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Here situation in football is disgusting and that great game serves only to making money and promoting some criminal minded people. Whenever you talk to someone or listen supporters arguing you can always hear blaming clubs for fixing games, transfers, and being criminal in every possibly aspect of football. So, it's dificult for normal persons to identified themselves with domestic football clubs.

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In that moment Everton restore my love for football again and I started to support him liking his colors, name, crest, and I can proudly say that i'm now Evertonian and that this season is my first of many as Evertonian. Come on you Blues! See you on sunny G oodison or Wembley day! The influence came heavily from my Grandfather a massive blue who was born and bred in Southport. While good ol' Jim managed to convince me that Everton was the future he failed with my brother who opted for Arsenal - The team of our other Grandfather.

My best memory of being at Goodison with my Arsenal loving brother was of course the 19th of October when a young Wayne Rooney lifted the lid and made the preceeding 5 hour drive home oh so sweet. I've been supporting the Blues since It started for me with my best friend at school who at the time started following the club. After watching the likes of Sharpe and Reid grace the pitch I was hooked. Needless to say I used to take a bit of stick at school, but if anything this just hardened my resolve. My son who turns 5 at the end of the month has just informed me he supports Chelsea.

I hoping a trip to the old lady may sway it this season and see him become a blue as well. I've supported Everton from the mid-eighties from when I was about 8 years old. My cousins were all Liverpool fans, we would all be in my grandmother's house all day Saturday so there was always rivalry between us.

Evertonians, the Chosen Few. We are Born, We Do Not Choose.

I can't really remember consciously deciding to support Everton, just seemed to work out that way. My mother's uncle John Kennedy, RIP, from Bootle, originally Scotland took me to see Goodison Park during a visit with my grandmother and mother to Liverpool in and it's stuck with me ever since I was 7 or 8 when I started supporting them. I suppose because they were successful is why I followed them in the first place. Mind you, I was the only one in my class who followed them. I think since most of the rest of the lads in my class back then followed Liverpool or Man Utd, I just wanted to follow a different team.

I've been a blue ever since. It certainly has been one hell of a ride! Dad and his Dad before were season ticketeers. Er, or maybe not I remember being sat at a friend's house watching it on TV and being mesmerised by the intensity of it all! I'm from south Wales so only get up 4 or 5 times a season but I am responsible for my 3 cousins being Evertonians. One in particular was off to buy a Liverpool shirt for his 8th birthday and I was asked to accompany him to the sports shop.

Needless to say, he came back with one of a blue variety! I may have missed out on the success of the 80s but I'm so glad and proud to call myself an Evertonian and, whether sat in my front room or at the Old Lady herself, there will always be a part of South Wales supporting the Mighty Blues! Coventry needed to win to stay up and Everton had already won the league.

As an 8 year old I didn't have an affliation. You know the result but I wasn't going to choose Coventry, was I? Back in the mids it was either blue or red and there was no way I was a RED. And over the years the other blues and reds slowly changed there clubs to more local sides london teams. I could never change Once a blue Wanted to support a 1st division club as well as The Imps.

Did not want to follow the usual suspects and fav colour is blue and remember watching an episode of Brookside and loving the accent so chose Everton. One of the best decisions of my life. Get more and more passionate every day and try to see them as often as possible.

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I asked my dad where Liverpool was and he showed me on a map. I decided it was too far away to support miles so for the next year or so was looking for a new club to support. It just stuck since then. I flirted with Wolves for a bit - I liked their colours - until I'd seen them play a few times - then - because I liked the history - and because my Subbutteo team of them had just won the title amongst my mates' league - I stuck with Everton - it was The more I saw of them the more I fell for their ethos, their history and proud tradition.

Then came along the glory years in the mid 80s and I was hooked. God how I've paid for those glory years, in suffering since!! Until now Dad was a blue, mum a red, but neither really into the footy. Rest of my family stayed on Merseyside so, when I was a kid and we used to visit for Christmas, my blue uncles took me to Goodison Dec 28, Everton Nottm Forest Never looked back! Get up to Goodison whenever I can. Supported Everton since the mid 80's when I was about The choice I had at the time was Man Utd or Chelmsford City - neither appealed so I looked for a side that was likely to win something!

