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Shroud of Eden

As the police investigation follows a series of false leads, Duncan uses his grief to woo voters and his growing political clout to search for the killer. Imagine her surprise—and delight—when she discovers not one but two men who lust for her. One adores her; the other challenges her. One makes sense; the other is a gamble.

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Little do they know their every move is watched, as they follow first one lead then another, until they are face to face with a ruthless enemy who is determined to end their lives. Yet it looms more ominous than ever, as if it will drop down around my neck at any moment. In the season 12 finale "Smoked", a rape victim was murdered days before her trial was set to start. West is called again and pushes Detectives Benson and Stabler to find the victim's murderer. Benson and Stabler, with West's help, discover the murder was orchestrated by the rapist, a friend, and a greedy ATF Agent.

West did not manage to convict anyone because they were brutally killed by the victim's daughter in the SVU squad room, before Detective Stabler was forced to shoot her. In the fourth episode of season 13, "Double Strands", Sherri West appears back in the SVU precinct, except as a defense attorney because they "offered her a better deal. She often gets into conflict over cases with Detectives Benson and Stabler; with Benson over a case where a woman was raped as a teenager and she began seeking revenge on her attackers, branding them with hot clothes hangers.

Hardwicke and Stabler get into conflict over a case where presumably, a boy named Nicky Roberts, shot and killed his abusive stepfather; the case eventually dropped because both Nicky and his mother admit to killing him, evidence not proving one or the other. MacKenzie , who was angry at Lewis for killing his son Kyle in the season 7 episode "Raw". In her final episode, "Bombshell", Hardwicke attempts to convict twin-siblings Cassandra Rose McGowan and Doug Ryan Hurst —who are actually in a sexual relationship—for their involvement in a man's brutal stabbing along with fraud crimes in New York and Miami.

They are released on bail due to lack of evidence, which leads to Doug's murder by the man in love with Cassandra. Hardwicke is mentioned in the episode "Reparations" as Detective Tutuola says she is at a convention in Miami, before ADA Casey Novak returns as their temporary prosecutor. Sherri West then assumed the temporary ADA role for the final two episodes in season It is unknown if Hardwicke ever returned to New York. Sagemiller said about her character's personality: "She's tough In "True Believers", Cutter takes the lead in a case where a college music student Sofia Vassilieva is raped at gunpoint by a drug dealer.

In "Father's Shadow", Cutter is the lead prosecutor when a reality show producer named Fred Sandow Michael McKean is accused of raping young first-time actresses. Cutter's office did not drop the charges, even when the producer's son took his girlfriend and her daughter hostage and demanded the charges dropped. Referred to as the executive assistant to the District Attorney, or the DA's "number two", Haden is a dedicated, straight-shooting prosecutor who is assigned a case with Detective Benson and the SVU squad when a powerful CEO of a private military contractor is confronted by Occupy Wall Street protesters and later found drugged and sexually assaulted in a park.

There is more to the case than meets the eye and a much larger crime and conspiracy in Iraq is unveiled, with a rape occurring overseas and the rape kit being kept hidden.

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As the case develops, so does their relationship, as they share dinner and a kiss at the end of the episode. In the following episode, "Father's Shadow", Haden offers to take Olivia to dinner but she respectfully declines, citing she was still on duty and joking there would be a possible conflict of interest. Later, Haden shows up at the scene of a hostage situation, in which Benson is trying to talk the teenage boy down. After Benson finally convinces the boy to give her the gun, Haden comforts her and offers to take her home.

In "Hunting Ground", Haden and Benson's relationship furthers as they are shown on a date and later sleeping together. In "Justice Denied", Haden becomes involved in an SVU case in which it appears that Benson had coerced a confession out of a man eight years earlier and the real rapist is attacking women again.

After Defense Attorney Bayard Ellis questions their relationship and threatens to expose them, Haden and Benson have to decide how they are going to handle the case without having their judgement clouded. At the end of the episode after the real rapist had been caught and the wrongfully imprisoned man was released, Captain Cragen informs Benson that the District Attorney has decided to form a Conviction Integrity Unit to investigate past cases and ensure no one is wrongfully imprisoned.

