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Get notified when we post a new parcel of land on our VIP List! Own Your Own Sanctuary with these 1. Continue east along 7th street and turn right onto Webster Avenue. The next Super Jump is at the top of the Parking Garage on the left hand side of the road. Once at the top, jump off Super Jump 10 on the northeast corner of the building, landing on i Section 2. Head south through the tollbooths and use the escape road on the right before the tunnel to get back onto Webster Avenue. Super Jump 11 requires a jump from the roof of one building to the next, so it is recommended that a car that can achieve a lot of height, like a Manhattan or Manhattan Custom is chosen.

Head south down Webster Avenue and then left onto 4th Street. Look for the Parking Garage signs across and just right of the intersection with Angus Wharf and cross over Angus wharf and into the parking garage, which is on the southeast corner of the intersection of Angus Wharf and 4th Street.

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Climb to the top of the garage for Super Jump Take the middle ramp on the west side of the garage roof and jump to the roof of the garage across the street. You can get credit for the jump without making it across, but you can't make 12 if you don't, so climb back up if you land in the street. There is a small drop down onto the next building which you will need a little bit of speed for as there is a gap between the buildings.

If you stopped on the roof after 11, you can still make the jump, but you might need several tries. Once you land, continue along the roof for Super Jump 12, landing somewhere near the intersection between Webster Avenue and 4th Street. Head one block south along Webster Avenue to the intersection with Andersen Street and look for the construction site on the southwest corner. Head through the makeshift road inside the building and turn around when you reach the opposite corner.

Keep to the left and head back through the building to take Super Jump 13, landing once again on Webster Avenue. Go back to the southwest corner of the intersection of Webster Avenue and Andersen Street as per 13, but instead of heading into the construction site head south down the on-ramp for I Section 3.

Super Jump 14 is a short way down the freeway in the central reservation.

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Use this to jump back up onto Webster Avenue at the intersection with 2nd Street. Head west along 2nd Street over the intersection with Glancey Avenue , and Super Jump 15 is about half way along the next block on the right hand side.

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Jump over the pile of earth to complete it, then head north through the park to the other side for After landing Super Jump 16 head east along 3rd Street , take the first left onto Glancey Street, and then left again onto Andersen Street. Head down the middle of Andersen Street and take the ramp up onto the railroad track. Continue accelerating along the railroad and jump into the shopping mall. Drive through this to the other side for Super Jump At the six-way intersection where you land take Fry Avenue on the south-west road for Super Jump Super Jump 18 is the northbound ramp outside the entrance to the Parking Garage on Fry Avenue which leads up to the scaffolding there.

Drive south to 2nd Street and spin around and you will see it on the left.

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Take this jump and then turn around going south on Fry Avenue for the next jump. Head south on Fry Avenue to 1st Street and turn right.

Multimedia | West Acres turns 40: How a remote field became Fargo's retail giant (Part 1 of 4)

You will need a decent amount of speed to jump the broken bridge for Super Jump From Super Jump 19, head west along 1st Street and turn right down the alleyway just after the intersection with Hamilton Avenue. Bear left at the bottom of the ramp onto the railroad tracks and Super Jump 20 is right in front of you. Take the jump over 2nd Street and then drive slowly back up the ramp onto 2nd Street again, ready for the next jump. Head east along 2nd Street and go north at the intersection with Hamilton Avenue. The next two jumps will need a fast car suited to getting height.

40 Acres Water Association located in the Owens Valley in Bishop, California

A Manhattan works well for this, so change cars at the Junkyard on Hamilton Avenue if needed. There is a ramp outside on the southeast corner of the garage that you will use to jump upon to the railroad. If you find this jump difficult, there is also a ramp at the top of the parking garage that can be used instead.

Once up, turn around to face north and drive off the Super Jump on the left edge of the railroad. For Super Jump 22 get back up onto the railroad using one of the ramps from Head south and drive off the corner of the railroad where it turns east. Turn right onto Manners Avenue and climb to the top of the Parking Garage. Super Jump 23 is in the southwest corner of the roof of the garage. Take the jump slowly or you will end up on I Section 1 in which case, just drop back down onto Manners Avenue.

From outside the parking garage for 23, head east along Manners Avenue and turn right onto Shepherd Avenue. At the intersection with South Bay Expressway turn left, and do a U-Turn at the electricity pylon about yards away. Head west back along South Bay Expressway and bear left down the ramp. This super jump requires a decent amount of speed to accelerate all the way down the ramp on the right it's safer or the left as you face it the other way to collect Super Jump Continue all the way along the dockfront and through the warehouse until you come out at the intersection of South Bay Expressway and Hall Avenue.