Often wondered what local fans think of fans from other parts of the country, have to say I've never felt anything other than welcome up in Liverpool when I've been there wearing blue. I don't speak Turkish and he didn't speak English so I couldn't investigate any further. So I just patted the badge and stuck my thumb up and all I could get back from him was a big smile, 'Jelavic' and a return thumbs up. Every time he passed us throughout the day I got the same!

Now I'm not suggesting he was definitely an Evertonian somebody probably gave him the shirt and he never said Yobo. But later in the day when me and the missus were struggling for shade he gave us an extra parasol for nowt! So it is a possibility!!! Must learn some Turkish if I go back there again. So he walked into a bar that had the match on and he was amazed at how many Blues were there and even more amazed that they were from all over the place, Devon, Birmingham, Crewe, Lancaster and one was apparently a Geordie as well as the majority of course being scousers!

We're all over the place. As an 8yr old I seem to remember picking up a Littlewoods catalogue at home in On the back there were three kids wearing football kits holding the Littlewoods Cup. One wore a Liverpool kit, another an Arsenal one but I remember being drawn the the striking blue Everton kit and begged my mum to get me one for Christmas. I also wanted to be different, there were loads of Liverpool and for some reason as they weren't that good Man U fans at my school.

My dad was also and still is a closet Liverpool fan In suddenley he claimed he had supported Leeds all his life Luckily my mum had a huge soft spot Kevin Ratcliffe and on Christmas morning all my dreams came true and I have been obsessed ever since. When we lost the Cup final that season I felt like I'd been stabbed through the heart. My Dad made me. Thanks Dad! Ha ha. We now have a PVR so can record the games, what a wonderful invention.

First match I saw Everton play on TV was the quarter-final vs Newcastle, 2nd match was vs Spurs in semi when everybody wrote us off Then, the famous cup win in the final against Man Utd At that time, we are the underdog, all the reporters, commentators and football fans thought we have no chance, but I just support the underdog, I was really impressed by how we played, the passion, enthusiasm, togetherness One of my brothers supports Man Utd and the other supports Redshite at that time and they are both red I have my 2 year old able to point as his bed spread and say Everton I am consciously working on him being an Everton fan before he is "manipulated" by his mates to support a glam team!

He has the works and I get him to watch us for as long as he can when we play etc She is also from Darlington and has been a Blue ever since. Whilst Tranmere were technically the closest league club to my home, the whole area is mostly Blue or Red. Luckily, I got taken to Goodison Park by a family friend when I was about 8 would have been about or so. That made me a Blue for life. I try to get to a game or two each season, despite the hour round trip. I've repeated that favour, and I'd like to think I've made some other non-Liverpudlian Everton supporters with trips to Goodison Park.

Once you have been bitten I come from near Croydon.

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Moved to Newbury Berkshire when I was around 9. Always the same response: they aren't playing today Anyway you get the story. So one day I decided to open a sticker book and the team it landed on was the team to support Yes, it was the Blues of Everton. So when I asked what Premiereship team to support What do you mean?

Dr Who ? So when my friends were going to Anfield, I started to develop a soft spot for Everton. A friend and I went to Goodison to take a tour one day but they weren't running them. We manged to convince the lady at the gate to let us walk around inside the ground and found a groundskeeper, who when we explained our situation to him, took a picture of us on the penalty spot don't know which end, though I went to the home Watford win the next week and was hooked!

I also took a spring break trip through Europe, where I toured a bunch of big name soccer stadiums. As soon as you got anywhere close to the field, you'd get yelled at. The win vs. Watford and the generosity of the staff I met that first day helped make me a Blue for life. My favourite Everton team is obviously the team of the mid eighties, we played some brilliant breath taking winning football, only one sub allowed , I remember Harper or Richardson being used as subs, utility players were so important then.

Compassion is a sign of intelligence and specialogical advancement and, in a two horse race, if you picked the other lot the shite that makes you pretty thick.. You can see evidence of it wherever you look. I'm virtually sure I picked Everton because about the first game I ever saw, on the telly in the late 80's at some point, I recall a I liked the blue kit b they looked like they needed support and c the players seemed to have more integrity than their opponents the shite who looked a bit cocksure for my liking..

