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All this time, I could have just opened the door and found out. It sneezes on her. Call me, Amberle.

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By the way, if real-life flowers could sneeze pollen at will, I and everyone else with hayfever would be finished. Turns out the flower snot was magic, and it transported her to that scary vision from episode 1. Evil Twin Wil is here. Oh, and that scowl is a dead giveaway, too. The Ellcrys coughs up the seed once Amberle proves herself in a 3 minute test of will against Evil Wil. Seems pretty weak, Ellcrys.

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Eretria is tasked by Cephalo to sneak into the palace and retrieve the Elfstones. The plan? Eretria does in fact sneak into the palace. Oh wait. Seems reasonable enough.

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A lengthy aside:The real value of this scene comes in the music. If all you ever get from any of my recaps is this, it will be worth it: Go listen to Agnes Obel.

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Do this in a dark room with your best set of headphones. Unless you hate good music or are a bad person. So Eretria makes a move on Wil. But it works. They totally get it on, Basic Cable style. Ending up at the engine room as Odo, he confronted Odo and confused O'Brien as he worked to fix the ship. The crew eventually regained control of the starship and Krajensky was killed by Odo. In so doing, Odo became the first and only Changeling to ever harm another.

DS9 : " The Adversary ". Odo's slaying of the Changeling provoked much debate and disagreement in the Great Link. In late , they had Weyoun infect him with a disease to force him to return home and be judged. His punishment was ultimately to be made into a Solid.

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Five months later, Captain J. Jones communicates to Mrs.

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Collins that her son had been found in DeKalb, Illinois, and is heading back home by train to be reunited with her. In the train station, Christine does not recognize the boy as being Walter, but Captain Jones advises her that his appearance has changed during the five months. Soon she confirms that the boy is not her son, but the corrupt LAPD does not accept her arguments. When Mrs. Collins is approached by St. Paul Presbyterian Church Pastor Gustav Briegleb, who daily broadcasts protests exposing corruption in the police force, she decides to disclose to the press the evidence she has about the changeling.

However, the abusive Captain Jones sends Christine to an asylum to intimidate her.


Meanwhile the efficient Detective Lester Ybarra is assigned to arrest and deport an illegal Canadian boy who is hidden on a ranch in Wineville. He captures the boy, who discloses hideous crimes committed by his compatriot Gordon Northcott. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! IMDb More. Edit Changeling Jump to: Summaries 4 Synopsis 1.