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A lawsuit against him is still pending. Back in June a man piloting a Piper PA 31 was attempting a late-night landing at Orlando Executive Airport when an foot alligator jumped up from the runway and attacked the wing.

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The pound beast died on impact. No people were injured despite damage to the aircraft.

It was the first time it had happened since One might think eliminating cars would cut down on the number of chop shops in a city. But then one vastly underestimates the criminal will of a Floridian. When you move to Florida, nobody tells you convicted felons with gunshot wounds to the crotch might come screaming into your house.

Calmly, she took him to a nearby hospital. It was later discovered the man had a cocaine possession conviction from , and could possibly return to prison for unlawful firearms possession. Naked men running through your house and trying on your clothes? Apparently a normal Tuesday in New Smyrna. Though it was still a shock to year-old Sylvia Garmon who found Joseph Vaglica in his birthday suit breaking into her garage. He was later arrested. The church claimed it was purely unintentional and took it down. He was later arrested at a Bealls Outlet. Every good Floridian has a side hustle.

Some people sell airbrushed T-shirts on the internet. And in one of the most Florida moves of the year, Rappleyea added a side hustle to his side hustle: pawning the guns a woman loaned him to teach the course. A female teacher throwing an X-rated party for a former male student typically doesn't raise an eyebrow in Florida.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood stands out in the vast field of anime thanks to its distinct setting, complex characters, and inventive action sequences. The show follows an unnamed samurai prince Phil LaMarr , who attempts to liberate his kingdom from the reign of the demon lord Aku Mako Iwamatsu.

Although the samurai overpowers Aku, the demon tears open a portal through time, flinging him into the distant future, where Aku rules the world and beyond. One episode, a riff on film noir, follows a robotic P. History the network melds historic accuracy with epic action in Vikings, a dramatized recounting of a prolific figure in Scandinavian lore, Ragnar Lodbrok. The show has received much acclaim during its run thus far — and without the gratuitous nudity common to most cable epics — earning it numerous Emmy nominations for both effects and design.

Some episodes have self-contained stories, while others feed into the larger, surprisingly dense mythology of the town. Gravity Falls is a weird and witty adventure story, built around a cast of charming characters. While the latter only lasted for one season before it was ultimately canceled and later revived with the film Serenity , it has garnered a rabid cult following.

The sci-fi series is set just after an interplanetary civil war between the populated inner system planets and the outer planets, where life resembles the American West. Anime is often labeled as a niche genre, but like with all forms of media, there are breakout examples that transcend the genre, crossing over in appeal. Cowboy Bebop is a prime example. This space-western has been lauded as one of the best anime series ever made, with a memorable cast and compelling story, and featuring one of the most iconic final scenes ever.

Based on the acclaimed comic series by Garth Ennis, Preacher follows the story of Jesse Custer Dominic Cooper , a former criminal working as a preacher in Texas. Soon, Jesse teams up with his ex-girlfriend Tulip Ruth Negga and an Irish vampire named Cassidy Joseph Gilgun , as he tries to master his new powers and deal with a host of enemies, including a powerful and corrupt businessman, Odin Quincannon Jackie Earle Haley.

The show benefits from excellent direction, thanks to showrunner Sam Catlin who previously worked on Breaking Bad. Bloody, violent, and set against the sun-parched backdrop of Texas, Preacher evokes classic Westerns, but the supernatural elements and bizarre characters will appeal to viewers of modern genre shows like Game of Thrones. Few franchises have grown such a massive fanbase as the Star Trek franchise. Patrick Stewart takes the lead as Captain Jean-Luc Picard who guides the starship Enterprise across the galaxy in search of new life and civilizations. It built off the cult success of The Original Series and solidified the Star Trek franchise as one of the best science fiction universes across TV or film.

Despite taking place within the boundaries of space — where no man had gone before — TNG drew allegories to our earthbound cultural issues that took place during its televised run. The original series aired for five seasons from to with Serling serving as not just head writer but also host and narrator.