I definately wanted the team who had the least chance to win and I've been the same ever since.. My dad's the same, he supports anyone who plays against Man U.. Loves us right now! As a right of passage he stated that he had to convert one person into being an Everton supporter I was that person and have never looked back. There are a core group of Everton supporters in Calgary and yes I do believe we are "bitter".

We have traveled back and forth countless times to watch our beloved BLUES and my support has never wavered through thick and thin. I always said that it was a dream of mine to become a season ticket holder even though I live in Canada and three years ago that was accomplish as I now own a season ticket in the Gwladys Street End Block GS5. That's what they say right? Evertonians go to the match That was during the season when we were second behind Forest going into the Christmas period. The first time I remember listening as an Everton fan to Radio 2 - the football station in those days - was for the hammering by Man U on Boxing Day.

Undeterred, I tuned in again the next day if memory serves me right for a defeat by Leeds! I stuck by it and my first game was in December the following year when I travelled down by train to see us beat Brighton Back then there were only scraps of match reports in the Scottish papers and Radio 2, which didn't give anything like the coverage 5Live does now. I get to only two or three games a season, though I wish it was more. A couple of pints of Cains in Dr Duncans, train to Kirkdale, then the walk to the ground, the first sight of the stadium, cake and tea at St Luke's if I'm on time - I relish every stage of the pre-match ritual.

Last season it was Blackburn , so bad we were comical at times and Fulham , Cahill's last goal - and what a peach. It can be a long journey home especially when we've just been thrashed by West Brom , but I'd rather have that than the guaranteed three points that regulars at Old Trafford and Celtic Park look forward to. In was brought to Goodison by a friend of my dad's who we were visiting who was a massive blue, that sparked a life-long love affair with the Blues through good and bad! Being from the South I couldn't support Man Utd At that time Arsenal won almost all games they played and loads of young Swedes started to like em too.

Therefore I chose Everton and soon after that I was stuck. We might lack a few cup wins and europe spots lately. But to me the feeling when we beat the crap out of my friends teams, like against Man U the other day It is brilliant! They fear the blues, all of them, and I love it.

My Dad is an Evertonian and his dad was an Evertonian he worked a lot on the docks so I was always going to be an Evertonian. We don't have any 'real' football teams here in North Wales so you will find that the majority here either support us, the shite or manure. I would say though that it takes it liitle more dedication for us 'Non-Liverpudlian' supporters because quite a few of us travel to home and away games. I would love to live near the ground but life is peaceful here.

Maybe the name, unusual and starts with an 'E' like mine. Maybe the colour. I do remember getting a Graeme Sharp card in a packet of those candy cigarettes they used to make. None of my family, or even anyone else in my class in school even liked football, so I put it down to hanging out with my Man. He used to say that if Man. No longer the case on my part, thats for sure. I can clearly remember watching the Cup Final, and during the pre-match interviews with Kendall and Dalglish my mum asked me who I wanted to win, and I said something like "the blue team, I like them best, I don't like that man" Dalglish.

So that was it, that day was to be the start of what was to come; learning to take the bitter defeats and the lows more often than the highs. But I wouldn't change it at all, I am defiantly proud to be an Evertonian here in Ireland. I think you can define a person, to an extent at least, by the team they support.

Here most people support Man. I might be generalising but I find that most of the scumbags, the guys you see with that bad look in their eye, criminals etc. Not always, but very often. Then the people that like to latch on to success claim to be Man Utd fans. Many of them I quiz can't even name players from their club's past, or trophies they have won.

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I have had to put up with years of slagging, teasing, jokes etc. I tell them all to see how big Everton are now with no money and no success, and just fear the day we have both, as we will dwarf anything United have done. Alas, I didnt get to attend a game at Goodison until I turned 30, due to having nobody to go with etc. Have been 4 times now, twice last season. Planning to go again twice this season at least.

