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As rightly said by B. Therefore, we need to promote and protect this comprehensive practice by making it a part of the school educational plan as it guarantees physical wellness and mental balance as well as teaches discipline. One step with India Vision Foundation, towards yoga will create a healthy India. Let's strive for a change in our-self on this Yoga Day by taking one step closer to yoga! World yoga day Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.

Yoga Karne Se Hoga!! Yoga isn't a one day job to be done for some social media post. If you want to live like a king, your body must be super active. Yoga lets people discover the sense of oneness with yourself, the world and the nature Happy International Yoga Day!! International yoga day India Vision Foundation encourage you all to practice Yoga. Sharing glimpses of our previous years. Yoga camp held inside different prisons. On this Yog Diwas let us unite and commit ourself to stay fit and healthy and also most important today's topic is to save water for our future generation.

It's a high time NOW. If we will not save NOW then we might have to buy water in pakages in near future. Let's do it guys.. Let's promise ourselves.. If not for ourself then atleast for our babies. Please help me to spread this to all over India. Inspired by mother. Follow gunmayimpressions. If we will not save NOW then we might have to buy water in packages in near future.

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The spread of yoga is the symbol of a changing world. It represents a world where knowledge flows, without restriction of country, creed or class.

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It represents a world where people come together across boundaries, for causes and concerns that unite the planet. Yoga is the gift of India to each and every country. Yoga is beyond anything, it purifies your body inside out.

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Yoga is a lifestyle for healthy living. Yoga also known as Yog which means addition or "JOD". People believe Yog helps our soul to connect with god Aatma ka parmaatma se milan That's why its called Yog or Yoga. Though only a day has been officially declared as YOGA DAY but it should be followed daily because a healthy person leads to a healthy nation,a healthy world.

Happy International Yoga Day.. And u thought graphs has no use. Yoga is not a one time thing to do, it should be in your daily routine. Celebrate Yoga, everyday! Happy international Yoga Day. Master your breath, let thy self be in bliss, contemplate on the sublime within you. International Yoga Day is a reminder that we must keep our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health before anything else and take some time out to nourish and nurture it with yoga.

With the cool breeze coming through gateway, and calm sound of the ocean, Mumbai finds its own way to celebrate the International Yoga Day. Heartiest greetings of yog diwas to everyone. We hope you are fit and fine. It does not matter what goes outside of mind, all that matter is what goes inside the mind. We hope you remain positive and let all the good things channel though your mind for a better life. And along with this we bring a phrase from the Shrimad Bhagvat Gita about yoga.

Yoga helps me burn the Tunas I keep gulping all day. Fellow creatures, this is how you do "Meowaasan". Stay fit! Yog Diwas New Delhi. I feel blessed to have this connection in my life. I wanted everyone to know that life matters and to find the happiness and joy that we all deserve. The natural progression was becoming a coach and facilitator. Clients and delegates started to repeat back my messages and what I heard most regularly was that I helped people to live an inspired life.

I never try to inspire people. In fact, I think that inspiration is a state of being generated within so no one can create it in others — we can only offer a context for people to inspire themselves. When we hear a story that inspires us, we are really feeling the connection with our own soul. In the moment, we are returned to our true nature that we have been denying or disconnected from. I enjoy and am extremely comfortable creating situations and holding the space for people to inspire themselves and to discover their soul essence through my coaching and writing. My main message is that we all deserve to live an inspired life.

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Originally I focused on the outer world — that we could have the dream job, relationship or whatever our heart desired. I came to realise through my own experiences and working with clients that those external conditions do not bring sustainable joy or personal fulfilment. When we understand that we already have everything we ever need, we reach a higher level of consciousness — one that is already deeply satisfied and content with everything as it is.

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We no longer resist life but align ourselves with the true nature of our soul. This journey from pursuit to presence is the foundation for living an inspired in-spirit life. I loved to write at school. Like many, writing became a forgotten skill when I left full-time education. After working with a marketing consultant in , I began my first blog, Living an Inspired Life. I remember that those first few blog posts took many hours of sweat and tears and most never made it to the public world. But gradually my passion for writing returned.

Committing to writing the daily JoyScope was powerfully transformative and now I love to write as much as I love coaching. I hope that shows! The original blog posts were written over two years. These were then collated and reorganised to create the book. This process took about 6 months in total mainly because I found myself re-writing many of the posts as the book evolved!

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For any would-be author, I highly recommend making writing a part of your daily life. It has helped condition a constant stream of creative ideas for my writing. The daily JoyScope contains life themes that may not always be new but serve as gentle reminder to keep us on track. I now use these ideas to support the development of my longer articles, workshop content and my next book. I enjoy writing in many places — I seem to have a natural ability to tune out noise it must come from having four children at home!

I now find I can sit with fingers poised above the keyboard and the words will naturally flow. I am also very grateful that I took a typing course when I was a student. Being able to touch type allows me to capture my thoughts as quickly as they come! This was probably the most time-consuming part of the process for me. As the original posts had been written over two years, my own thinking had shifted significantly from the start to the end.

I rewrote many of the posts from scratch. Every time I read the manuscript I found more that I wanted to change. Eventually I realised that with a perfectionist streak, re-writing could be a continual and never-ending process. After about five run throughs, I called a halt to the re-writes and my husband became the proof-reader. Sometimes delegation is essential to stay sane! I am fortunate that my mother is an English Masters Graduate and writer so she was the copy editor for my book. I am in the process of writing my second book and will definitely use both a content and copy editor for that one.

I was impressed by the way in which she brought esoterical concepts and made them understandable and relatable. Ebooks and Manuals

He has been with me for every step of my journey over the last eight years and has helped me to live with more joy and inspiration and to bring that into my work as a coach and author. What are your plans for the future? Are you writing a new book or will you be holding seminars?