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Archival collections often require detailed descriptions to convey their research value. These descriptive tools are called finding aids or guides to the collections. Finding aids include an overview of the collection and context about the origin of the collection, as well as information about its creator, condition, arrangement, restrictions on access, and history items in collection.

The finding aids can be searched by keyword or can be filtered by partner institution and alphabetically by title. By clicking on the title of a collection, you will be connected to the electronic finding aid. For more thrilling short stories, go here. The Story Formula from David Masters is an excellent little book of ideas. The Story Formula does just that.

There are exercises to get your brain thinking and also pointers so that you can find your OWN ideas. You can go to any old website and find a list of story ideas but I think The Story Formula goes beyond that. Last year I had the pleasure of hosting a zombie short story from Michael Cairns. She tried it a few times in her teens and ended every evening with her head down the toilet.

Or Gin. Anything to dull the pain. Alcohol would burn it out and leave her all warm inside. She stares down at the corpse before her and relives the moments leading up to this point. It is, however, one of the most surprising. His face was twisted, the skin so pale it resembled freshly dried plaster. His teeth were on show from beneath gums that were cracked and bleeding and his eyes were sunk deep into his skull. He wanted something, something so bad he was willing to kill for it.

It turned out he was also willing to crawl halfway down her hallway with an axe buried in his head for it. She had to admire the tenacity. It also turned out that what he wanted was her, or more specifically, her brains. She knew he wanted brains because that was all he said. She giggled the first time.

He sounded like one of those funny zombies from the movies. Then he grabbed her arm and took a chunk out of it with nails that belonged in.. She screamed and threw herself away from him, slamming into the bottom of the banisters and hitting the floor. She stared in disbelief at the blood streaming down her arm.

The strange man with the scary eyes put his finger in his mouth and licked the blood off. Sarah scrambled to her feet and dashed down the corridor. His voice followed her, like wind before the storm. She reached the kitchen, banged through the back door and grabbed the axe off the back step. The patio was covered in splinters from a morning spent prepping wood for the fire. She hefted the axe, feeling the smooth wood against the old callouses and smiling. That fucker was looking for brains in the wrong damn house.

She stepped back into the kitchen and blinked. She took one step and then another into the hallway. She held her breath, heart thumping harder. Had he gone? She let out her breath as quietly as she could and sucked in another, holding it as she stalked down the hall. As she reached the front door, she heard it. It sounded like a geriatric eating a peach, like Mr Horowitz down at the oldies home where she helped out. A slurping that implied not all the teeth were either present or working properly. Her stomach turned and she stepped into the lounge.

He had Jinx. The bastard had Jinx and her cat no longer had the top of his head. The axe flew and struck the zombie right in the centre of the head with a crunch that bounced off the walls and drowned out her solitary sob. Jinx dropped to the floor a lifeless ball of fluff, and she scooped him up.

Now he was lurching this way and that, mouth open and spilling half-masticated cat brain onto her lounge carpet. She should have kept the axe. She backed away to the door and the zombie spotted her. He staggered toward her, hands outstretched and mouth making empty chomping movements. She reversed further, eyes never leaving the axe as it bobbed up and down in time with his steps. He reached the door to the lounge before he collapsed to his knees and she finally let out her breath.

Spots flashed before her eyes and she put out a hand to catch the wall. The zombie dug its nails into the hardwood floor and she expected it to crawl toward her. She screamed, thrashing her head from side to side and wailing. She gritted her teeth and grabbed the axe handle for leverage, then yanked her arm away. The sound of her own flesh tearing brought bile to her throat and she gasped, tears once again stinging her eyes. But she was free. She shoved herself away down the hallway, scooting on her butt, gaze fixed on the zombie.

She resolutely refused to look at the hole in her arm. In fact, her craving is feeling altogether different. She thinks about Geoff next door. About as sexual as a Town Planning meeting, but she no longer cares. Sarah gets to her feet and notices that her arm has stopped bleeding. The craving for alcohol is still strong. Or maybe she just wants to get drunk before her life is over. Then even that craving is gone and Sarah fades like book spines left in the sun. Chocoholic Michael Cairns is a writer and author of the superhero fantasy series, The Planets and science fiction adventure series, A Game of War.

