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Customer Reviews Average Review. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Kids' Books. Add to Wishlist. USD 6. Jan 09, Anya rated it it was amazing. This book made me so so happy right when I needed it. It's hilarious, I love the new mc's and a new dragon and kitten! Will there ever be more?? Sep 16, Marc Secchia rated it it was ok Shelves: middle-grades , humour. I loved the first three. While this one had great humour the protagonist seemed too shallow for my liking, and the denouement too trite.

A super series overall, somewhat dragged down by this final volume. Jun 20, Sara Saif rated it really liked it Shelves: seriously-so-good-i-can-t-even.

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The last book takes place roughly 16 years after the third one. The familiar characters popped up as Daystar made his journey through the forest along with his companions. That particular twist view spoiler [Mendanbar being trapped in his castle and separated from Cimorene for 16 years before his grown up son could break the spell hide spoiler ] was a bit unexpected for me. It added a tad seriousness to the easy-going nature of the story. S: Actual rating is not exactly 4 stars but close. View all 5 comments. When I first read the blurb about this book and realized it would be about Cimorene's son, I was worried.

Then I started reading and it was also in the first person, which was another change. However, I quickly realized that I enjoyed this book even better than the previous three in the trilogy, though it didn't have so much of the new magical ideas and items as the other ones. Daystar is now a teen and it's time for him to go help free his father, who has been magically bound his entire life. Un When I first read the blurb about this book and realized it would be about Cimorene's son, I was worried.

Unfortunately for him, while he knows a great deal about the Enchanted Forest and dragons, and even some about magic, he doesn't know that his mother is Queen or that he's a prince. He thinks they are relatively poor and his mother just knows a lot. Imagine his surprise when she shoves him off to have his adventures with nothing more than a sword she suddenly brings out of the forest. Daystar is very sweet and things do happen to him despite his efforts to be polite and stay out of trouble. Shiara is very talented and strong, though I found her a bit annoying for much of the book. By the end she wasn't so bad, though.

Their adventures mean that they run into many of the characters we came to know and love through the trilogy; those adventures are not recapped until the very end of the book. Daystar remains ignorant as people have to figure things out on their own when on a quest in the Enchanted Forest. All-in-all it was a excellent wrap-up and ending to the series. A bit better than the third one but not as good as the first 2. Questing his way through the Enchanted Forest, Daystar befriends a lizard, a fire witch, and a young dragon, and encounters elves, dwarves, witches, wizards, and many others before his quest is complete and he learns the truth about his extraordinary sword.

Not my favorite of the series, but still a very good book, and it does an admirable job of answering the questions left unanswered at the end of the previous book. I'm really glad I waited a few years to finish this series. This book picks up years after book three and has a new pov character.

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It meant everything I didn't remember mattered little towards my enjoyment of this story. I love how this series subverts fantasy tropes. It is funny and yet no-nonsense. I really enjoyed being back in this world. This is one of my favorite children's book series. Jan 11, Debrac rated it really liked it. Good ending to the series! Jul 04, Minna rated it it was ok Shelves: borrowed , children-s-books , dragons , fairy-tales , re-telling. A bit too snug and settled for my taste.

Perfect for tweens. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.


To view it, click here. I found this predictable. I did enjoy how polite Daystar was to everyone, but I began to despise Shiara by the end. Traveling with someone like her in an enchanted forest? Someone who refuses to be polite even after, clearly, the bushes have made their opinion known on her prior rudeness?

They could trap you in a prickly hedge and let you starve! But noooo. People should respect me. How did Daystar stand her? I understand the humor of her character to some degree. She pulled no punches and could sometimes be amusing in a completely blundering, unattractively angry and disrespectful way. She moved things along when people were being overly polite. But if someone were actually like that in life, it would be far from amusing. And how naive is Daystar to not see his mother is already setting him up with her in the future? The rest of the cast was good.

Daystar was a very polite gentleman, while still coming across a strong and lovable main character. The dragon reminded me of Killer from the previous book. Like, a ton to be desired. But everything was shiny in the end. Everything got a nice coating of Happily Ever After. If you paid attention to the plot at all, the explanations were obvious. Of course.

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But one upside is that Morwen and Telemain are finally together! About dang time too! As well as one fire-witch. None of it was graphic, but not everyone got away unscathed read: every wizard or bad guy, as per usual. Jun 05, Denae Christine rated it it was amazing Shelves: dragons , thrice-or-more , royal-mc , retellings , noblebright , epic-fantasy , listened-to , 1st-person-narrative.

Reader thoughts: I really enjoyed this book! Part of that was the switch to first person pov, which I adore. Daystar is so polite and honorable. He has some of the more dangerous adventures a baby dragon, exploding wizard staves, transdimensional doorway traps, a firewitch with anger issues, and an entire Enchanted Forest out to help him or harm him before he can get to the castle.

