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Worknest, Vitra, Switzerland. October Haus der Kunst, Munich, Germany. December 3.

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Presented in Cairo in , and Herford in Tri Postal. Lille Editions North Tiles, Kvadrat, Denmark.

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Paniers, Kartell, Italy. Alcove Sofa, Vitra, Switzerland. May November May July January Brno, Czech Republic. Home Collection for Vitra, including "self shelf', "box table", "late sofa", and "metal side table" Ed Vitra, Switzerland. Bath faucets system, Axor Hansgrohe, Germany. Stripe collection, Magis, Italy. Palazzo della Triennale Milano, Italie. November - February Prizes and Aquisitions Wallpaper Design Awards. Ed Biegel, Germany Conception of a filing system "case". Ed Magis, Italy Conception of a line of scented body products packaging : "l'eau d'Issey".

Ed De Vecchi, Italy. Cappellini, Milan.


Conception of "AIO tableware" Ed. Habitat, London Conception of "Corian small desk" , Ed. Authentics, Stuttgart Conception of the "spring chair", Ed. Cappellini, Milan Conception of "Lit clos", Ed. Voix dans les films voice. Le commandant Edward Ferrers. Julien Lacoste as Jean Pierre Cassel. Fabrice, Duc de Sauveterre. Mann im Aufzug. Robert Maillet. Roger Tunnell. Lieutenant Henri Karcher. Dancer uncredited. Jean Lou Anodin. Himself - Main Guest. Himself Interview.

Himself - Panelist. Himself - Host. Show all 7 episodes.

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Related Videos. Alternate Names: J. Cassel Jean Pierre Cassel. Edit Did You Know?

Dowry management in the neo-Babylonian period: A case study

I think he wanted me to. He was asked, "What kind of lens do I use? If the actor's good, put on a In neither role, however, was he appearing in an adaptation of a literary work in which that character appears. In Cyrano ja d'Artagnan , he played "d'Artagnan". That film was not based on any of Alexandre Dumas 's novels, or on the play "Cyrano de Bergerac", which featured a cameo by "d'Artagnan". In The Return of the Star Sign: Scorpio. Edit page. At a recent confab, panel members and everyday Palestinians discuss democracy, with their openness only highlighting the obedience enforced on Fatah and PLO Amira Hass Jul 06, It was hard to catch the name of the man, who was speaking in the Red Crescent building in the Gaza Strip.

The technique of video conferencing between Gaza and the West Bank, as the sole alternative to the forbidden hour-and-a-half trip, has improved greatly over the past 20 years — as the blockade has tightened on the coastal enclave and amid a drastic drop in the number of people authorized to leave it. This is how the conference of the Masarat center for policy research and strategic studies was carried out without any technical disruptions.

Each panel had speakers in El Bireh and Gaza, and at the end of every discussion, people in the audience could make comments, from both places.

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Two moderators ran the panels, one on each screen. But sometimes you could hear voices from the other hall, or the other microphone was left on and a few words that you were meant to hear got swallowed up — like the name of the man with the mane of white hair. The Palestinian people want democracy. I advise Masarat to organize a conference on building democracy in the Palestinian homeland. If there is no democracy, there is no point in anything.

The pain could be heard in his voice. An anti-U. The regular opinion polls by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research in Ramallah, headed by Khalil Shikaki, include a question on the degree of fear to speak out against the two regimes. The latest figures for Gaza are 44 percent and 52 percent, respectively. Last year, it attracted 15, visitors. On Monday, for the first time since the nuclear deal with Iran went into effect on Jan. The threshold of kilograms of uranium hexafluoride—corresponding to Trump claimed that withdrawal would lead to a better deal—it has not, and chances of that are diminishing if they ever were realistic.

It has been a long time coming. A little over a year ago, U. President Donald Trump decided to withdraw the United States from the nuclear agreement that bound Iran to carefully crafted restrictions on its nuclear program and intrusive inspections of its nuclear sites. He claimed that this action would lead to a better deal—it has not, and chances of that are diminishing if they ever were realistic. Le Figaro entend Allah Akbar partout! The unveiling of the U. Critics describe it as an amateurish pie-in-the-sky, shoot-for-the-moon, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink hodgepodge that promises projects that cannot be implemented, funded by money that does not exist and contingent on a peace deal that will never happen.

Israelis and Palestinians would have attended the Bahrain conference, while doing their best to suppress their inner guffaws. A Palestinian man steps on a painting depicting U. President Donald Trump during a protest against U. Constitution; the ongoing year military occupation of millions of Palestinians, on the other hand, seems to have escaped their attention.

The Palestinians have boycotted the Trump administration ever since, embarrassing Friedman, Greenblatt, Kushner and ultimately Trump in the process. In March , in a move strongly supported by Israel and vigorously endorsed by Evangelicals and other right wing supporters, Trump signed the Congressionally approved Taylor Force Act that prohibits U. Throughout the process, Trump and his peace team have lectured the Palestinians as a teacher reprimands an obstinate child. The Palestinians need to face reality, to lower their expectations, to land back on earth, Kushner and colleagues insist.

Not only will they never realize their dreams and aspirations, they should also forget their core demand for an independent state free of outside control and not confide inside Israeli-controlled gates. Israelis are worthy of such independence, the Palestinians are told, but you are not.

It is fed by anti-Palestinian prejudices prevalent in his peace team as well as his advisers and most of his political supporters. Women protest against the U. Bahrain, by any measure, is a humiliating bust. In a better world, they would take a hard look at themselves in the mirror and possibly have an epiphany. They can make an immediate adjustment that will cost them nothing but possibly achieve dramatic results.