A musician, father and school teacher, when not writing he can be found behind his drum kit, tucking into his chocolate stash or trying, and usually failing, to outwit his young daughter. Maybe personalised helicopters would be a better name for them? An EU research project is currently looking at designing and implementing personalised flying vehicles for everyday public use. That would certainly make the daily commute to work a little more interesting! In other news there are currently seven yes 7!

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Click here for a taste. A fascinating study has recently been published in Nature which demonstrates the ability of researchers to both inactivate and reactivate memories in rats. These rats were trained to respond to a certain stimulus. They were then exposed to a depotentiation protocol. After treatment the rats did not respond to the stimulus anymore. Subsequently the rats were exposed to a potentiation protocol. After treatment the rats once more responded to the original stimulus. Without getting bogged down in the details this basically means that the scientists were able to make the rats forget a specific memory.

They were then able to re-install the memory on command. This research has fascinating implications and is especially interesting when examined through the filter of science fiction. Without any exaggeration this is brainwashing. Imagine extending the method to humans, you could make them selectively forget something and then at the right moment, remember it again.

Of course there are medical benefits to this research as well. There could also be benefits to PTSD sufferers as well. There is so much going on in the field of space-travel that it can be hard to keep up. One topic which has come under the spotlight is the upcoming plan to send the Torah to the moon in a kind of time-capsule. The plan being to keep it safe if the apocalypse should claim Earth. These will join the Bible which is already sitting on top of an abandoned moon-buggy. There is a lot of controversy over these planned missions. The major being, should the focus be on religious texts when there are so many other items which humanity has to offer.

What about the works of Beathoven? Or the art and inventions of Da Vinci? The other concern is that these missions will pave the way for cultural and religious disputes over the moon and other space territory.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

After-all religion has been the base cause of so many wars; could this attempt at saving the religious texts be opening old wounds best left forgotten? Or is it simply a beautiful way to preserve an integral part of humanity? These are all difficult questions to answer. It is also an interesting debate as once more science and religion are thrown together. What do you think? Is there anything wrong with these projects?

What would you send to the moon as a memoriam of humanity? There are so many dragon legends across so many cultures that people have always said that they MUST have existed. My response to this is of course they have. Flying reptiles… a. As well as dinosaurs real life dragons are pretty evident in every day life. Just look at lizards. If you could have a pet dragon what sort would it be? What an epic end to a fantastic series. Dust is the perfect finish to the story started in Wool and continued in Shift. Hugh Howey has really outdone himself in this final installment.

A bunch of questions were answered, loose ends tied and mysteries solved. I do hope that Hugh Howey decides to write more of this story, if only because I enjoyed it so much. Just like the first book Shift is a fantastic read. There is so much drama, intrigue, thrill and teetering on the edge of collapse that I was on the edge of my seat. Shift is interesting in that the events occur before the events of Wool and kind of during. Everything I thought I knew from reading Wool was completely ripped up. I must admit that at first I was a little skeptical… Wool … What does Wool mean?

What is it about? Wool is the story of a group of people who are living underground in a silo. I loved this one. Not only does it have a sci-fi post-apocalyptic feel, there was also a huge sense of mystery and thrill which left me begging to find out what had happened to lead to the silos in the first place. There was a lot of tension which had me flipping through pages and I was honestly torn up when I got to the end.

Luckily book 2 was right there… you can find a review of it HERE. Wool was a perfect mix of human competition and society flaws. While initially the whole concept is completely outlandish you are immediately transported into the book and you suddenly realise how possible such a scenario is. Not only great entertainment but also an interesting bit of social commentary.

The hidden rules and unmentionables reminded me straight away of by George Orwell. You will be entertained and left begging for more. An easy 5 stars for this one. Do you like science fiction? You might enjoy Steel Gods of the Arena , a free short story. A few weeks ago I reviewed an absolutely awesome book; Lady of Devices.