Here's the interesting part. Last game I went to, Wolves at home last season, I went with 2 other cavan based Blues that I recently became aquainted with. Although nearly 20 years my senior, Adrian and Sean are great company. Adrian is known as Mr. Everton here in Cavan: lives at Goodison House, drives a jeep with the badge painted on it, always wears his jersey. Sean, although more understated, is a died-in-the-wool Toffee. So, when I was booking the flights, I had to get their passport details for the online check-in. I had to do a double take when I saw the dates of birth both men had given me, to make sure it wasn't a mistake.

Both men were born on the same day, same month, same year, the exact same age I love Everton with the same passion as if I were born in Liverpool; however, after speaking with my Mom about our family history, it turns out that my great granddad was born in Roderick road Liverpool and when he was older he threw himself into the River Mersey in anger and drowned as he couldn't swim It would be good to have a few locals to go to the match with.

Born in '65 and schooled in the 70's in the midlands CV10 everyone supported either Liverpool or Man U or even Leeds around by us. What that meant was she had a Liverpool bag that she took to school everyday - so she was obviously a Liverpool fan. Every time the RS won a game it was always "we" have just won again etc etc. It used to really piss me off big time sibling rivalry and all that. It was weird but I was intrigued by the team from Merseyside that played in blue and had such a large loyal fan base.

Also at the same time my dad and older brother were both Villa fans both born in Aston and they tried to convert me to Villa by taking me to Villa park. Things were starting to stir, the balance of power between these two great Merseyside rivals was moving and guess what….. For me, I was now hooked on Everton and there was no going back! I supported from a distance during that glorious season but by this time everyone in the CV10 postcode new I was a huge fan. A year after that I passed my driving test, got a Mini and discovered that the M6 linked the midlands to the northwest and eventually Liverpool via M62 , a journey I have been repeating now for 26 years, the last 10 with my own lads.

Never been to the City Of Liverpool before, found Stanley Park, paid at the turnstile to enter the Gladys street end and took my position behind the goal. From that moment I new I had finally found what I was lookin for and have never looked back! I get on great with my older sister now and would like to thank her for her pain in the arse antics all those years ago that pushed me towards Everton.

I never did find out what happened to that bag of hers though! When I left Liverpool to go to Swansea university ,as well as the college team I started playing for a local side Pentredwr Rovers and was amazed that so many of the lads followed Everton. Now living in Brighton for over 30 years I constantly come across Evertonians born and bread southerners and proud Blues.

It was my first football experience and after that I was total hooked. Have followed Everton ever since and even made two trips to Goodison catching the finale against Newcastle last year. My brother took me to the match in Dallas and to return the favor I am bringing him to Goodison this year to see the Arsenal game.

I have the only house in St. Louis with an Everton flag hanging out front, and my two daughters and wife are always wearing their Everton gear when we turn in early mornings for the matches. Although EH has passed away, I'm sure he would not be amused that I choose to follow Everton as a result of his gloating.

My daughter 18 wants to go to University in Liverpool, mainly because she can go to Goodison more often!!! Never regreted becoming an Evertonian. Whenever Everton were live on sky and I went to watch them, there were always a few efc fans in the boozer! To be fair, I lived in Hammersmith, and there were still more efc fans than Fulham when they were live on sky. Even Chelsea didn't get that many! Don't be fooled, we're a well supported club down south! But the majority of their fans seemed to be foreign! I am from Malaysia and I have supported Everton since I guess, I just latched on to Everton because they were a top side then and were prominent in the Newspapers — no internet then!

Since then, I have seen all the ups and downs — more of the latter, I am afraid. When I first started supporting Everton, I had a group of five other very close friends, all of whom were Leeds Utd fans that was the early s when they were riding high. So you can imagine the stick I used to get but I remained steadfast. I studied and worked in London for close to nine years until the end of As such, I was in UK during the glorious mid s.

My first visit to Goodison Park was in Thereafter, I made a few more trips all by myself as I could not find any other Everton fan in my group of friends. I used to get up very early in the morning and catch the 9am train from London to Lime Street Station, then the bus or taxi to Goodison Park, hangout in the stadium, watch the game, take the bus or taxi back to the station, catch the train back to London and reach home past 10pm. I get lots of puzzled looks nowadays when I tell them I am an Evertonian. I was fortunate to have had two Evertonian Scousers who worked with me in Brunei in the mid s.

