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Then one clay, as she beheld the blue skies of the wild frontier, Alisha saw hundreds of Indian warriors riding to the gates of Fort Pierre -- and at their head was the fierce Gray Eagle. Though her most fervent prayers had been answered, Alisha's heart skipped a beat: would Gray Eagle destroy her -- or make her destiny his own? Download ebook for print-disabled. Check Other Editions. Prefer the physical book? Check nearby libraries with:. Copy and paste this code into your Wikipedia page.

Need help? Last edited by Charles Horn. January 18, History. People talk about times being so hard now, and that seems to distract them from their present everyday problems. What's it about? When did it come out? What's coming out next? Every time we do a newsletter, we pull about the last ten questions that are asked most frequently by readers. It's so time-consuming to answer mail. Most days, I would say, I get between and letters. It's just impossible to answer those, but you want to. The best way I've found to deal with it is to do a newsletter.

It has gone over extremely well. Taylor aspires to have her books and other romance novels become a respected literary genre and claims that many readers are missing out on worthwhile fiction due to the genre's pigeonholing. In addition, she extols the camaraderie of romance novelists, pointing out to CA that "romance writers seem to be one of the most helpful groups of people; they're constantly helping their competition…. That's one big thing I've noticed that romance writers have in common, that sense of wanting to help other people. It's very rare, you know, that a first book will be a national best-seller.

People don't realize that you've got to pay your dues, to put in years of hard work to get your name known so that you can become a big writer.

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While Taylor's courses don't attract many male students, she does notice that a sizeable portion of her readership is male. Because we've been using a romance cover and the books have been in the romance section of the stores, people sometimes don't realize that they're getting about the same thing that they'd get in the mystery and western and other departments. Once they get past the romance image, they realize that they've got a good action-packed book.

Taylor senses a shift away from the more sexually explicit romance novels of recent years. She believes that women want the option of reading "the same thing the man had—books and magazines with different degrees of sensuality," she told CA, but once this interest is fulfilled, women find they prefer stories with an "emphasis on the romance and the relationship between the characters rather than the heavy degree of sensuality. My revisions will usually involve adding more….

To me, the story is what's important. You don't want the sensuality to overshadow the story.

Giving range to her talents beyond the "Ecstasy Saga" collection, Taylor has written many other historical romances. She also wrote Love Me with Fury, an adventure set during the War of ; Golden Torment, which takes place in the frozen landscape of the Yukon Territory at the time of the gold rush ; Chase the Wind, set in the s southwest as a pair of government agents find romance as they search for a gun runner; and the "Lakota Skies" series dealing with members of the Lakota Sioux tribe.

Taylor has written novels in other romance subgenres, including an innovative science fiction series and a number of contemporary titles. The science fiction series includes the novels Moondust and Madness, Stardust and Shadows, and Starlight and Splendor. Valley of Fire is a contemporary romance, as is Taking Chances, set in New Mexico and featuring the love between a lonely woman suffering from diabetes with which Taylor has been diagnosed and a rural doctor.

Mystery elements figure in Can't Stop Loving You, about a woman seek- ing the daughter she gave up for adoption fifteen years earlier, and In Too Deep, concerning a fiercely independent single mother with an extortion-minded ex-husband; Booklist reviewer Shelley Mosley termed the latter a "suspenseful, pulse-racing read. In Night Moves, a woman is charged with protecting her best friend's four-year-old son, a challenging task that becomes dangerous after the boy's parents are murdered.

Booklist reviewer Mosley described the novel as a "spine-tingling tale of suspense. Community Reviews.

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Sort order. May 07, Fre06 Begum rated it it was ok Shelves: abuse , annoying-main-mc-s , anti-hero , betraying-body-alert , cheating-in-my-opinion , doesnt-deserve-to-be-called-hero , he-is-a-wimp , he-was-not-redeemed , immature-h-and-or-h , jerk-hero. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. After all they go through he lets ow touch his dick even after h turns up alive Mar 18, Dinjolina rated it did not like it. But, if somebody was to ask me why this book got only 2 starts, then I would have to say — you know there is something wrong when you laugh your behind off over a love story and a conniving other woman.

Feb 13, Blue Falcon rated it it was amazing Shelves: tbr-master-list. Despite numerous hardships-many self-inflicted-they have welcomed a son, Bright Arrow, and are very much in love and happy. Which, of course, means something will happen to shatter their happiness. Two things, in fact. One occurs when soldiers kidnap Bright Arrow in an effort to bring Gray Eagle to heel. This effort fails somewhat as Gray Eagle rescues Bright Arrow. However, there is some sad news; Alisha was hit in the head, fell into a raging river and was swept away. She is believed to be dead. Alisha is later rescued by Brave Bear, her Blackfoot former suitor.

This creates many issues between her and Gray Eagle when he shows up to take her back to the Oglala camp. Despite being physically attracted to her-if you know what I mean and I think you do! Eventually, the couple reconciles, a secret is revealed, Gray Eagle and his warriors avenge an attack by soldiers, and for a while, happiness comes to Alisha and Gray Eagle.

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Taylor, Janelle 1944- (Janelle Diane Williams Taylor)

The characters are developed and the emotional level is turned up to The arguments that Alisha and Gray Eagle have could just as easily happen today as in when the book is set-or in , when the book was first published. Violence: In addition to the aforementioned rape of Leah and the assault on Alisha, there are other scenes of assault, shootings and other forms of violence.

It is not flawless, but it is very very good. Yeah, I read a trashy novel, everyone should read one just once, just to know what they're all about. And let me say to all you old ladies who devour them like peanuts - shame on you The trashy-ness is worse than you'd expect if you're normal and the plot is actually better than you'd expect I actually learned a thing or two. The fourth book takes place five years after Alisha Williams had been taken captive by Gray Eagle.

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She had been Princess Shalee and Gray Eagle's wife for four years now. They have a beautiful son Bright Arrow. Gray Eagle's father and chief Running Wolf has a slave Leah who is in love with Gray Eagle and is bound and determined to start trouble between the couple so she can work her way into Gray Eagle's tepee. When Shalee comes up missing Leah is the one who end's up taking care of Bright Arrow The fourth book takes place five years after Alisha Williams had been taken captive by Gray Eagle. When Shalee comes up missing Leah is the one who end's up taking care of Bright Arrow and Gray Eagle during there time of grief not knowing that Leah was a witness to the brutal struggle of her and the men who tried to kidnap her, who ended up hitting her in the head with a rifle and she fell into the river.

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Leah believes that Shalee is dead and when she does not return to the camp. But she is returned weeks later when her husband is sent word that she is in the camp with Brave Bear and Chela, but she has no memory of her past with the Ogala. Once back in her own camp she does not know her own son or husband. And Leah claims to be a friend but her words don't ring true.

And Leah is after her husband, she makes this very clear.

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So Shalee must get her memory back in order to not be in danger around Leah. And she needs her memory to feel comfortable around her own husband and child.