Magnificent Devices continued the fantastic series and I zoomed through it. The premise is that the main character is thrust from her corset-wearing, ball-going, prospect-presenting life and onto the streets where she must rely on her intellect to survive. The books follow her adventures as she puts her brain to use and destroys the gender stereotypes of her environment.

I love the steampunk aspect of this book as well as the strong female character. Instead the book is focused on her adventures and her initiative — a nice change from the usual. A little while ago I introduced my new character Nova. Please enjoy the following short story and let me know what you think. Nova licked the sweat from her top lip and flicked a wayward strand of blonde hair from her eyes.

She stared across the dusty arena at the metal monstrosity waiting to crush her. It was just her and her opponent.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Wikipedia

The cheering crowd, stomping feet and flashing neon signs faded into oblivion as she and her metal casing became one. Nova stepped forward and the metallic leg of her mech suit moved forward with her. The other foot followed and so on until she was running full-tilt across the ring. Her footsteps lifted more dust from the dirt-packed arena. The man in the mech suit opposite her grinned; his entire arm was encased in steel, complete with a clenched fist.

He crouched as Nova ran forward and when she was within reach, he punched upwards. His suit was painted with red designs. The triangles and lines blurred with the motion of his swinging arm. The merciless blow connected with the side of her helmet and the clashing metal sent her flying to one side. She curled into a ball to protect her body from the landing. The metal suit took the impact and she leapt back to her feet as fast as the animatronic system would allow.

Nova sidestepped and whirled. The force made him stumble and he lost momentum. Nova stepped forward, victory assured. She would end this thing with a satisfying spray of blood. The bell sounded. The man on the ground struggled to his armoured feet and glared at her before moving to his own corner.

Part II. Serving New Gods

He had been with Nova for a long time, a Class 4 Labourbot. He was outdated but Nova refused to upgrade. Cal was sturdy and dependent, unlike the new models which were sure to break after one year and needed a hundred different special attachments, each sold separately. Cal opened another panel and a thin arm extended holding a white towel, or at least it had probably been white at some point, now it was a stained brown colour. She used one of her large mechanical fingers to press the green button next to her neck and the helmet of her mech suit retracted.

She dabbed at her face and neck with the towel. Her sweat evaporated leaving cool traces on her cheeks. It was hot in the battledrome. They were fifty meters underground. Fighting underground was the only way to make a living in mech fighting—unless you wanted to hand over all of your winnings in taxes. There was always a crowd in the battledrome. It attracted gamblers, drinkers and others who just needed to burn some frustration. The pits were a place for spilling blood. The mech fights resembled the old dog-fights but were far more brutal.

A fight without a broken bone was considered poor form. They were set low into the ground with the stadium rising up on all sides. The fighters were locked inside for round after round until a winner emerged. There were no rules and no mercy. If someone wanted something—or more often, someone—Nova would get it for them, but business had been slow and so here she was back in the pits. Bob stood and held his hands up to the crowd. Rule one of fighting in the mech pits, never use your real name. The crowd erupted into boos and hisses. Nova casually saluted them with one finger.

Nova lifted herself and her mech suit off the bench and stepped several paces into the ring. She slammed her fist into the button at her neck and her helmet slid back into position. Bob stepped forward to meet her. Nova ignored him. A scantily clad woman was let into the cage through one of the gates and began to strut around the edge holding a large card with the number two written on it. Nova kept one eye on the girl and another on Bob.

The rule was simple, as soon as the wire gate closed behind the girl, the round began. The woman had made it half-way around the cage. Her veins pulsed with adrenalin. She enjoyed the fight, almost as much as she enjoyed the money which came with it. The girl had a third of the cage left. She took time to wink up into the stadium.

Obviously, the girl had chosen the other way to make a living. Just like Bob suggested. There are only two ways for a girl like you to make money in this world. You either learn to spread your legs or you learn to fight. Bob fell to the ground like a heap of trash cans. Wow… what a fantastic book! The basic premise of Lady of Devices is that the main character, Claire, is stuck in the classic female role of her time- throw nice parties and be seen but not heard.