Benson and Haden meet for drinks and decide that they have to end their relationship and pretend like it never happened. It is revealed in the season 14 premiere that Haden's name came up on the wire tap in the investigation of an escort service war. At the end of the episode, after several members of the DA's office were arrested including Bureau Chief Paula Foster, Amaro tells Benson that Haden resigned from the office with Benson responding that he had nothing to do with it.

Barba is a by-the-book headstrong prosecutor, who puts pressure on not only the detectives, but also the victims and witnesses. In his first case, he prosecutes a rape similar to a best selling erotic novel Twenty-Five Acts by Jocelyn Paley Anna Chlumsky , who is the rape victim. Barba tells the detectives to uncover anything and everything about Paley and her attacker.

After rushing to put Paley on the stand to testify, Barba and the detectives discover that Paley did not write the book, which forces Barba to get creative with the trial. When Barba exposes the defendant's viciousness by taunting him with a belt, the jury finds the defendant guilty. Detective Benson questions the charges against the woman and gathers enough evidence for Barba to put another man on trial for the same murder, as Barba and James race to get a conviction before the other. Barba and the SVU detectives uncover a scandal within the Suffolk County DA's office, as one of James' investigators set the young woman up for the murder.

Barba offers to spare James' office of more embarrassment as long as the investigator is convicted for the murder in Suffolk County. In the episode, " Funny Valentine ", Barba and the detectives have a tough time convincing pop star Micha Green to testify against her abusive boyfriend, hip-hop artist Caleb Bryant.

After a shooting that kills her manager with Bryant as a suspect, Barba and Detective Benson convince Green to testify in the grand jury. But when she finally takes the stand, she tells Barba that her boyfriend was not at the scene and instead says Barba and Benson put those words in her mouth. After not being able to arrest Bryant, the couple flees on a vacation, where Green is ultimately found dead. Towards the end of the fourteenth season, Barba becomes close with the squad, and they rely on his legal advice on many of their assigned cases.

In the episode "Undercover Blue", Benson goes to Barba in an attempt to provide evidence that could potentially clear Cassidy's name. In the season finale "Her Negotiation", Rollins calls Barba in on a weekend for a class-B case, which turns into something more serious, which Barba takes to trial, but ultimately doesn't get his conviction.

the de vere deception david thorne mysteries book 1 Manual

Esparza was added to the opening credits in season 15, making Barba the squad's fourth full-time ADA. On February 7, , Esparza left the series after six seasons in the episode " The Undiscovered Country ". First introduced in the Chicago P. However, when Benson confronts him during the trial and he admits he sympathizes with Barba but cannot ignore the prosecution because he fears it will set a bad example to others, she urges him to talk to Barba and be more reasonable with him.

This later results in Barba being found not guilty, a result Stone ultimately approves with. His stint begins to a rocky start, particularly with initial tension with the rest of the members of the SVU team due to Barba's sudden departure. He soon begins to grow into the job and bond with them, particularly as he reveals that he was a professional baseball player in the Chicago Cubs' minor league system, briefly called up to the major leagues, but was forced to retire from the game due to injury that tore his ligament, an event that has left him feeling bitter, unable to control his anger except for at the law and blaming himself for letting his family down, and that he also has a sister named Pamela who is schizophrenic and committed to a psychiatric hospital where he visits her every week after their father's death.

When Pamela begins to show signs of memory loss, believing that he is their father, Stone reluctantly increases her medication on her doctor's advice, concerned that stopping the medication could cause her to become suicidal. In the episode " Remember Me, Too ", Pamela is abducted by members of a criminal network in an extremely brutal shooting at the psychiatric hospital. Though she is found by Stone and the SVU team, the resulting shoot-out ends up mortally wounding Pamela, who dies in a devastated Stone's arms.

In the season 20 premiere " Man Up ", it is revealed that Stone has been drinking, racking up a large bar tab, and having threesomes with various women out of guilt for Pamela's death. He also turns down Benson's offer to talk about his feelings about this, despite her trying to be there for him.

