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The list of all articles in the anthology with links to texts available as Open Access publications can be found here. An important topic in Open Divide is the ongoing commercialisation of Open Access. However, it is sometimes feared that DEAL can intensify precisely this commercialization. Here are two hints that may be useful in this context:.

Times Higher Education. Library Ideas, 32 As mentioned several times in this blog the German project DEAL aims to conclude nationwide licensing agreements for the entire portfolio of electronic journals from major academic publishers. DEAL has two distinctive goals: on the one hand, cost savings and, on the other hand, the extension of contracts to include Open Access components that allow scientists at German institutions to publish Open Access in journals of contract partners at no extra charge. The arbitrarily high prices put a strain on the acceptance of the division of labour between science and publishing.

The academic libraries are increasingly forced to restrict their services. This results in a growing danger for the scientific discourse in the specialist disciplines.

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This is the only way to ensure that current research results are fully accessible. Publishers must adapt their business models to these possibilities of digital publishing. A similar boycott , led by recognized mathematicians, was launched as early as The migration is motivated by the acquisition of Bepress by Elsevier. In their acquisition of bepress and other companies like SSRN and Mendeley, Elsevier demonstrates a move toward the consolidation and monopolization of products and services impacting all areas of the research lifecycle.

We are worried about the long-term impacts from these acquisitions and are concerned that such changes are not in the best interests of the library community. Therefore, we feel obligated to begin exploring alternatives. In the context of the DEAL negotiations , 16 of the 18 centers of the Helmholtz Association decided not to sign new contracts with Elsevier beyond the current year.

Manual Aktanten im Französischen (German Edition)

The two remaining Helmholtz centers have contracts with Elsevier that reach beyond the end of the year You may read the press release here. DEAL aims to conclude nationwide licensing agreements for the entire portfolio of electronic journals from major academic publishers including clauses that allow scientists to publish Open Access in these journals. Elsevier und die American Chemical Society verklagen die Schattenbibliothek Sci-Hub, die unter Ignoranz des Copyrights wissenschaftliche Publikationen en masse kostenlos anbietet. Forscher in Finnland haben nun einen neuen Elsevierboykott gestartet.

Folter und die Politik der Unklarheit

Wer den Aufruf via nodealnoreview. Auch in Finnland stand eine landesweite Einigung mit Elsevier vor dem Scheitern. Diese Option entfiel jedoch angesichts der positiven wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung des Landes. Originally published as: Ulrich Herb In: telepolis, Academics and libraries grapple with Elsevier — a never-ending story. For years, academic publisher Elsevier has been strongly criticised for its business strategies: Nationwide licensing negotiations are presently faltering in Germany and Finland, while in Great Britain the publisher is facing difficulties over abuse of its market power.

Such margins can only be achieved by pursuing extremely aggressive pricing policies, however. It is precisely these business practices that prompted mathematician Timothy Gowers, winner of the Fields Medal, the equivalent to the Nobel Prize in mathematics, and Tyler Neylon, to call for a boycott of Elsevier in Although the campaign attracted more than 16, signatories and found great resonance in the media, it had little influence on the business practices of the publisher.

This explains why German scientific institutions came together in the guise of Project DEAL to persuade Elsevier to back down on the pricing of its publications. The goal is to achieve national licensing agreements for the entire programme of electronic magazines from the major academic publishers, namely Elsevier, Springer Nature and Wiley. The organisations joined forces in order to strengthen the negotiating power of the scientific institutions and the universities and their libraries, and in the anticipation of making savings in the licensing of scientific journals.

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In particular, the initiative was designed to provide financial relief and encourage consideration of an open access component intended to make it easier for academics to provide the public with open access to articles in Elsevier journals. Last Friday the Alliance of Science Organisations in Germany published a press release which gives some indication that Elsevier is not to be messed with when it comes to money.

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Despite its current profit margin of 40 percent, the publisher is still intent on pursuing price increases that are higher than the licence fees paid until now. The publisher rejects more transparent business models that are based on the publication service and would make publications more openly accessible. Numerous libraries, such as the Berlin State Library , for example, have terminated their own contracts with Elsevier as far as possible in the past in order to lend more emphasis to the action by the consortium, and are now faced with the choice of either relying on progress in the DEAL negotiations or once again entering into their own agreements with Elsevier.

Gaps in acquisitions that occur in the interim must be filled — for better or worse — by interlibrary loans or other document delivery services. Just how hard it is to negotiate with major academic publishers is no secret in Finland either, where universities and scientific bodies had to pay a hefty 27 million euros for subscriptions to academic journals in As a result, the attempt was also made in Finland to persuade major academic publishers to enter into nationwide consortia using open access options.


The result was similar to that for the DEAL project — currently it seems extremely unlikely that agreement will be reached by the deadline for negotiations on In order to put pressure on the publishing houses, the attempt — similar to the Elsevier boycott mentioned above — is being made to convince academics to no longer work as reviewers or editors for journals whose publishers cannot reach agreement with the FinElib Consortium which is conducting the negotiations.

The three academics are applying for an investigation into Elsevier for abuse of market power by the Competition and Market Authority.

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