That was really great fun — exchanging all the stories and the news. Well, I am still a staunch supporter after all these years — 42 years!! That game was the FA Cup final so they didn't, sadly. I had no particular allegiance to any team at the time other than a loose local attachment to West Brom which still exists to this day ; I had a mate who supported Albion and even back then detested Manchester United. One Saturday I turned on the TV and discovered some football, which turned out to involve them, so I had an interest in the other team immediately.

Clearly I was hooked.

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My gran got me a annual football book for Xmas and when I started looking through I saw 2 pictures of Cottee and one of Rats. I was pretty hooked. The blue jersey stood out a mile, the Everton logo, just something about the tower and Cottee with the gelled hair, an impressionable 9 yr old just a connection that was there. Bought my first Everton jersey bout a year after it was miles too big for me at the time, Football Crazy sports shop in Cork City, its gone now but I remember going in and being very disappointed that it was mans medium and I was a medium sized year-old.

Got the tracksuit from Santa few months later, still have that too!! Went to my first match in when I could afford to, Leicester at home, went with my gf at the time. I was a student so couldnt afford the flight. Got the bus from Cork City to Liverpool.

Left Cork at 12 on the Friday morning and got into Liverpool at 4 in the morning Saturday. I remember the game so well and the ground, 11 years of dreaming of going to Goodison and walked up the Park End and saw the staduim for the first time, WOW. I just remembered all the years supporting Everton through the bad times standing on the steps of the Park End and thinking iv made it now. Was a massive thing for me in We won that game, Campbell and Franny. Mancini came on as a sub and Robbie Savage got a roasting from the Everton fans.

Most of my mates as well have been. When I started supporting Everton in , they were on the way down as far as being successful and I didnt know their unreal history but it was like a magnet for some reason, the jersey, the name Goodison Park, Tony Cottee, NEC, Umbro, Kendall. Everton has been a major part of my life ever since and believe me its true when people say that once Everton has touched in some way it can take over your life.

Its not a football club but a religion. I've got so sick of watching football these days but Everton has kept all its traditions and im still that kid wearing that massive NEC jersey with the slicked hair of my hero Tony Cottee!!! Mid 60's and able to kick a ball where I wanted it to go I recall watching a game with Everon playing and a lunatic ran on the pitch, got tackled by a Policeman. My dad was laughing really loudly, cheered when the copper rugby tackled him Twas good enough for him so it was good enough for me and its been the way ever since.

My daughter has follwed suit, she tells me I deafened her when Rideout scored against Man U in They have booked into a hotel for a week and the only message I have had was a smiley on Monday night about 9. I know it could mean anything We come up when I can as I am often abroad working with the Westcountry Blues. It has always been Everton for me I think possibly because of Ed Stewart on the radio in the 70s.

I now live in Cambridgeshire and make the mile round trip to all home games. I would be interested to hear from Sean Roe or any other Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire Blues re car sharing. If my link to Liverpool hadn't been evacuated to West Wales during the War and if my mum hadn't kept in touch with him in the intervening years then I would never have suffered the abject misery that comes with supporting Everton. Watched my first game on 6th August , friendly at home to Nijmegen. Remember sitting on top of the tunnel and Dai Davies getting so bored that he was up by the half way line at times Haven't looked back once, even when the piss was well and truly getting taken by glory hunting, band wagon jumping reds and mancs.

No safety in numbers in the back of beyond. Onwards and Upwards! When I popped out 10 years later I was only ever going to be a blue. I grew up in Germany as dad was in the British Army over there. It wasn't easy to get to games but everytime we came back to England to visit family my dad would try to take me to a game. After he left the Army and we moved back over here we managed to get up to Goodison times a year and a few away games. Great memories of seeing my normally calm dad lose the plot completely when at matches or watching on tv.

Although my dad was not from Liverpool there was no denying his passion for the blues. It certainly rubbed off on me and I wouldn't change being blue for anything. I live in Reading, Berkshire and am hoping to get to a match again this season after many years away. Some of my Reading mates keep trying to get me to go along and adopt Reading as my second team but there's only ever been one club for me.