Outside the courtroom, after Miller is convicted, Liv is mad at Stone. Huang is an FBI forensic psychiatrist and criminal profiler , specializing in studying sexual predators and their victims. He becomes SVU's resident psychiatrist in season 3 after he was originally on loan to the squad towards the end of season 2.

Though he is liked and respected by the SVU detectives and they generally defer to his professional judgment, his diagnoses sometimes hinder prosecutions, particularly where he finds mental illness, making defendants either not fully responsible for their crimes, or not fit to stand trial. This makes him a constant pain for the ADAs who are trying to prosecute the offenders. He frequently observes interrogations of suspects, advising detectives on how to best interact to obtain a confession. Very little is known about Huang's personal life, other than that he is gay , which he noted in season 11's "Hardwired", has a sister noted in "Inheritance" , and that he speaks Cantonese and Mandarin.

Huang was last seen in a main role during the season 12 episode "Bombshell" in which he helps Benson and Stabler get information out of a homeless man. The reason for his departure is not revealed until the season 13 episode "Father Dearest" in which Dr. Huang returns to the SVU squad temporarily to aid in an investigation and tells them about his new assignment in Oklahoma City.

Huang returns to New York in the season 14 episode, "Born Psychopath", and helps the SVU detectives with a case involving a young boy who has become increasingly violent towards those close to him. He diagnoses the boy with antisocial personality disorder and makes arrangements to get him into a treatment facility. After not appearing in season 16, the first season he did not appear in since joining the show in season 2, Huang returns in the season 17 episode, "Depravity Standard.

Though originally a recurring character, she became a regular cast member in season 7 through season 12, reverting to a recurring character in season In the season 7 episode "Blast", she becomes directly involved in the efforts to rescue an eight-year-old kidnapping victim who has just been diagnosed with leukemia.

Warner is held hostage with Detective Stabler at a bank where the hostage taker's father is the manager. When the taker demands Detective Stabler to come out of the office, he gives Warner his second gun, which she later uses to shoot the taker to prevent him from committing suicide by cop. In the season 11 finale "Shattered", she is held hostage in her own morgue with Detective Benson and ADA Marlowe and is shot by the woman holding them hostage.

She talks Benson through life-saving techniques before the woman lets her go to get real medical attention. She is well liked by the SVU squad, though briefly argues with Stabler when he accuses her of botching a DNA test on Benson, expected to absolve her of a homicide, before she discovered the DNA was intentionally doctored to make Benson look guilty. She served as a doctor in the U. Air Force during the Gulf War and is married with a daughter. Skoda is a psychiatrist who works with the New York Police Department. In addition to his own private practice, he often testifies for the prosecution as an expert witness on whether a defendant is legally sane to stand trial.

He also profiles suspects and offers advice to the district attorneys regarding witnesses' and suspects' mental state. She was the medical examiner on SVU throughout the first season and has since been replaced by Dr. Melinda Warner. Rebecca Hendrix is a former police officer who was at the police academy with Detective Benson. She initially appears for three episodes in the series' sixth season, to replace series regular BD Wong while he was performing in Broadway's Pacific Overtures.

Neal Baer stated that the character also gave him an opportunity to introduce a conflict between Benson and Stabler and said "Stabler hasn't always felt warmly toward psychiatry, but he does warm up to this character—who has been both a cop and a shrink. Masterson reprises the role in the seventh-season episode, "Ripped", where she helps Detective Stabler come to terms with unresolved issues in what Baer called "an emotionally devastating scene".

Barry Moredock, a judge, originally appeared as a defense attorney in the episode " Appearances ", on a case in which a child pornography maker is put on trial for giving instructions on how to kill via a story on his company's website. His first case seen is the case of a homeless boy burned to death by a high school student. Moredock recuses himself from the case, in which a rapist claims he was driven by pornography to sexually assault women. As the trial goes on, it is discovered that the defendant suffers from lead poisoning caused by Chinese-made products.