Which of course she hates because she wants to go to uni and become a scientist. Anyway, her well-groomed lifestyle falls apart and she is forced to rely on her own ingenuity and intelligence. Story is excellent, characters are excellent, setting is excellent. I was sucked into this book from the very start. It was classic King style, tension, psychological thriller and supernatural aspects. Some time ago I gave you a sneak peak into my upcoming sci-fi series The Nova Chronicles.

Here is the tentative cover and title for book 2 of the Chronicles Hunter. Let me know what you think! To cook up the perfect fantasy movie you just need a few simple ingredients Note; this recipe also applies to books :. A reluctant hero:. There you have it, a perfect fantasy movie. Who would have thought becoming a cyborg was so close to reality? Imagine if you lost your ear while fighting an alien horde? So this weekend I sat down and did a complete redesign, here is the result:.

If you like dragons, adventure, quests, magic and fantasy then I suggest you head over and check out book one of the series: The Fallen Star. Forbidden Future is a time-travel anthology published by Masquerade Publishing. You can check out quick blurbs of the different stories below. The anthology is beautifully edited and formatted- read like a dream so no problems there. The stories stuck to the theme so it did what it said on the box - also fantastic. So, if you are looking for a few short reads in the time-travel genre I do recommend you pick up this anthology. I think time-travel stories are hard to pull off but these guys did a pretty good job: thumbs up all round.

His only lead is a deserted warehouse downtown. In that warehouse he will find so much more than he bargained for. A time machine technician has given his whole life to the pure scientific pursuit of the study of time travel. When his personal life falls apart, he decides to risk it all and take a trip into the future.

First, he must remove a failsafe blocking the machine from traveling to the future. What could be so bad that they tried to stop anybody from seeing it? The people of the town of Dignity go about their daily lives, trying to scrape out a meager existence from the dirt and the dust of their land, never taking notice of the mountains that loom in the distance.

To the others, the mountains are benign, as harmless as the grass their cows graze upon.

  • Saffron's Space.
  • The Bodies That Were Not Ours: And Other Writings!
  • Spontaneous models of human disease (Euroscicon Meeting Reports);
  • Cameron's Law (Adelheid, #1) by Mia Darien.
  • Angkor Quest: 24 Hours in Cambodia!

Microchip — The microchip. In my mind the microchip should be inserted under the skin and from there allow:. I would love to have an apartment lit my the soothing glow of plants or colonies of bacteria. And talk about efficiency! Goodby power bill- the lights are now powered by a self-restoring ecosystem. Hover Transport — This one is a classic, its been around for so long. Not to mention hover-cars.

I cant wait until an entire meal can be packed into a single pill. Think of the time it would save! Not only that but it would make disaster relief so much easier- instead of carting huge lots of food you just take in a carton of these pills. Teleportation — Another one that has been around for ever.

Think how much time you spend traveling every day, to your work, back home. Taking the kids to soccer practice etc. It would be so much easier if you could just jump onto the telepad and appear right at the front door. My new character Nova has a couple of the items mentioned above; my way of living vicariously through her! The editing and formatting were professional and the book was easy to read.

The main male character was great, the chapters from his POV were humorous but I also got a real sense for his character. The female lead on the other hand was not so loveable. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for some vampire fun, with the warning that it does contain erotic material. My main criticism for the book is its ending. I think the author went a little over the top and was perhaps looking for some shock value.

I want to introduce you all to some bacteria. According to scientists these bacteria have been around for thousands, even millions of years.

Brownshirt Princess

They live deep down in the ocean in rocks that are millions of years old. The incredible thing is that these bacteria only divide about once every thousand years. This is a question which has stumped many. For more information on these bacteria please read the BBC article. As always I want to focus on future implications of these creatures. These bacteria go against everything we thought we knew about life. From their environment, to their slow reproduction, to their sparse distribution. If we can find such incredible and surprising species right here on Earth, imagine what we could find on other planets?

