Manual Gli artisti dei numeri (Italian Edition)

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Thomas Edison started it all, of course. Not content with inventing the light bulb, he strung dozens of coloured lamps around his laboratory for the holiday season.


In , his business partner, Edward H. Johnson, hand-wired 80 blue, red, and white bulbs together to decorate his Christmas tree. And when General Electric introduced pre-wired strands of decorative lights in , the genie was out of the lamp for good.

Last year I passed the winter in two Italian cities, Rome and Turin. In Rome, I particularly enjoyed the displays around Piazza di Spagna. But above the frosty streets of Turin I found, like Monty Python, something completely different.

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Artistic installations Most civic holiday lights and decorations seem calculated merely to dazzle the eye and celebrate the season, with little intellectual pretence. I decided to visit only those in the central area of the city, most of them between Piazza Castello and the Porta Nuova railway station, though first I made a small detour from the castle area to Via Po, where hundreds of white neon planets, satellites, stars, globes, circles and crescent moons jostled for space above my head.

At the end of the street, high above, a neon tightrope walker balanced on the edge of something vaguely like a glowing planetary map.

Il genio della matematica napoletano si esibisce a via Tribunali

I was still precariously balanced between knowledge and the unknown, so I only recognised Ursa Major. At a table in the beautiful arcades of Piazza San Carlo, I held my steaming cup in a quaking grip, trying to properly admire the street lamps imaginatively reworked by an artist named Nicola di Maria. The lamps, re-coloured and fitted with globe-shaped cages of blue and green light, edged the whole square. It seemed like a good story, but winter nights in Turin are bitterly cold, and to finish the book I would have had to walk the whole street.

Luci d’Artista in Turin

It was time to go home. Still, I braved the cold again on subsequent nights. The different backgrounds and experiences gained over the years by the trio let the newborn SOA quickly enter the marketplace with the production of high quality images. The large number of requests from Clients that SOA Studio received created the pressing need to expand the team.

In the meantime, while participating to several national events, they also started receiving requests from the Italian community to organize professional courses.

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Thus, soon they realized that if they really wanted someone who could help them in their work and also satisfy the requests they got, they would have had to train someone according to their Arch-Viz vision and also pass their personal knowledge to future architectural Artists. The first Masterclass involved only five Italian guys but they had started the ball rolling.

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The rest is history: after that first Masterclass, the requests for courses flooded in and surprisingly also from abroad. Alcuni hanno deciso di lavorare in importanti Studi di visualizzazione nel mondo, mentre altri hanno semplicemente continuato nella loro carriera professionale di successo.

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Puoi leggere alcune delle loro storie nella pagina dedicata. Here at SOA Academy, we train Artists who, in the near future, will take the lead of this industry and we must be at the forefront to always give them the best in terms of knowledge. To do this, we strongly believe that Studio is important because it let us face new challenges, discover and test new technologies so that we can transfer the new experiences to our courses.

This is why the contents of all courses are always up-to-date with the requests of the market.