Kathy Stabler is Detective Elliot Stabler's wife: they got married when they were both The two are separated for some time in seasons 6 through 8, but Kathy shows up in the squad-room in the season 8 finale "Screwed" and tells him that she needs him to come home because she is pregnant. In the season 9 episode "Paternity", Kathy and Detective Benson are involved in a car accident while Benson was helping Elliot by bringing Kathy to the doctor for a check-up. Kathy is pinned and unconscious when Benson wakes up and calls for help.

Benson is tasked with helping EMS stabilize her as they cannot get into the car. Kathy is extracted from the car by firefighters and placed in the ambulance, where she goes into labor and delivers a baby boy before she becomes unconscious again. Elliot, who had been upstate retrieving a perp, arrives at the hospital and embraces Kathy and his new son, Elliot Jr. He appeared in 52 episodes between seasons In the Season 7 episode "Web", Morales takes a hands on approach in the investigation of an Internet pornography site.

Due to his own guilt about his nephew's rape by an online predator, Morales beats one of the suspects up in the interrogation room, threatening the detectives' case. He was one of SVU's biggest allies until his death in the season 10 finale. He was murdered by CSU tech Dale Stuckey, who was trying to prevent O'Halloran from informing the detectives that he was the real killer of a defense attorney and young woman.

Mystery Box

He has appeared in 21 episodes throughout the duration of the series, starting with the season 3 episode "Counterfeit. Tucker was originally introduced as a Sergeant, but was later promoted to Lieutenant. Although he feuded with the squad for many years, Tucker slowly became an ally for Benson after she took over for Cragen as squad commander. In "Townhouse Incident" season 17 , Tucker — who has now been named the Captain of IAB — acts as the hostage negotiator when Benson and others are taken captive in a violent home invasion; he is selected at Benson's request and reveals that he was a negotiator prior to transferring to IAB.

When Tucker tries to help Benson bust a sex trafficking ring with ties to the Catholic Church and his own cousin, a priest , it is revealed that he and Benson are in a romantic relationship when. As seen in "Heartfelt Passages", Capt. Tucker is a recipient of the U. In Season 18, Tucker wanted Benson to retire with him. Benson had mixed feelings about this. The two eventually ended their romantic relationship. Most of her work involved helping and protecting prostitutes, and as such, she sometimes came into contact with SVU Detectives Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson.

In the season 6 episode "Pure", she was kidnapped by the murderer that the SVU detectives were trying to capture after they came in contact in the SVU squad-room. She was beat up by a pimp named in the season 8 episode "Underbelly", after trying to help one of his girls. She was killed in the season 12 finale "Smoked" by the young girl who fired a gun in the SVU squad-room with the intention of killing the men in holding who murdered her mother. Ken Randall is Detective Tutuola's son and is introduced in the season 6 episode, "Haunted", in which Tutuola is shot after trying to prevent a robbery.

Prior to his appearance, Tutuola had mentioned several times that he had a son. Ken reveals to his father that he is openly gay in the season 7 episode, "Strain". In the season 7 episode, "Venom", Ken is arrested after he was found digging in a vacant lot while he was intoxicated. It is discovered that Ken was searching for the woman and baby that his half-brother, Darius, said he had killed. This puts heat on Tutuola within the squad, as he fights to exonerate his son and prove that Darius is a murderer. When Darius cons SVU into getting his confession without his lawyer present, the case continues in the season 8 finale, "Screwed".

Ken returns to try to help his father and the rest of the detectives find evidence to convict Darius. While being questioned on the stand, Ken's mother is forced to reveal that Darius was a product of rape by her own father. In the season 13 episode, "Learning Curve", Ken asks for Sergeant Munch's help in revealing to his father that he is getting married.

But before Ken is able to tell his father, his fiance is brutally attacked. While at the hospital, Munch tells Tutuola that the man is Ken's fiance, which makes Tutuola determined to find the attackers. Eventually, Alejandro recovers from his injuries and he and Ken are married.

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As of "Intersecting Lives", Ken and Alejandro are expecting a child, having found a surrogate; to Ken's surprise and relief, Fin is excited about becoming a grandfather. FBI Agent Dana Lewis, who first introduced in the season 7 episode "Raw" while working undercover to bring down a white supremacist group as "Star Morrison".

