crisis, caused by the slump on the world stock exchange, occurred in August This changed the travel demands of consumers and resulted in lower spending by tourists from countries affected by the economic downturn.

Also, a simplified online visa scheme contributed to the strong growth in the number of arrivals from China in Therefore, motor tourism has been introduced to cater to tourists who wish to indulge in self-drive holidays. Home stay programmes are also highly recommended to tourists, some of whom want to experience the lifestyles of locals.

Ecotourism also allows visitors to immerse themselves in tropical rainforests and national parks with lush flora and fauna. Other programmes such as spa tourism and medical tourism help Tourism Malaysia to target different traveller groups. This is largely due to the geographical proximity of the two countries and political and business cooperation. Indonesia is the second largest market,. China posted the highest growth in arrivals in , with the number of trips increasing by 24 per cent to exceed one million. The strong growth from China was mainly due to the simplified online visa scheme introduced in April A new visa application scheme was extended to India in , allowing Indians to apply for visas online through agents registered with the Malaysian Immigration Department.

Malaysia is positioning itself as an ecotourism destination to woo more Indian tourists, who indicate a growing interest in nature-based activities during visits to the country. This high purchasing power also allowed more Indian tourists to visit Malaysia for shopping, city attractions and areas of natural beauty.

Travel and Tourism in Indonesia After a successful year for tourism flows inbound in , the Indonesian government has set itself more ambitious targets for with the aim of maintaining the momentum gained from its promotion of Indonesia as a global tourist destination. The government is set to hold more international events, particularly in eastern regions of Indonesia as it attempts to attract higher numbers of inbound tourists.

According to Euromonitor International, Indonesia has recorded an 11 per cent increase in inbound arrivals during However, there were several events which had an adverse effect on arrivals from certain countries during For example; the earthquake; tsunami; and nuclear accident, which struck Japan during , led to a five per cent decline in the number of tourists arriving from Japan. The main source country for inbound arrivals in Indonesia remained neighbouring countries during However, one major change was that Malaysia overtook Singapore to become the leading source country.

The fact that Malaysians can easily cross the border into Indonesia is an indication of the very close connections between the two countries. Malaysians tend to spend most of their funds while on holiday on shopping and entertainment, a situation which has served to boost incoming tourist receipts among Malaysian arrivals in Indonesia. The Indonesian government continued to promote its Visit Indonesia Year campaign throughout This campaign focuses on marine tourism in eastern Indonesia.

Indonesia is expected to become more recognised as a viable global leisure tourism destination and the Indonesian government is expected to make greater attempts to promote the country at international travel and tourism expositions and conferences. Travel and Tourism in Singapore Travel and Tourism in Singapore benefited from new tourist attractions that enticed more tourists from neighbouring Asian countries, such as China, Indonesia and Malaysia, to Singapore in TravelRave attracted more seasonal visitors.

Many Indonesians were attracted to Singapore by the great variety of shopping opportunities. The opening of the two integrated resorts with casinos in also attracted more Malaysians and Indonesians. Arrivals from the Philippines experienced strong growth of 24 per cent in , making it one of the fastest growing inbound source markets. The economic growth of the Philippines and more low-cost carriers flying the Philippines-Singapore route boosted the number of Filipino tourists in Singapore.

Thus, the board focused on innovation, integration and productivity. It also worked with the Singapore Hotel Association to launch a productivity plan, which helped hotels to improve their operational efficiency and customer satisfaction scores in Moreover, a mobile phone app to supplement the YourSingapore website was launched in , providing information to tourists on the go.

New commercial developments such as the Marina Bay Financial Centre, Asia Square and South Beach in the near future are expected to attract more business visitors to Singapore. Upcoming tourist attractions like the National Art Gallery and River Safari should provide a further boost to arrivals in Singapore. Dramatic landscapes and breath taking beauty set the stage for the unique culture, traditions and hospitality that only Indonesia can offer. Come, discovery why Indonesia is so unique and experience a country like nowhere else on earth.

Whether you visit Malaysia for its luxurious resorts, adventure tourism or sporting activities, white beaches, duty free shopping, ecotourism, voluntourism, cultural or city break experiences, Malaysia has something for everyone. Malaysia was proud to welcome Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge in September who visited Kuala Lumpur and the Danum Valley Conversation Area, Sabah's largest protected lowland rainforest which boasts one of the richest conservation areas in the world with 43, hectares of pristine and undisturbed tropical flora and fauna. Malaysia is one of the twelve mega-biologically diverse countries in the world with at least 15, species of flowering plants, species of mammals, , species of invertebrates and 4, species of fish, creating unique niche eco and agro tourism activities as well as voluntourism opportunities.

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