So, your homework this week is to design an alien species. Almost all aliens in science fiction, from Dr. Who to Babylon 5, are humanoid. I want to challenge you to do better. A real alien, evolved on a planet separate to our own, has no reason to have eyes at least not as we know them , or legs, or hair. These are all Earth concepts of life. Mostly because it demonstrates shallow character development.

These errors will cause a book to fall from a 4 star to a 2 star in the blink of an eye…. What pet peeves do you have when you read a book? Do you agree with my list? Tell me about it in the comments section below. The Ninja Sphere. The Ninja Sphere is basically a device which connects all your other devices whilst also providing an interface to interact with other objects; like lights, fans and pets.

Pretty cool if you ask me, and not too far from the wildest sci-fi dreams. Just think, your character is sitting in their futuristic sitting room, being waited on by the robot we met last week. They feel that the air-conditioner is too strong, the lights too dim and their phone is ringing in the other room. The main character of my new sci-fi series is bound to have this kind of technology. She deserves it for spending her time kicking alien butt!

You can learn more about her here. What features would you want to see in this kind of technology? How would you use it? What implications does it have for your upcoming fiction work? Last week I reviewed another of C. Anderson is kindly giving away three of his books at the moment, and I took full advantage of the offer.

The drug also increases the intelligence of the person taking it. There are some very obvious overtones so if you are sensitive about your religion I would suggest you not pick this one up. This book has an obvious agenda but the story itself is also entertaining. Despite it being short I felt that I got to know the characters and their motives and I was involved with the story. Three stars from me; mostly because I feel that the bigger implications of such a drug could have been explored, taking it out to a full length novel.

Also with some re-writing I think the agenda could have been achieved with a bit more finesse. Read more book reviews here. Read an excerpt from my own up-coming science fiction novel. The robot is capable of adjusting its height and has a single arm which is capable of a huge range of movement.

The hand ends with a grasper which can take hold of any number of objects. What I want to talk about is the future implications. I mean aside from the obvious; that supermarket shelf stackers will be ousted from their jobs to be replaced by a cheaper robot alternative. There are lots of other uses for such a robot. The designers already talk about its capabilities to help disable or aged care people with every day tasks which people often take for granted, like bending down and picking up the TV remote.

But I want to take it even further. Even in its current form the robot is capable, with some programming of pretty much everything a robot has ever been imagined doing. It could make automated deliveries. So yes, as always with technology there will be some loss of jobs, on the other hand the robot repair industry is about to see a boom. If this robot had the ability to hover it could almost be as cool as CAL, the robot from my up and coming sci-fi series which you can get a sneak-peak of here. Dawn of Djesus Undead is the story of God gone mad. A rabid killer Jesus is on the lose sending natural disasters and plagues to Earth.

Overall the concept of this book is fantastic; a God with human imperfections is unleashed on the world. However, I feel that the novel could do with some more polishing. For a fairly short book there were quite a few errors which jarred my reading a little. Anderson is kindly giving this book away for free so I can easily forgive a few typos. But the rest of it is told from the perspective of one man who used to be in special ops. On the face of it, an ex-special ops is a great character to choose. There were several other character inconsistencies throughout the book which I found really detracted from my reading experience.

So, having said all that at this stage Dawn of Djesus Undead gets 2. Check out C. It works in much the same way as a 3D printer except that you use it like you would any other pen. It uses melted plastic which cools to a solid almost as soon as it comes out of the pen. I highly recommend you watch the videos of it in action, it really is almost like drawing in thin air.

Even now you could build some useful things with such a pen. Need a paper clip? BAM draw your own! Need a cup? No problem, just draw one! Need a box to hold something valuable? What could be achieved with further adaptations? What if the pen was modified so it could use items other than plastic? Or what about when we eventually get printing food worked out? How would you use this technology in your writing? So you love Doctor Who. But what do you do in the meantime? So then of course came the dilemma, which one to read? Now, I was nervous about reading a Doctor Who episode, what if it was nothing compared to the TV series, or what if it changed all the basic rules of the Whovian universe?

