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As I travel, I enjoy meeting with people involved in various local technology scenes.

Pirate Party Germany

Earlier today I had the chance to meetup with Martin Kliehm , who sits on Frankfurt's City Council and is a member of the German Pirate Party as well as a local web dev personality. The activists had been meeting for months on a German wiki dedicated to re-creating the efforts of like-minded activists in Sweden, who had recently formed a political party known as the Pirate Party.

The Germans' physical meeting was an endearing collection; 50 turned up. They hold local government seats in Spain, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic. Party troubles aside, what I was expecting to hear from Kliehm was news of Frankfurt's burgeoning tech scene. As a side note, the German consulate in San Francisco is looking for organizations who would like to keep contact to organizations in Frankfurt.

Their children are allowed to go to school, but only until 9th grade thus limiting them from getting proper employment. His cause is almost completely unknown outside of Germany, a quick Google search resulted in no english results. Originally virtually nobody noticed the refugee camp, until people on twitter were calling for help in shock of police constraints that were violating human rights.

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Recently a Twitter hastag refugeecamp has been trending , German blogs, YouTube videos and live streaming has risen awareness about the situation. Finally newspapers and news channels get interested in the cause. Comment from the Organizers.. The hunger strike and the refugeecamp are in no way associated with the pirate party. A lot of the activists who are helping are members, but possibly because they have the online network to organize help fast. It is very important that the protest is not associated with the pirate party or any of its members, because that would make it a political dummy action that helps members of parties distinguish themselves.

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