Thank god the season has started again. It's Kerry from Liverpool I've been trying to find you for about a year now. I don't know whether you want to hear from me but please get in touch! Sorry to interrupt ya footy talk guys! Or Sign up as a ToffeeWeb Member — it's free, takes just a few minutes and will allow you to post your comments on articles and Talking Points submissions across the site. How to get rid of these ads and support TW. We use cookies to enhance your experience on ToffeeWeb and to enable certain features. By using the website you are consenting to our use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy.

Pretty similar, supporting since the late 70s. It's been up and down but I would not have it any other way. I've got a few mates who support Everton too, so it's not too bad down here. The motivation to support Everton is triggered by the same mundane and silly reasons prompting people to support any other team. There is no need to resort to hyperbole about Evertonians "being chosen by the Almighty Himself. You started supporting Everton because you were nauseated by Kopites.

I chose Everton rather than Liverpool because I hate moustaches. Trevor, as a long life Blues supporter who now lives in the south west of England I do have a theory that in areas not well known for football such as the SW footie fans tend to tag on to the well known sides, these days obviously the Man Us, Chelsea, Man City.

In the eighties it was our beloved neighbours in the main but I do know there is a strong EFC base in Yeovil which I imagine had something to do with our success in the mid eighties. Also, my two sons were both born and bred in Somerset but are blues through and through owing to their genes!

Anyway, just my thoughts on it and as far as I'm concerned once a blue always a blue , no matter where you lay your hat! Im from india.. Spent a year and half in Liverpool when I was 7 years old. Most of my classmates in school were Liverpool fans but I decided was chosen? Have followed them ever since and now have passed on my love for the club to my wife and 2 year old daughter. I cant imagine life without Everton I'm a born and raised Canadian. My mother is from Liverpool and came to Canada in the late s where she met my father.

I hated football or soccer as we call it over here - yes I know it's dumb when I was younger. Didn't understand it. Hockey was much more interesting to watch for me. When I was in university, my wife and I started dating and her family is Scottish and they are soccer nuts. My mom's Liverpool family is kind of split up in terms of Blue supporters vs Red supporters, but my one Auntie and cousin were HUGE everonians and kind of got me into looking Everton scores up here and there over the years. But I didn't really follow it. One magical visit to Goodison Park and a pint at the Winslow hotel and I was hooked!!

I don't knwo why it took a visit there to get into the game, but I seriously love it now. And that game alone a scoreless draw vs Tottenham was what got me addicted to Everton. I've never looked back and I sersiously think I'm the biggest Everton fan in Canada currently. I must have the greatest number of IP hits to evertonfc. In the days of U. The very first full match I saw was the cup final against Manchester United and thank god we won, I have a dream that one day I will visit Goodison park and watch them there".

Ged Gorman : Rather than explain how or why I became an Evertonian, allow me to tell you a story A couple of seasons ago I was back in the UK, so of course got myself down to Goodison for a home game. I was standing outside the Wimslow pub in Goodison Road talking to a mate. I was with one of my sons Domi aged 6 at the time and the bloke says Sure enough there's Billy K heading for the players' entrance with a mob in pursuit. Bill stops, says "Budapest? And Bill asks me "And why do you?

Bill looks around, asks if everybody has "seen this", tells his man with a video to get our Dom and him on tape and then offers us tickets, meet the players, the works I swear that BK had a tear in his eye and a lump in his throat when our Domi said "Because me Dad does" I'll tell you what, I certainly had a lump in my throat. I hope this true tale go someway to explaining why I'm an Evertonian. Everton not only bring emotional extremes, but optimism, hope and grandeur.

Will this be the same in Knowsley? Sadly I fear not. We all not only share and endure the tears, joy and frustration of being a supporter of Everton, but sadly the negative connotations that are associated with the ride, namely the Kirkby conundrum. Only the "Insiders" can comprehend the range of emotions involved in backing the Blues.

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You simply cannot grasp, nor fully understand the evident implications of supporting Everton unless you do, loving and cherishing them with every inch of your heart. I love Everton not because we have a glittering history and a seemingly bright future but because I was chosen to be part of such an elite group of people. When we were chosen, we signed on for life; we didn't have to. We could have supported a whole host of other sides, but we didn't.