Well rest-assured, it did no such thing and I did thoroughly enjoy the book. Firstly, it was well written and perfectly edited, so full points on that front. The story was entertaining and fast-paced with the obligatory twist at the end. Overall it was a good read. As with the TV series it has some humour which had me giggling out-loud in places. So please go ahead and have a read and be sure to let me know what you thought.

To read a snippet of my work-in-progress science fiction novel go here. This week in When Science Fiction Becomes Reality I want to show you something very cool: light-bulbs made of bio-luminescent bacteria. This system would provide light without using any electricity. The science behind this concept is relatively simple. The gene for a glowing protein is inserted into a bacteria e. This is a self-contained system which recycles its own waste while emitting the glow. The Future:. With this kind of technology it would be possible to completely replace electrical lights with bacterial ones.

Imagine if streets and parks, and even your home, was lit by the glow of fluorescent plants? While your glow-in-the-dark cat walks down your driveway. In my head I can see a spaceship lit by the glow of bacterial swarms… [Goes back to writing science fiction novel ]. If you could pick one thing to glow in the dark what would it be living or inanimate? You can read more about this project and see some great pictures here. Are you an aspiring science fiction author?

Are you fan of Dr Who and science fiction? Do you enjoy a little bit of romance thrown into your novels? Then Pippa Jay is just the author for you. Pippa, tell us a little bit about yourself :. My name is Pippa Jay, author of science fiction with a romantic soul. My household includes my husband of twenty years, three red-haired little monsters, a leopard gecko by the name of Yoshi, and six bantam hens — Eowyn, Rush, Kyru, Chiana, Scoop and Tails.

I have two novels — Keir science fiction romance and Gethyon YA scifi , plus three short stories, one of which is part of a free science fiction romance anthology — Tales from the SFR Brigade. Most of my readers fall into the sfr category. Briefly describe your books:. Most of my books are a reflection of the scifi series and films that I love best. If you like Doctor Who , then Keir might be the book for you. Some are quite light on the tech side, but Gethyon is my favourite in terms of technology, mostly because it has spaceships!

My TBR pile is scarily huge though. How do you write? I do a lot on my smartphone now — while away on holiday in the summer, I did 17K of a novella just on my phone! Nothing is planned. What advice do you have for other authors regarding writing? Also research. Go for a walk or a drive, play some music, watch a film, read. I found one of the best cures is housework. Muse hates it! Or join one of the many weekly blogging rings.

It helps, but a good and at least partially human editor is far better! Get your science right and keep it consistent. Names often come with that or soon after. Her super strength, speed and invulnerability come from a black second skin that she grows every night, transforming her. How do you market your books? Blogging, social networking, and the odd giveaway mostly. Could always be better! Overall the feedback has been positive, and generally the negative ones have been down to a reader not connecting to a character rather than down to flaws in my writing. Not much I can do about that, except write a wider range of characters.

Also constant tweets to buy the book, with little or no interaction between. Same on Goodreads and Facebook. The whole point of social media for me is the social part. Just using it as free advertising space is not going to work. I would say the best thing is to and I quote my friend Liana Brooks here a. Write excellent books, b. Write lots of them, and c. Be visible. That last bit is my own thought. Was it difficult to get the covers to match what you had in mind? Thank you! With my debut novel Keir , I had minimal say on the cover, and it was nothing like I expected.

But it was a hard one to do when my male MC is a blue-skinned, tattooed guy, and the cover has had plenty of compliments. For Terms , again I did my own rough draft first, and Dani did the final polished design. I think an author should follow whatever path makes them happy and ignore the nay sayers. Writing, researching, editing and promoting are all massive time sucks. Tricky when you also have a family, and they have to come first.

