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CSP Add Loose large panoramic photographs: Panorama of Chefoo Coeducation pupils group c. Papers relating to Alex Riemer: sports certificates; scout enrolment cards; 4 ribbons and 2 badges CSP Add Album of photographs and article about Miss Ina T. Lucia n. Bound photo album - Chefoo Schools n. Early Photos — Chefoo Schools from Rev. Liversidge n. Photo Album from Sheila Kelsey n. Silver cup — this has not been filmed CSP Add Early Map of Chefoo n. Henry R.

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A Tribute to Thornton Wilder Article copy n. A Short History of the Chefoo Schools n. Articles on the Early History of Chefoo n. Chefoo by Stanley Houghton, B. Harman and Margaret Pyle n. Chefoo School, by Gordon Martin n. Mountain Mixture Book n. Davies, Evan, Memoir of Rev. Frost, Henry W. CIM Mennie, D. Moule, A. Taylor, J.

The same CIM Taylor, M. Hudson Taylor , London ? Hints for Furlough Vol.

CIM a. Souvenir programme of the Valedictory Meeting for Missionaries returning to the field and to the third party of 'the Two Hundred'. Written by Florence Freeman. Pagoda Branch Occasional Papers. Continuation of Links with China and other lands. April CIM Blessed Thoughts 4 sheets advertising CIM publications. Lecture on the Boxer Rising. General leaflets : including histories of CIM, publication catalogues, handbooks, advice to potential missionaries etc.

Some dated, end nineteenth centurys 59 leaflets. Early twentieth century. Compare the studio props with those shown in fig. Wo Cheong Cheung. Actors, c. Hand-tinted gelatin silver print photograph. Go to: Top of page Home What's new. Skip to main content. Gwulo: Old Hong Kong. Search form Search. Primary tabs View active tab What links here. Submitted by David on Thu, Nicely done, delicately hand-colored. Tamamura had a photography shop in the Askusa area of Tokyo, in relocated to Yokohama. His family were hereditary Samurai retainers to the Hoshino of Rinnoji, a branch of the Imperial family whose head had served as chief priest to the main temple in Nikko since ergo his interest in taking photographs of the temples.

He was internationally renown and was commissioned to provide the stunning figure of , albumen hand-colored photographs of Japan for the book by F. Although these photographs are not signed, which is a common feature for most all early period Japanese photos. The photos have the 'distinct look' of Tamamura's style of composition and photographic 'markers.

The b. Published by J. Millet Company, Boston About this Item: J. Millet Company, Boston, Ogawa flower collotypes , Kozaburo Tamamura hand colored albumen photographs illustrator. This book contains "Chapter XII. The covers are soiled and have small tears and scrapes, primarily along the edges. The corners are worn and bumped.

Publications Pertaining to the Perry Expedition to Japan

Thre is a 2 x 4 inch tear to the covering on the back which is stained. Internally, the book is clean and free from faults. Only very light and occasional foxing. All the photographs are clean and much brighter than usual. Were there no tear on the back cover, I would rate the book as Very Good. If shipment is to be outside the US, please email for exact charge.

Seller Inventory b. Published by N. About this Item: N. Hard Cover. Hand-painted linen over boards, side-stabbed binding with green thread and corner guards intentionally without spine , covers measure: 16 cm x 23 cm, with images measuring approximately Collotyped and hand painted in Japan. Each volume containing 24 colour collotypes printed one-side, captioned in English and with tissue guards. Each volume contains two hand-drawn images on the title-page: vol. Covers are lightly dust soiled and a bit tanned around the margins, all three volumes have an ink number in the top corner of title-page, vol.

Although there is no collophon or photographer mentioned, these "Souvenir" books are attributed to Kozaburo Tamamura based upon the similarity with his known work. Size: Oblong 16mo. Illustrated By K. First Edition Thus. Condition: Fine.

Chinese photographers in Hong Kong, 1844-1879

Ogawa flower collotype , Kozaburo Tamamura hand colored albumen photographs illustrator. Section I to IV 4 books covering pages These sections are from a 15 section version of the book that is not given an edition name nor is quantity printed stated. When assembled, all 15 sections from this series would provide the same text and illustrations found in the regular editions of the set such as the "Yedo" edition. The pages are uncut folded pages.

How obsessive artists colorize old photos

In addition to a K. Ogawa color collotype of a flower each volume contains two albumen photographs there are numerous halftone text illustrations. Each section also contains a plate mono color stencil art plate. In the four books there are 4 K. Ogawa color collotypes, 8 hand colored albumen photographs and 4 stencil art plates. Ogawa collotypes are crisp and clean. Text very clean. Pages are uncut.

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Albumen photographs faded as is usual. About this Item: [Japan ca. Two hand-colored albumen images Tamamura Kozaburo [? His family were hereditary retainers to the Hoshino of Rinnoji, a branch of the Imperial family whose head had served as chief priest to the main temple in Nikko since ergo his interest in taking photographs of the temples there.

A tiny hamlet lies at the foot of a hill along the banks, with a moored sail boat. Terraced rice-paddies climb up the hillside with pine trees, quite a charming scene. The city of Nagasaki appears nestled on the opposite side of the harbor. Unusually shaped tall pine trees surround the shrine, with a red Torii gate adjacent, then another Torii gated in granite at the waterfront and a small solid stone lantern nearby. Several smaller Japanese sailing ships are anchored with tall masts visible.

An excellent image, sharp, with a tiny bit of red on, other colors pastel. Two hand-colored albumen photographs, very clean, pastel colors Nicely done. Takaboko shows the snake-like straits with a small island in the bay, and a few small sail boats entering the straits, a tiny hamlet lies at the foot of a hill along the banks, with a moored sail boat.

This is a stunning early panoramic view of Nagasaki Bay from a Shinto shrine at the water's edge. The city of Nagasaki appears on the opposite side of the harbor. An unusually shaped tall pine trees surround the shrine, with a red Torii gate. Adjacent is a granite Torii gate at the waterfront. A single and solid stone lantern stands nearby. An excellent image, sharp, with a tiny bit of red used, else other colors are in pastel shades. Published by ]. From: Maggs Bros. About this Item: ].

First edition. Colour lithograph title and 15 hand-coloured collotype plates with English captions. Oblong 8vo. Original cloth boards, a very good copy. Kobe, Tamamura, Meiji 41 [i. It may truthfully be said that all civilised nations of the earth are interested in tea. It is a plant possessing peculiar properties, affording relief to a distracted brain, and rendering the mind capable of withstanding troubles and tribulations to which all flesh is heir.?

About this Item: [Yokohama c. Grey raw silk covered boards, green silk thread ties, 25 hand-colored collotype photos, ca 26 x RAR A charming work, consisiting of 24 pages of photos each with English description of the scene, with a tissue guards. A vivid view into the Meiji genre and life style, Kimono, coiffure, furniture and others. Nicely done, beautifully bound.

About this Item: [Yokohama n. Silk thread tied spine, color woodblock printed covers, oblong ablum, Japanese theatre: Taiko Hideyoshi and his two sons in gorgeous court costume of the 15th century. The Kwanjo or female attendants at a the Mikado court in Tokyo. Taking the cool air on the Kamogawa in Kyoto.