Though it spawned two spinoff series, the original Twilight Zone is the best of the bunch. Eve gets a shot at a much livelier case when someone murders a Russian politician and Eve correctly deduces the assassin was a woman. Soon, she is on the trail of the assassin, Villanelle Jodie Comer , a highly skilled killer with no conscience, who takes an interest in the woman hunting her. Blending drama, humor, and international spy antics, Killing Eve is an exceptional psychological thriller, built around a complicated cat-and-mouse relationship. Delaney discovers that the powerful East India Company has its eyes on the land and that his father was poisoned, setting up a dangerous game of espionage.

Taboo is a unique blend of different genres, combining elements of crime dramas and Westerns in a 19th-century London setting, and the show is built around the performance from the always great Tom Hardy. The show follows David Haller Dan Stevens , a man who, having heard voices in his head since a young age, starts the series in a psychiatric hospital. His official diagnosis is schizophrenia, but after meeting another patient, Syd Barrett Rachel Keller , who has the ability to switch bodies with anyone she touches, he discovers that the voices in his head are a sign of his own latent powers.

Fitting for a show about a man who may or may not be insane, Legion is a hallucinogenic show, with psychedelic visuals and format-breaking sequences that keep David — and the viewer — confused as to what is real. Although drama and comedy are often viewed separately in pop culture, they make for a splendid pairing — just ask Shakespeare! Both of them are dealing with problems personal and professional: Jimmy is a narcissistic writer struggling to get published, Gretchen is a clinically depressed PR agent representing a difficult rapper. The TV adaptation features an all-star cast that includes Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman, not to mention Colin Hanks and Allison Tolman, and stays true to same black comedy and deadly mishaps that made the original film so popular.

In a not-too-distant future, after an environmental disaster causes widespread infertility, an extremist cult in the United States stages a coup, establishing the totalitarian state of Gilead. Living without any rights or power, Offred tries to survive each day, hoping to one day be free. This new historical drama follows Margaret Wells Samantha Morton , a madam running a brothel in 18th-century London. Eager to climb the social ladder — and dodge the authorities — Margaret moves into the territory of her former boss, high-class madam Lydia Quigley Lesley Manville , sparking a war between the two.

Despite the lurid subject matter, Harlots is never merely titillating; this is a show with a keen eye for the power dynamics at work in its setting, and how hierarchy turns even sex into a cold transaction. A complicated drama with intriguing characters, Harlots is a great show for people who like their historical dramas on the seedier side. Burke must investigate the mysteries of Wayward Pines and find a way to escape. It is an apt comparison, as Wayward Pines concocts a compelling and creepy mystery over the course of 10 episodes. Mulder believes in the existence of alien life while Scully offers her own scientific explanations for the mysterious happenings.

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In the quiet titular town of Twin Peaks, the sudden and tragic murder of high-school student Laura Palmer set off a chain of events that turns the town on its head. Despite this, it produced some timeless episodes. American Horror Story is an anthology series where each season centers on its own unique story, with a core cast whose role change from season to season. Each season provides scares and frightening psychological storylines, whether they take place within a troubled family home, amid a coven of witches, or inside a hotel of circus freaks. American Horror Story is a unique drama, one that capitalizes on the work of series creator Ryan Murphy.

Catfish follows hosts Nev Schulman and Max Joseph as they work to unravel the mysteries behind online-only relationships. Exclusive: Evil spirit pulls a horror home invasion in Isabelle sneak peek Benjamin Bullard. Tag: Pet Sematary. Tag: Stephen King. Tag: It: Chapter Two. Tag: The Lodge.

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The Lodge traps horror fans inside first snowbound trailer Jacob Oller. Tag: Hellraiser. Tag: David S. Hellraiser reboot dragged from hell by David S. Goyer Jacob Oller.

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Tag: Deep Cuts. Tag: I Trapped the Devil. Tag: Exclusives. Tag: The Nun. Tag: The Conjuring.