Right now I consider myself very fortunate to be able to spend the days my kids are at school almost fully devoted to writing. I would love to make a paying career out of this. That gives me five years. I also want to explore different subgenres of scifi. If you could say anything to your readers, what would it be? Pippa, thank you very much for joining me. Loves The Rasmus. Published by Lyrical Press Inc. This one is pretty cool and has tremendous implications for medicine and health.

The basis is that a tiny device is implanted into a person. The device is composed of cells which are programmed to respond to certain conditions. So far two types have been presented:. What does it mean? In this regard the possibilities are endless, such devices could remove the need for long term injection therapy e. They could also be used as a broad spectrum warning system, imagine if they were programmed to detect chemicals related to tumours, or kidney failure, or if they could detect blood deficiencies.

The device could be programmed to respond differently depending on the problem, thus giving an early warning and potentially saving millions of lives. Read the study here. The science fiction of today must push the boundaries of reality and what we know to be true. Implanted health monitors with the ability to administer the required medicine could be just the futuristic technology your sci-fi story needs. If you enjoy science fiction check out this sneak peak of Volume 1 of the Nova series. I literally had goosebumps the entire way through this book.

I read the first one in the series a few months ago and absolutely loved it see a review of Murder Takes Time here , but I have to say, this was even better. Giammatteo has an incredible talent for weaving in mystery and suspense along with deeply thought out and believable characters. Murder Has Consequences is a phenomenal read, with spine-tingling scenes that had me burning through pages.

You get to know the victims, the investigators and even the perpetrators. So, 5 stars for this one and trust me, that almost never happens , the formatting was spot on, I think I noticed 1 typo in the entire book and the storyline was just brilliant. What mystery books have you read recently? So far the idea of mind-reading has been mostly confined to the realms of sorcery, but what if someone could actually look at the activity of your brain and determine your thoughts?

Researchers have recently shown by accident , that a very specific area of the brain lights up when a person thinks in terms of quantity, e. At the time the researchers were analyzing which areas of the brain are involved in certain activities and noticed that this particular area activated when solving mathematical equations etc. The work in this study could lead to more advancements, like the association of other areas of the brain with other thought patterns.

Medically this kind of technology could help people who have been rendered mute or unable to speak e. Imagine if you have been unable to communicate, and then suddenly people know exactly what you want? The people in this particular study had parts of their skulls removed to allow attachment of the electrodes. However, as we all know, technology is becoming more advanced everyday. Moving even further into the realm of science fiction, this technology could certainly be used for evil as well as good.

And of course a step on from that is the possible follow on to mind-control. Ok, so now we can read brain activity but what if you could influence it? What if you could insert electrodes to stimulate certain regions and cause a person to think about something specific or to think or feel a certain way fear, anger, aggression, love? Further down the rabbit hole we go…. You can read the original article here. What do you think of this method of mind-reading? What was the coolest piece of science trivia you heard about this week?

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  8. There are memes flooding social media; e. The world has definitely fallen into another zombie craze, with Walking Dead and World War Z being just two examples. But I want to get serious people. This should be a secure location preferably away from population centers.

    You should know exactly how you plan on getting there, remembering that roads may be blocked. Where will you get the necessary supplies for the coming apocalypse? Food, fuel, weapons. Is there an army-store near your secure location? A shopping center? A fuel station? Who wanted to kill Carl Walking Dead when he wondered off into the forest on his own?

    So, zombies come from people. Therefore there are going to be more zombies where there are more people. So, logic would suggest the best survival method is to go into the middle of the wilderness or desert and wait for all the zombies to starve. Who knows how long that will take??? So, you have to be able to live without provisions in the middle of no-where. Zombies will not grow feelings and want to protect you- they want to eat you. I hope you find these tips useful in the zombie apocalypse! Did I miss anything? What would you do in a zombie apocalypse?

    Today in When Science Fiction Becomes Reality I have a fun list to share; major science fiction technologies which have since been created. Jules Verne predicted the moon landing in incredible detail including the weightlessness of the astronauts years before the Apollo mission. Again Jules Verne conceived the submarine. Wells predicted the Atomic Bomb in