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Fire Your Excuses at the People Academy Live!

RSVP: Please register here. Bill Dyment, a clinical psychologist, is a leading expert in permanent change.

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He is the co-author of Fire Your Excuses, a ground-breaking book and self-assessment highlighting our eight most common excuses and our current potential for change. To date, Dr. Dyment has delivered more than presentations to organizations, including hundreds of hospital audiences, of which many in Orange County. Dyment currently presents monthly wellness seminars for Cigna, Hoag Memorial and St.

Joseph Health Systems. In addition, he is a popular radio guest and frequently interviewed on Forbes.

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For that reason, they were happy to learn this new meaning for the word rationalize. At the same time, recognizing their rationalizations for what they were prevented them from being able to use them as they had done in the past.

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  • They could no longer lull themselves into complacency by justifying their unhealthy choices. They were now much more keenly aware that they were justifying; excusing; rationalizing; they were more keenly aware that they were doing nothing more than lying to themselves.

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    You attempt to relieve the tension through excuses and rationalizations and it works for a short while. The excuses help you feel a little better but only for a while.

    Episode #024: Dr. Bill Dyment, Author of Fire Your Excuses (with Dr. Marcus Dayhoff)

    In order to push your way through the phase of discomfort, you must learn to manage your excuses and rationalizations. You must learn to listen to a different inner voice — one that propels you forward rather than the one that is holding you back. Yes, that was my intention.