Lewis while undercover as Star slaps Munch and calls him "kike" as a part of her cover, prompting her arrest for assaulting a police officer. She's forced to blow her cover and reveal herself as a Federal Agent during the trial against the group's leader when she shoots and kills the leader's son before he could kill Stabler. She tries to apologize for her actions after the case is over, but Munch holds no grudge. Agent Lewis specializes in undercover work, often working under assumed identities for weeks or even months at a time.

While working undercover, she uses the name Star Morrison and speaks with a Southern accent though the actress herself is not from the South. In the season 8 premiere "Informed", she shows up in New York again when Detective Benson is hounding her eco-terrorism informant to tell her about her rape. Lewis and Benson must find the informant after she goes missing and stop her from conducting a terrorist bombing. Lewis mentions to Benson that she calls her informant "Peggy Sue" because she reminds Lewis of her baby sister, Margaret.

In her last appearance, Lewis tells Benson and Stabler that her family husband and children is currently living in Europe to protect them from criminals who attempt to retaliate against her. One of these criminals, the leader of the aforementioned supremacist group, ordered a fellow inmate to attack and rape her in the season 12 episode "Penetration". Elliot Stabler has been injured each time she has worked with them, by gunshot in season 7, by explosives in season 8, and by gunshot again in season 12 which was the only injury she was directly responsible for. Stabler half-jokingly refers to her as a "jinx", saying "[he's] nearly been killed" every time Lewis shows up; she counters his remarks by saying that maybe she is his "good luck charm", as he's survived every injury during their three episodes together.

In the season 14 episode, "Secrets Exhumed", Agent Lewis returns to partner with SVU when she believes that a Manhattan cold case is connected to several rape-homicides across the country. Lewis beats Detectives Benson and Amaro to the Miami correctional facility where the detectives were supposed to rearrest the suspect, a handicapped man, who was being released after completing his stint for another crime.

Lewis accompanies Benson and Amaro back to Manhattan, where she observes the interrogation and pleads with Captain Cragen to let her have a shot at the suspect after the detectives could not get the man to admit to killing the fifth victim. When Cragen obliges, Lewis sweats the suspect into admitting he was at the scene when the victim was murdered. Amaro begins to question the confession when the boyfriend of the victim comes to the precinct and Lewis says that he was an old friend from when they dated in college at Tulane University.

Pieces of the confession begin to fall apart as Munch and Rollins finds evidence missing in the cold case file and the boyfriend of the victim admits to having a romantic relationship with Agent Lewis. Amaro then gets the suspect to recant his confession and Lewis begins to seem increasingly panicked. Cragen gets Lewis to believe that the handicapped suspect had an accident and he will be awhile before her and Benson could re-interview him.

As Benson begins to ask Lewis questions, Lewis realizes that Benson's questioning seemed interrogation-like. Benson and Amaro begin to ask Lewis pressing questions about the nature of Lewis' relationship with the victim and her boyfriend at the time. They get her to admit they had a several-month-long romantic relationship, which subsequently got Lewis pregnant. After he forced Lewis to get an abortion, she found out that he asked the victim to marry him. Lewis, in tears, admits she went to the victim's home, and after the victim taunted Lewis with the fact he asked her to marry her, she says she blacked out.

She says that when she came to, the girl was dead. She tells Benson, who is clearly shocked and distraught, that she is so sorry. Cragen enters the room with a pair of handcuffs and tells Lewis she is under arrest for the murder. Amaro grabs the handcuffs and takes her into custody. Resigned to her fate, she cooperates, repeatedly saying, "I understand," as tears continue rolling down her cheeks. When a man is murdered with ties to the group EDGE, it's discovered he was a pedophile by Benson, working under the name Persephone James, who is investigating the crime as a civilian.

After Benson uncovers the pedophile nest and deduces that a girl is missing, Porter blows Benson's cover after she was arrested by local police. Benson convinces Porter to help her search for the girl even though Porter was aggravated with Benson and her obsession on finding the girl. But when they find the victim and she confesses to why she killed her rapist, Porter understands why Benson is passionate for working sex crimes.

