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Valentine Savi was once a highly regarded restorer at the Louvre until she made a mistake that resulted in the destruction of a priceless document.

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Since then she has been reduced to working for Death in the Latin Quarter. Dec 15, Tracy rated it really liked it Shelves: crime-mystery. This book was a welcome relief after trying to read No Great Mischief for the second time. Not that there is anything wrong with 'No Great Mischief' it is an exceptionally well written book however I found myself getting more and more depressed while reading.

This book however was an easy escapism romp through the world of Art dealers and mystery in Paris. I enjoyed the historical aspect of it and even ended up doing some research on the historical figures mentioned. I would consider this a grea This book was a welcome relief after trying to read No Great Mischief for the second time. I would consider this a great holiday read and a wonderful break from reality as it transports you through time and countries.

I would read more by this author however none of his other books have been translated from French to English yet. Apr 28, Stephen Arnott rated it did not like it Shelves: mystery. A dreadful book.


Pathetic dialogue delivered by unbelievable cardboard characters. If this was a stage play I'd be tearing up the seats so I could hurl them at the actors. The story starts out well, but rapidly spirals downwards, eventually fizzling out into nothing at all; the tedious plot explained at intervals by huge passages of monotone exposition.

Much of the writing is truly risible, for example, after a car explodes we read that: "The police suspect foul play.

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According to their investiga A dreadful book. According to their investigators there was a bomb connected to the starter. And they only 'suspect' foul play? You wonder what additional tit-bit of evidence might sway them to conclude that a crime had been committed. Just a small sample of the idiotic verbiage that peppers this disaster.

Hours of my life wasted.

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Jul 30, Masha rated it did not like it. This is how I imagine telenovelas are written. Nothing actually relevant happening for pages, and than, in the last pages you suddenly have culmination and everybody dropping dead and a very unimpressive ending. This book is the definition of light read.

  1. Death in the Latin Quarter | Raphael Cardetti | The Co-op.
  2. Giardino di Ricreatione di John Florio (Italian Edition).
  4. You can read it with half your brain turned off. Jul 07, Joanne Maidment rated it liked it. An enjoyable read,enough pace to keep the book interesting but not so much to let it run away and exhaust you The end felt a little tacked on for my liking and somewhat ground the book to an UN-resounding halt but was left open enough for the characters to be drawn out further and for another story.

    May 06, Dilys Myhill rated it really liked it Shelves: crime. Set in Paris around the Sorbonne university were a professor of medieval literature is found dead supposedly having committed suicide. Valentine Savi a disgraced restorer is commissioned to restore an elderly gentleman,s manuscript. Apr 04, Keith rated it liked it. The plot is a bit too far fetched for my tastes, involving a wronged art conservator, revenge and assasination. However I will read other book by the author if I can find one in translation. Jun 03, Richard Power rated it it was ok. It was just ok, I liked though that it was written by by an academic, a lecturer on Italian history.

    For me there was too much written about the historical background of the document, the subject of this novel, similar to Da Vinci Code. Aug 13, David Campion rated it really liked it.

    Could have been inspired by the Da Vinci Code. In some ways it was implausible, and in my view a little extreme - but in some ways that's the point of this kind of novel.

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    Overall I thought it was a quick and enjoyable read. Jul 23, Angelika Eleftheriadou rated it did not like it Shelves: mystery-thriller. Very intriguing mystery. I didn't really know whose side to be on throughout most of the book! Well developed characters. Aug 23, Donna Irwin rated it really liked it. Enjoyed this as read it while staying in the Latin quarter!

    A good yarn. Well written if a bit predictable. Oct 16, Sibylle Faeh rated it really liked it Shelves: crime-suspense. Feb 21, Elena rated it really liked it. Lets' say not quite a 4 star but almost. Good and entertaining plot, not much more to expect from these mystery novels. Took me a lot of time to finish it, boring at first but overall a great book!

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    Download Image Download Image. Imprint Abacus Abacus. A page-turning literary crime novel set in Paris's atmospheric Latin Quarter. Raphael Cardetti Raphael Cardetti was born in Readers also viewed.

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