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These produced fundraising messages are distributed in February and September in advance of when most stations fundraise, including the nationally coordinated drives.

Acts include virtuoso acrobats and funny dogs

Stations may request custom fundraising scripts read by the performers we interview. We fill these requests whenever possible and in the order in which they are received. Our Virtuoso Voices fundraising material is offered as a separate subscription, with fees based on market size as determined by Arbitron — and cover a portion of the production expenses for Virtuoso Voices. Please visit the fundraising page of our website for further examples and further information. Hide full description. The Virtuoso Voices service provides you a Suggested Host Intro to effectively set up each clip, and includes a brief Outro to help you segue Show full description.

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Order by: Newest First Oldest First. It started a few years ago; two legendary choral groups got together to do one of the things they do best: Christmas music. The union of the six You may have heard it recently at the Olymp The song includes one section with a s When something has been around for a while and has become extremely popular, it can be easy to take it for granted. The Violin Concerto by Max Bru The Violin Concerto by Samuel Barber has some sharp and spiky peaks and crevices.

Still, violinist James Ehnes considers it to be one of the more Some consider the Violin Concerto by American composer Samuel Barber to be the quintessential American violin concerto. Violinist James Ehnes says Playing music on stage requires a certain art, craft, musical vision and an equally high level of skill. An attractive stage presence is also impo Some musicians emote and move around on stage more than others.

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Each piece of music contains a certain degree of instruction from the composer as to how they want their music played. Some composers are more spe Music is about relationships between the performer and the audience and also between individual instruments.

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We undoubtedly will hear a lot more about the musicianship of V3, Leonard Thompson and M. Booking services , and our rapidly growing organization. In the past, artists that benefitted from Mr. In short, there is a wealth of experience, know-how, and a golden rolodex of great relationships in radio, retail, distribution, venues, songwriters and stellar musicians available.

The Virtuosic Christmas Performer.

His quiet way of focusing on the end result has earned him respect in the industry and has brought his artists successes that far exceeded initial expectations. Vic McLean believes that artist development must start and end with the artist. The Virtuoso Music and Distribution team's focus is on increasing the audience, the distribution, and the quality of their bookings. We are focused to increase audiences' exposure to their musicianship.

Vic McLean states that he is committed to furthering his artists' music, as well as building an ongoing foundation for their long-term success.

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Virtuoso Music and Distribution and all our partner companies are also fully committed to assisting them individually, to shine as artists and as people. Virtuoso Music and Distribution is focused on musicians that have the skill and the commitment to music that will allow them to become great performers. We focus on those whose art will be celebrated throughout the ages.

Virtuoso Music and Distribution encompasses all the services needed to establish an artist's professional career. His interviews and articles and his events with Jazz Celebrities are well received.