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She is exhausted, hungry, and down to her last few hundred dollars after meandering for nearly six months from Miami to Slick Rock, Colorado Shelby Richmond has recently witnessed the murder of her family and, due to suffering PTSD, is on the run from herself Leah Harmer meets the men of her dreams when they walk through the door of the diner in Slick Rock, Colorado.

Leah's Irish Heroes

Now, all they have to do is convince her to accept them both Becca Van Narrated by: Add to Cart failed. Please try again later. Add to Wish List failed.

Slick Rock 5 - Her Shadow Men - A Becca Van Menage Story

Remove from wishlist failed. Adding to library failed. And will they be able to save her in return? A Siren Erotic Romance To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Please Save Me , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Nov 21, Jessica Gomez rated it liked it. Three and a half stars not a bad menage a trois story. Jun 26, Obsessed rated it liked it.

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The timeline is too contracted, and all was resolved far too easy. He shoved his thumbs further down the side of her boy short panties, gave a hard tug and sighed with relief when the seams tore. He pulled the material out from under her ass and lowered his gaze to her pussy. His heart rate escalated even more when he saw bare pink folds with drops of creamy dew glistening on her skin, and her clit was already so engorged the hood had already slid back. When he reached the junction of her thighs, he lightly caressed over her labia majora and groaned when the tips of his fingers slid through her honey.

He glanced up to see that she was still kissing Ace passionately, and Rocco was pinching and plucking her nipples between his fingers and thumbs. Major shifted on his knees and lowered down to his haunches until his mouth was hovering over her dripping cunt.

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He drew in another deep breath, taking the aroma of her cream deep into his lungs, and then lowered his head as he wrapped his arms around her upper thighs. Major wanted to hear her screaming in ecstasy. This time instead of caressing over her clit with the flat of his tongue, he used the very tip to flick over her distended pearl rapidly.

She groaned and whimpered and shoved her hips toward his face. He tightened his hold around her legs, and then rimmed her creamy well with the tip of his finger as he swirled his tongue around her sensitive bud.

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Her legs shook in his hold, but he was holding her too tightly for her to escape him. Not that she was trying to pull away from him. In fact, the opposite was true. She was rocking her hips to and fro, and from the way Rocco was hissing and groaning, he was having a hell of a time staying in control. Major closed his eyes and savored each tremor of her body as he ate at her pussy.

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He licked down and lapped up her sweet honey before moving back to her clit to nibble on the small bud with his lips. When he felt her entrance pulse open, he slipped his finger into her hole. He was the one groaning when her wet cunt clamped down around his digit. She was so fucking wet she was dripping, but she was also hot, and very, very tight. Almost too tight. However, he also wanted to stretch her out and make her come before taking her virginity. Major and his brothers were bigger than average and their cocks were no exception.

Pushing his thoughts aside, he began to pump his finger in and out of her cunt as he suckled and lapped at her clit. Delta was on sensation overload. Major was licking her pussy and finger fucking her at the same time. Ace kept alternating between kissing her voraciously and nibbling and licking along her neck and nipping at her ear.

Rocco was playing with her breasts, and each time he squeezed her nipples between his fingers and thumbs, her pussy clenched and her clit throbbed.

She groaned and gasped when Major added another finger to her pussy and began to pump them in and out. Sign In 0. Erotic Romance. Mainstream Romance. See More. General Fiction. Heat Rating: Sextreme. No one has ever looked at her twice or treated her like a normal human being, and she keeps waiting for the other shoe to drop. When Delta ends up in danger, the men rally around her to protect her and she finally concedes to try a relationship with them.

Just when they think the danger has passed, Delta is snatched right out from under their noses. Wish List In Wish List. Gift Book. Very good storyline and it was good for a deaf woman to be at tha centre of it. A pleasant change from the norm.

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I love everything about this series and hope that there are many more stories to come. Read more More From Slick Rock. Rocco knew him too well. Carly scooted to the edge of the seat before standing. Did the other waitresses call in sick?