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Get up earlier in the summer and beat the heat. If it helps, do like a lot of warm countries do and take a siesta in the afternoon heat. Hanging in your backyard catching a few rays solo or going for a hike and need a quick cool off session? Well, there are misters for that too. You can choose between personal handheld misters like the TianNorth portable misting fan or large ones for everyone to share. See TianNorth prices here. Guaranteed soaking! Carry your own and wear a hat! This is one of the easiest products to keep you cool outside, and this not only applies to your kids, but to you too.

A wide brimmed hat is best, however we even enjoy wearing a bandanna. You can get double relief if you soak it in cool water first! Micki often finds wearing hats to be hotter than going bare headed. The trick is to find a hat that wicks away heat and moisture like the Mission Enduracool Cooling Performance Hat. Check prices here. Instead, find someplace with a constant breeze to help cool you off.

1. Pool time!

Remember when I said evaporation gives you a sense of cooling? The same thing applies to wind! Grab a kite, hold up your swirly bird or just bask in the cool sensations of the breeze blowing in your face. Take a big fan you all can enjoy! See prices and more here. Not a problem, grab a vest with a personal ice pack built in to whisk away your heat. Yup, stay cool by wearing breathable clothing. Want to cook? Throw on some rubber or latex pants. Want to be chill? A lot of workout gear is aimed at keeping you cooler and whisking away perspiration. Oh, gone are the days of youth.

10 things you need to beat the summer heat

Or, are they? Feeling a little warm on a hot summer day? Maybe one of the new spray parks that are popping up in every other neighborhood is the answer. Guess what? Lactose intolerant? Hate ice cream? No problem, go for a frozen yogurt, a gelato, a slushie, some shaved ice or even a popsicle. Bonus points if the shop or store you buy it in is air conditioned. Take a moment to really cool off you deserve it! A lot of summers , we keep a giant pack of ice pops in the freezer.

Extra points if you manage to get some real fruit juice in the mix, like these Fla-Vor-Ice Freezer Pops.

The temperature in Australia

See prices here. From cooling towels to swimming pools here were 10 ideas on how to stay cool this summer. Have a great tip on ways to beat the heat that you want to share? Great list. Staying hydrated is so important. So what's the point of all this? I expect no sympathy, of course. See chocolate, puppies, snack. And I know none of you, as accomplished and mature and summer-skilled as you are, can actually keep me cool.

So perhaps this is, in the end, a kind of good-for-always mea culpa to New York, the city I love:. Dear New York, I am sorry I yelled at you for three months. I am sorry I flirted with the suburbs. I am sorry I talked about the livability of, well, everywhere else while rolling my eyes at you. And when the winter comes, I will have your back. When someone groans about stepping in a black puddle of dirty sleet impossible for the human eye to see, I will defend you. When the subways are overheated to the point that it feels like you are being slowly suffocated by a stained sleeping bag, you will have my support.

And when it is February and the citizens of New York are so ashen that we look like someone has put the world's worst Instagram filter on each and every one of us, I will stand by you.

24 Tricks to Survive Hot Summer Nights (Without AC)

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Very solid AC. But someone always does.

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