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Carson Donald A. Learn Articles "Faith" and "Faithfulness". Parents quickly come to realize the importance of setting a good example, of being worthy of imitation.

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When Paul wrote instructions to young pastor Timothy, he told him to serve as an example to his church. Timothy was to model godly thinking and living, and to know that his church would inevitably imitate him.

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For good or for ill, they would begin to resemble their pastor. For the past few weeks I have been challenging young Christians—those in their teens and twenties—to heed this same call, to set the believers an example.

The Fruit of the Spirit - Faith and Faithfulness: Fundamental to Relationships and Responsibilities

Though you are young, though people may look down on you for your youth, still you are responsible before God and your Christian brothers and sisters to serve as an example. Today I want to consider what it means to have an exemplary faith, the kind of faith that, if imitated by others, will lead them to become more like Christ. Do you have that kind of faith?

If people imitate you, will they in fact be imitating Jesus? This is no small challenge! He does this twice in Thessalonians, three times in his letters to Timothy, and once in his letter to Philemon.

Faith And Faithfulness

A Christian must have faith and display faith. A Christian must have love and display love. A Christian without faith and love is no Christian at all. When we see Paul tell Timothy to set the believers an example in love, it comes as no surprise that he immediately mentions faith as well. When we consider what Paul means by faith , we are faced with two options. It could be that Paul is telling Timothy he needs to set an example in his faith: his confidence in God, his trust in God, his reliance on God for salvation and all that follows it.

Our faith & the faithfulness of Christ by Andre Rabe

On the other hand, it could be that Paul is telling Timothy he needs to set an example in his faithfulness: in his living out of that saving faith, his commitment to the Christian life, his fidelity to all the Bible commands of him as a Christian and as a minister. Although all people sometimes fail at faithfulness, we can always count on God.

That is what enables us to have complete faith and trust in Him. To reach the level of faith to truly become faithful like God we must wholeheartedly seek His help!

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Pray for faith and faithfulness. The apostle Paul listed some of the main ones. This is consistent with the way the Greek word pistis in this passage is usually translated elsewhere in the New Testament—including numerous occurrences in the book of Galatians. Revelation Revelation Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus. How do we reconcile this? The answer involves different degrees of faith.

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Our initial faith toward God does come prior to receiving His Holy Spirit, though even this is in response to what God shows us in life and the help He gives us to believe. With this much deeper faith, a person will be led to totally trust God with regard to the blessings for obeying His law and the consequences for disobeying. This will lead to obedience from the heart and always returning in repentance to God upon falling short. This is living faith— saving faith. It comes through the Holy Spirit. God never overlooks or excuses any irresponsibility. God judges our character by how we manage everything!

We should be just as careful—or even more careful—with the property of others as with our own.