Instead of incessantly rebuking, reproaching, reprimanding, threatening and intimidating the Palestinians in a way that garners cheers from Christian messianics and Jewish zealots, they could try and treat them, as Aretha Franklin sang, with just a little respect. It might not be enough to reconcile irreconcilable differences or to make peace, but it will signal that Trump is finally getting serious about his claim to be the peacemaker the world has been waiting for.

Alternatively, the Palestinians will continue to frustrate his designs and pray to Allah for his quick departure. Several political figures involved in discussions to form a new political alliance meant to stand in parliamentary elections were arrested beginning at dawn on Tuesday. The smell of shampoo wafted through the bathroom.

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Steam covered the mirror and blurred the image of the person standing in front of it. Before getting into the shower he had angrily debated right-winger Bezalel Smotrich about whether Israel should draft ultra-Orthodox Jews into the army.

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Israel has to be a state of all its citizens. Now the candidate for prime minister had to dry himself off and do some damage control. Drying off or not, this is something that actually took place on Twitter the other day, and it might have been funny. Once the steam lifted the picture was clear: racism in all its ugliness. From America to Germany, all are states of all their citizens. Only to their privileged citizens. The state belongs to everyone. A regime that segregates and discriminates is called apartheid. There is no other name.

From their standpoint Israel is a democracy for its Jews and a guesthouse for its Arabs. One moment he was in favor of a state of all its citizens and the next he was against. He has been against it all his life, like almost all Israeli democrats. How can a democrat be against a state of all its citizens?

Only in Israel. In no other democracy is there room for such a question. But in present-day Israel, right, left and center are talking apartheid — under the cover of the slogan a Jewish state.

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Smotrich at least admits to it, Lapid tries to hide behind a towel. A Saudi intelligence chief pleaded with British authorities to carry out limited strikes against Iranian military targets, just hours after Donald Trump aborted planned US attacks against the Islamic Republic, a senior UK official told Middle East Eye. The intelligence chief was accompanied by Saudi diplomat Adel al-Jubeir on his trip to London, the source said. Still, the Saudi lobbying efforts fell on deaf ears, according to the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the subject.

Global Hawks are massive surveillance platforms, in operation since , with a wingspan of more than feet and a maximum takeoff weight of more than 16 tons, equivalent to roughly seven shipping containers of cocaine. The White House had surprised journalists in Washington and Israel on an otherwise boring Sunday last month when it announced that the workshop would take place in the Gulf state on June But there have been a series of setbacks since then.

The Palestinian Authority is boycotting the conference and has succeeded in convincing Palestinian business leaders not to attend as well. Pourquoi pas? The datebooks of Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan for reveal that he cooperated with the Mossad in the fight against the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement. Reform Movement and others. It says the company would raise the private portion of its financing for the initiative from philanthropic sources or pro-Israel organizations.

A steering committee was to be appointed for the initiative to comprise representatives of the government and the other funding partners. This is how to monitor the government and its priorities or the actions it takes with more efficiency and transparency. It is also one of the most misunderstood. In the hours before the Rapid Support Forces descended on the protest camp outside the military headquarters in Khartoum at 5 am last Monday, alarm bells were already being sounded on social media.

The state of high alert had been building as small-scale skirmishes played out over the last few weeks, with the first coming when assailants dressed in RSF-like uniforms attacked the protest camp in mid-May on the same day that opposition forces and the transitional military council that has ruled the country since the Bashir ouster reached a preliminary agreement on a transitional plan.

After the violent dispersal of the Khartoum sit-in: Revolutionaries block roads, start civil disobedience MadaMasr. My blood soaked into my clothes while the vehicle drove to the district of Bori, east of Khartoum, where they threw me out to lay bleeding on the side of the road before a group of revolutionaries brought me to Yabstashiroun Hospital. As soon as my wounds were stitched, Rapid Support Forces stormed the hospital, but the doctors managed to hide me under the table they were working on. Bakri Othman, 28, whose head and hands were wrapped in medical gauze, recalled the events of Monday at dawn, after Rapid Support Forces stormed the sit-in outside of the military headquarters in Khartoum, Sudan, and opened heavy gunfire, dispersing the protest.

The number of casualties has risen to 35 confirmed dead and more than injured, according to the Sudan Doctors Union. Having recently published an academic article on the subject, this week he suggested an opposite narrative to the one that Netanyahu put forward. Not at all. Many studies have been published about Jewish volunteerism in the war against the Nazis, which reached a peak with the formation of the Jewish Brigade. On the one hand, Zionist historians naturally placed an emphasis on the role played by Jewish volunteers in the fight against the Nazis.

On the other hand, their Palestinian counterparts were focusing on the struggle against British rule and were not eager to glorify the names of those who cooperated with Britain not so many years after the British put down the Arab Revolt of , and thereby indirectly helped the Jews establish a state. One has to wonder why no organization was ever established to commemorate the actions of these Palestinian volunteers.

In fact, the records of the Palestinian volunteers, along with much of their personal archives and papers, have disappeared, much of it lost in the War of Independence. Over the last few years, Abbasi was able to learn of their story in Palestinian newspapers from the Mandate era, in memoirs and personal journals, and through interviews he conducted with a few of the last remaining volunteers who are still alive.

Hundreds became POWs, many others the exact figure is unknown were killed. Initially, the Palestinian and Jewish volunteers served in mixed units. And as reported here two years ago, the proximity of the Jewish and Palestinian fighters sometimes led to unusual outcomes, as in the case of Shehab Hadjaj, a Palestinian who enlisted in the British Army, was taken prisoner in Germany and died in