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Initially it was thought the farmer had tragically taken his own life - but seven years ago a woman who had worked on his farm when he went missing contacted police after apparently remembering she'd killed him during therapy. This is despite claims by a pensioner called Janet Holt who claims she murdered him. In November , Ms Holt called the police and made her extraordinary confession that she shot him after he allegedly raped her.

She alleged she then put his body in a wheelbarrow a nd buried him on their farm. A documentary airing on October 10 claims to uncover fresh evidence backing Ms Holt's story. A loving husband and affectionate father, loved by all but best by me. Bell, Dezzie Demonie. Double with Thomas Edward Bell. Bell, Eddith Fletcher. Bell, Emmie Lakey. Bell, Frances Bener Easley. In remembrance of J.

Bell's Wife - Married to J. Death is eternal life why should we weep Son of John R. Bell, George Alfred. Infant Dau of Mr. Bell - At Rest One date only. He died as he lived trusting in God [FS: J. Bell, Jackie Raymond. A sunbeam from the world has vanished Reinterment Schedule existing grave to Block 3 Space 6. Son of John R.

At Rest w Alice E. Meigs Bell. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God - Born Green Co. Bell, Joseph Warren. Infant son of Frank and M. Bell, Josie McGown. Wife of J. Leroy C.

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Bell, Lillian Ruthie. Another angel in Heaven. Bell, Lillie Edna. Bell, Louie Wendell. Bell, Luther Sidney. Bell, Martha Genettie. Daughter of George A. Hamilton - h George A. Bell, Maude Mathews.

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Double with William Cleve Bell. At Rest Melvina A. Bell, Muriel Agathy. Bell, Nellie Angeline. Our darling one hath gone before to greet us on the blissful shore. Double with James W. Bell, Rebecca Angeline. It is not death to close the eye long dimmed by tears, and wake in glorious respose to spend eternal years Rebecca Angelina McGee - h Luther Sidney Bell. Son of D. Son of J. Married 25 Dec Son of George A. Bell, Thomas Edward. Bell, Virginia Young. Married 7 June Double with W. Bell, Wilborn Erron.

Bell, William Cleve. Bell, William Franklin. Son of George Alfred Bell, Sr. Bennett, Ora Eunice Letney. Bentley, Stephen R.

Berryman, Bertie Meadows. She died as she lived a Christian. Berryman, Hugh F. Darling we miss thee Great-grandson of Dr. Birdwell, Horace W. Son of Mr. Birdwell, concrete covers both. Blackshear, Fannie E. Wife of W. Blackshear, M. Blackshear, Little May. Daughter of W. Blackshear - To the memory of - She was lovely she was fair and for a while was given An angel came and claimed his own and bore her home to Heaven.

Blair, David Grant. Hill - Row Bloodsworth, Bernice. Bloodsworth, Ellen.

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Bloodsworth, Infant Son. Bloodsworth, Mary Sudie. Double with William Dolphus Bloodsworth. Bloodsworth, William Dolphus. Double with Mary Sudie Bloodsworth. Bobbitt, Dalton Jake. Gone but not forgotten. Bobbitt, Sgt. George E. Glory lights the soldier's tomb. Beyond the sunset Double with John Q. Beloved father of six. Bobbitt, Infant Son. Infant son of Mr. Bobbitt, John Q. Beyond the sunset Double with Ida M. Bobbitt - Reinterment Schedule existing grave to Block 1 Space Booker, Georgia Florida.

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Booker, James Henry. Double with Estelle Botts. Double with Adrain F. Boughan, Mary M. Bozeman, Corine W.

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Double with Ben Bozeman. Reinterment Schedule existing grave to Block 10 Space 5. Bradshaw, Angelina. Bradshaw, Annie L. Annie L. Hamilton - Double with M. Harvey Bradshaw. Bradshaw, Jason M. Son of L. Bradshaw, Lewis Letney. Bradshaw, M. Bradshaw, Nannie Iles. Bickham - Double with Lewis Letney Bradshaw. At Rest - Son of L. Bradshaw, Walter S. Bradshaw, William H. Breedlove, Aline Hamilton. Double with Ralph Rayford Breedlove. Breedlove, Ralph Rayford. Double with Aline Hamilton Breedlove. Brewster, Azalee S. Brewster, Sr.

Brewster, Ivie B. Brewster, James B. Double with Mary O. Brewster, Mattie Lee. Herding Cats , Jun 16, Messages: 3, Likes Received: 1, Trophy Points: Cappuccino , Jun 16, Messages: 6, Likes Received: Trophy Points: This is such a hard call. I have had PTSD and spontaneously recovered memories from childhood abuse - I know how those nightmares can wake you in the night, many years after an event, and seem so horribly real.. I -do- think something went on on that farm. Whether the man killed himself and she found him, went in a fugue..

Or she killed him. I don't know, can't guess. But IMO the hypnosis has muddied the waters of her memories, and that's a bit sad. First, there's always the chance her memories are faulty, and then there's the people who dismiss the whole story once they hear 'recovered memory'. I was told I made all the abuse up, because I didn't remember it all until I was in my 30's.. Thing is, it was only the very worst of the sexual and physical abuse that I'd blocked out.

I hadn't 'suddenly recalled' all the other rapes and beatings, the attacks with weapons and other stuff - I could always remember that. It hurt to be told my experiences weren't "real" because of some kneejerk perception that all recovered memory is 'false memory syndrome' a 'syndrome' highly promoted and supported by a lot of pedos, I might add..

I was pretty angry about that. So that's why I am more inclined to give this lady the benefit of the doubt. I just hope she finds peace. Ausgirl , Jun 16, Messages: 14, Likes Received: 42 Trophy Points: Does she claim hypnosis brought out the memory of rape and killing him or just the killing? From what I can make out, she has four days of missing time when the farmer vanished all those years ago.. This led the woman to seek professional help, which involved hypnosis to recover those missing days, which is when she recalled the rapes and shooting.

I don't have much doubt she was traumatised by -something- fairly significant at the time, and feels a deep level of guilt over it. But IMO it's risky to approach memory via hypnosis alone, and especially risky to label conclusions drawn after a single session with a single therapist of unknown skill and qualification as hard fact.

Messages: 4, Likes Received: 22 Trophy Points: 0. Backwoods , Jun 17, I wonder what sort of business partners they were, or if she gets his half of the land or something if he is declared dead. Messages: 19, Likes Received: Trophy Points: The Sun says she's sold the farm. So I suppose it was hers to sell already. Donjeta , Jun 17,