Porter returns later in the season 8 episode "Florida" after Benson gives Simon Marsden Michael Weston money, who she had just discovered was her half-brother. Marsden was being looked at by River Park, NJ police on suspicion of rape. Porter wanted to arrest Benson for helping Marsden, so he offered her a deal, no jail time if she helped Porter catch him. Marsden flees after a meet with Olivia when he felt something was wrong and Porter let Olivia go as he had no direct evidence of her helping Simon.

Porter returns a few episodes later in the episode "Screwed", when the SVU squad is under fire due to Fin's stepson Darius Ludacris being on trial for murder. Porter is trying not to be subpoenaed by the defense to avoid having to give dirt on Detective Benson. At the end of the episode as everything is unraveling for the SVU squad, Benson convinces Porter to tell IAB about his involvement with her and her brother. Porter returns in the season 9 episode "Savant" when SVU is working on a case where a girl with Williams syndrome heard her mother being beaten and raped.

Porter returned in season 11's "Spooked" to work a case with SVU where two people were killed, their killer leaving a rape tree. Benson and Stabler believed the case was a drug-deal gone bad with involvement from a Mexican drug cartel. It is revealed Porter knew who the killer was all along as the victim's roommate Terri Baines Paola Mendoza was working with the FBI as undercover intelligence agent. Porter tried to take over the investigation several times, going so far as having the Special Victims Unit's telephones tapped to keep tabs on the case.

Porter has not been seen since. He caused extensive trouble throughout season 8 for Olivia and the entire squad after Olivia seeks him out at his New Jersey home. She discovers he is being investigated by police for stalking, but in the season 8 episode "Florida", it is revealed he is being set up by the police captain after Simon holds her hostage.

Because of Benson's involvement with a "fugitive", she is suspended for some time, which is made known in the season 9 premiere "Alternate. Benson enlists attorney Bayard Ellis to act as Simon's lawyer, but she is shocked when Captain Cragen alerts her that Simon has kidnapped the children from foster care. In "True Believers", he defends a black man who is on trial for attacking a girl in her apartment, and cites poor police procedure and the victim's creditably to get a not guilty verdict.

At the close of this episode, he has a discussion with Detective Benson on the steps of the courthouse. After Benson blasts him for shaming the young girl on the stand, he tells her that she needs an escape and gives her his card, telling her to come by one of his daughter's softball games. In the episode "Spiraling Down", Benson gives Ellis' card to the defendant's wife, whose husband is a former football star who suffers from diminished capacity. He defends the former football star and receives a not guilty verdict. Benson also calls on Ellis when her half-brother is in need of legal help after his kids have been removed by the city.

Benson and Ellis have become close, which creates conflict in the episode "Justice Denied", as Ellis defends a man who Benson coerced a confession out of eight years earlier. Executive ADA David Haden, the prosecutor who is re-investigating the case and Benson's love interest, is confronted by Ellis about their relationship and threatens to expose them if they didn't do the right thing. Benson asks Ellis to give her some time to find the real rapist, which she does, or she will tell the District Attorney about her relationship with EADA Haden. Ellis returns in the season 14 episode, " Monster's Legacy ", when Detective Benson asks him to look into the case of Reggie Rhodes Mike Tyson , who is scheduled to be executed after being convicted of murder in Ohio.

Benson is able to get Rhodes to admit that he was abused when he was a child by the head of a camp in New York, which allows Ellis to argue that Rhodes' original defense attorney never presented that during the trial. Ellis uncovers a massive cover up by the lead prosecutor in the original case, who withheld photographic evidence of Rhodes being sexually assaulted by the man he murdered. Ellis subsequently convinces the judge to spare Rhodes from execution.

Ellis is next seen in the season 16 episode, " Perverted Justice ", when he comes to Benson and SVU asking them to reinvestigate a case he is working for Project Innocence. With the help of the now-retired Captain Cragen, Ellis is able to vacate the original charge against his client for raping his daughter decades earlier. Detective Amaro's wife, Maria, is introduced in the season 13 episode "Spiraling Down". She is serving in the armed forces and stationed in Iraq. In "Spiraling Down", Amaro video chats with her about the father of a victim in one of his cases, who served overseas with her.