You should land somewhere near the intersection of Hall Avenue and Manners Avenue. Head west along Manners Avenue for the next super jump. Take the first right onto South Rouse Drive and head north one block, turning left onto Lambert Parkway. Almost immediately, there is an alleyway on the left which heads back down south parallel to South Rouse Drive.

Follow this alley, drop down 3 steps, and then take Super Jump Go slowly otherwise you will land on I Section 1, in which case, simply drop down again using the gap in the wall where you jumped through. Just past the shipping containers there is a sliproad, so do a U-Turn just before the South Bay Expressway Bridge and drive over the containers. There is a small step down, then a jump, then finally the super jump.

Once you have completed it, head back onto South Bay Expressway and head west. The jump is on the raised concrete ramp in the central reservation of the bridge. Just continue along the bridge, skipping the next raised section. At the end of the bridge turn right onto South Mountain Drive. For the next super jump, head a short way along South Mountain Drive and turn right at the next intersection onto Casey Pass. Follow it around to the right and the super jump will be visible. Jump over it to the east side to collect Super Jump 30, and then jump back again and return to the intersection with South Mountain Drive.

When you get to the quarry, turn back down South Mountain Drive and you should see the super jump in the distance ahead of you. When you have landed the jump, turn around on South Mountain Drive and head up the hill again. The super jump is just inside the entrance on the Split Ramp leading down into the quarry. Drive off of this for From the bottom of the quarry drive south and to the right around the building with two tall chimney stacks.

You will see a ramp which leads through a tunnel and back up to South Mountain Drive. Go up this ramp and turn right when you get to South Mountain drive, and then drive once more back up the hill for Take the right turn at the first intersection onto Chubb Lane and follow this for a little way to the next intersection and take a left onto Schembri Pass.

At the end of Schembri Pass is the intersection with Lucas Way. On the southeast corner of this intersection is a small alleyway which has Super Jump 33 at the end. Drive into the intersection and turn degrees to the right and you should see it. Use this to jump down to the dirt track at the bottom of Schembri Pass, and then climb back up again to the intersection with Lucas Way.

Head straight over the intersection of Schembri Way and Lucas Pass. Turn around before you reach the tunnel and you will see a short ramp in front of a Billboard , which will lead you to Super Jump Back up further to get a running start and use this ramp to gain access to the raised path and follow it to make two further jumps before leaping off of Super Jump 34 through the hole in the mountainside.

If you fail to make the first part of the jump, you can head up North Mountain past Schembri Way, but before Uphill drive, spin around and join the pipeline there, and stay to the left through the pipeline to make the Billboard jump. After completing the Super Jump, jump off the end of the dirt track and turn around to face north for Super Jump For Super Jump 35, head a fair ways north, past the intersection with Schembri Way to the intersection with Uphill Drive.

Turn down Uphill Drive, but immediately bear left and follow the dirt track to the left of the yellow digger. Drop down two stages of the Uphill Steps and then the Super Jump is right in front of you. Continue to the bottom of the Uphill Steps, or drive down Uphill Drive if you keep crashing and getting put back to the top.

At the bottom of Uphill Drive turn left onto Nelson Way and then bear left up the dirt track beside the railroad tracks. At the top of the dirt track, turn around and drive back down the railroad tracks. As you pass under the bridge, bear left and head up the ramp to the Gas Station to complete Super Jump You must clear the Gas Station to be awarded the super jump. Just after the Auto Repair, there is a ramp on the right leading down to Super Jump Take this ramp and come back up the other side onto West Lake Drive again.

For Super Jump 38, we have to go back to the railroad track, so turn around and drive south on West Lake Drive, turning right onto Chubb Lane and the left onto Nelson Way.

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When you get to the Gas Station on Nelson Way turn around and head north, bearing left up the dirt road back onto the railroad tracks. Just after you drive through the ramshackle buildings and before the yellow bridge there is a ramp on the right leading downwards. Take this ramp to complete Super Jump Follow the dirt track up the hill and through another ramshackle building, then continue along the railroad tracks through a tunnel. Turn around just before the bridge on the other side of the tunnel, and then bear left heading back toward the tunnel.

A small access road leads onto Read Lane - take this and then drive west up Read Lane, through yet another ramshackle building.

Super Jump 39 is on the left, just past the building, and lands you back down on the railroad tracks. Drive east along the tracks again and use the access road to get back onto Read Lane again, ready for Super Jump Follow Read Lane uphill to the west as before but follow it to the very top, past Super Jump Turn left onto North Mountain Road at the intersection and follow the road for a while.