They have somewhat of a tense conversation, as she does not like the tone he is using with her, after he asked why he has never heard of this man. After returning to New York City in the episode "Official Story", she heads back overseas on a new assignment. In the episode "Valentine's Day", she is once again back in New York and shows up in the squad room after Amaro was late for their Valentine's Day dinner. At the end of this episode, Amaro watches his wife enter an unknown brownstone, and he has the increased suspicion that she is having an affair.

In the following episode, "Street Revenge", Amaro sees her meet for lunch with the same military friend who appeared in "Spiraling Down". Amaro drives to Philadelphia, where her friend lives, punches him, and tells him to stay away from his wife.

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Maria discovers this and comes into the squad room in a rage, knocking folders off his desk. They begin to argue in front of the squad, until Cragen tells Amaro, "not here", and they go into the bunk room. Amaro reveals his suspicion and she says that she is not having an affair and that the brownstone he saw her enter was her psychiatrist, before she storms out of the room. In the season 14 premiere, after Amaro delays talking to her about their issues, he finally begins to apologize when she tells him that she has taken a job in Washington, D.

William Lewis is a serial rapist and murderer who had gotten away with numerous counts of rape and murder because of mistakes in the system made by different police jurisdictions. In the season 14 finale, Benson and ADA Barba pursue justice for Lewis' victims and attempt to get him locked up for good; but again, Lewis walks on a technicality. He later breaks into Detective Benson's apartment and tortures her before later abducting her to torture and rape her at an isolated location, killing a traffic cop and his own defense attorney's parents in his travel. Eventually the police catch up to Lewis and Benson, after Benson managed to break free of her restraints and incapacitate him.

Lewis represents himself and maneuvers to force Benson to take the stand and tell everyone what he did to her and what she did to him; crippling him in one leg, damaging numerous internal organs, and even deafening him in one ear, after she had already handcuffed him to a bed post. Benson lies and denies that she had him restrained, that he had broken free and she had to harm him to subdue him; this drives Lewis into a rage during his cross testimony with her.

Lewis is found not guilty on the rape charge but guilty on the abduction charge, as well as assault on a police officer. He goes away to prison but before the trial ends, he bribes a juror to use drugged baked goods for them to make him sick and have a way to make a jailbreak. Lewis then pursues Benson again, killing and raping people in his path and abducting a little girl, Amelia Cole Lily Pilblad to make Benson come to him at an abandoned quarry where he abducts her again.

He is about to attempt to rape Benson again, but when he sees that Benson isn't going to fight with him like before because Olivia would rather have Lewis rape her than Amelia, who was tied up , he decides to force her to play a game of Russian roulette with him, involving the SVU and police searching for Benson, letting them listen in on their radios. It winds up where Olivia has to take the last bullet, thinking he is about to kill her; he stands beside her and quickly shoots himself in the head with his left hand which causes reasonable doubt, making Internal Affairs believe Benson shot and killed Lewis, but the charges against Benson are later dropped.

The last thing Lewis tells Benson is that his death will be the last thing she'd see. At the Kings County morgue, Benson asks if she can take one last look at Lewis' dead body before he's rolled back into the cooler. In subsequent seasons, Lewis's name becomes a kind of code for an intensely dangerous situation and Benson reveals that her trauma and ordeal with him will always be a part of her. During a heated exchange with Amaro, he pointedly asks her whether she can ever forgive Lewis; she does not answer and he apologizes.

A former homicide detective, he is often hard on Benson and her squad, most notably during their early interactions, but ultimately respects the work that they do and frequently backs them up to the NYPD brass. He assisted the squad during their investigation into Atlanta PD Deputy Chief Charles Patton Harry Hamlin , who was accused of assaulting one of his own detectives in a New York City hotel, by personally interviewing Patton in the interrogation room. In season 17, he names his son, Mike Andy Karl , Manhattan SVU's new sergeant, and is devastated by his death in a domestic violence dispute between a corrupt corrections officer Brad Garrett and his wife.

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