I'm glad he doesn't spend half his time whining and asking what is going on. He actually figures out the mystery in Reader thoughts: I really enjoyed this book! He actually figures out the mystery in the end and isn't upset that he had to be kept in the dark. Very good ending. I like that we get to see the familiar characters Cimorene, the wizards, Morwen, Kazul from the previous books through Daystar's eyes.

Everyone knows who he is and what he's supposed to do, but he thinks he's just the son of a poor woman living at the edge of a magical forest. Actually, his childhood isn't very believable. Why would Cimorene never have met with Morwen, Kazul, and Telemaine? Wouldn't Daystar know them? Why had he not traveled around and met everyone and know more about what's going on? Perhaps Cimorene gave him a growth potion, and she's only been hiding him for a few months.

Writer thoughts: Why switch to a first person pov? Is it to help readers feel more grounded in this time rather than still thinking we're following the other characters 16 years ago? Or is it to keep from giving away any of the spoilers that all the other characters know but Daystar doesn't? Whatever it is, I like it. Nov 07, Gerriane rated it liked it Shelves: fantasy-or-has-magic. Right now I'm a bit confused. The story was alright but I felt like it wasn't as good as the other books. By 'good' I mean, well-plotted, funny or interesting. There were still some twists to the usual fairy tales but not as much as before and I got the feeling that it was mainly about Daystar and his sword.

This is because view spoiler [ a voice keeps saying 'Hail the Bearer of the Sword! Differences: view spoiler [ 1 I though that Mendenbar and Cimorene were already married when the sword was stolen! I missed 'seeing' the older characters.

Oh and the plot twists weren't really that shocking since everything was sort of foretold in the third book. View all 4 comments. He is on a sent on a quest with a magical sword. Along the way, he meets evil wizards, a fire witch named Shiara, and a young talking dragon. The first time I started this book, I had not read any of the others. I read about 30 pages in a restaurant while waiting for my food because it was the only book I had with me. I didn't finish because I don't really like to read things out of order - but I was intrigued In book 4 of the Enchanted Forest Chronicles, the narrator is Daystar, Cimorene's son.

I didn't finish because I don't really like to read things out of order - but I was intrigued enough to read the rest of the series once I found them at the library. In hindsight, I think that for the first part of the book, it works really well to not read the other books first.

In order to rescue the King and break the spell of the evil wizards, Daystar must not know the significance of the sword he's carrying. If he knows the nature of the sword, the wizards can use a finding spell to find the sword. So an ignorance of the previous story makes Daystar's point of view fresher and more realistic. I can't recommend reading the entire book prior to reading the other three - it would spoil the others! And all four are really fun reads.

This book was a satisfying conclusion to the series. Jul 16, Punk rated it really liked it Shelves: fantasy , young-adult , dragons. YA Fantasy. Book three in this series ends on a cliffhanger and book four picks up sixteen years later. That was unexpected.

We've also got a new narrator for this one: Daystar, a very polite, logical young man, whose mother slaps a sword in his hand and sends him off into the Enchanted Forest one day without really telling him why. His mother is, of course, Queen Cimorene, and his dad's off in a magical coma, but Daystar doesn't know any of that. He's just trying to make sense of this sudden ne YA Fantasy. He's just trying to make sense of this sudden need for him to go on some unexplained quest.

Along the way he meets a young dragon and a fire-witch with a temper and they all work together to get Daystar where he needs to be. This book's as good as the first in the series, and for the same reasons. Daystar's plucky like his mom, good with magic like his dad, and just a smart, funny narrator.

He's also a first person narrator, which kept throwing me for some odd reason. Probably because it read more like a very removed third person, so the pronouns kept surprising me. Four stars. A nice end to this series and a lot of fun all on its own. View 2 comments. Apr 11, Cheryl rated it really liked it. I've done reading the whole series, so will copy these comments to 3rd and 4th book, too. Love the humor. Love the breezy adventure and endearing characters. Each book focuses on different folks, but the sequence events counts, and I do not recommend trying to read them as stand-alones.

The ending of 2 is a bit worrisome, and the ending of 3 is a cliff-hanger, and 4 does have some intensity not necessarily suitable for the youngest readers. On the whole, they're clean and fun, I'd say fine for I've done reading the whole series, so will copy these comments to 3rd and 4th book, too. On the whole, they're clean and fun, I'd say fine for ages 9 up but if your younger child wants to read them you should also.

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Um, they're also not really memorable - they're probably best suited for people who like to reread books because there's a lot going on, but nothing heavy enough to make an impact on the reader's worldview. I know it's partly my fault because I read them so fast - but then, they were fast reads, and I couldn't help it. I'm sure kids would, and probably some adults. Aug 05, Lumi rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites.

This wonderful amazing phenomenal book is doubtless one of my favorites ever to grace my bookshelf! I first read it as a young fifth or sixth grader, and soon I had read it multiple times. The fantasy setting is definitely for kids. It's light, magical, and generally fun. The "bad" characters are bad in a fairy-tale kind of way, and yet the archetypal hero and heroine's roles are complex enough to be interesting. It is about a small rabbit who whines all the time.

One night Peter hops into the dark forest and meets some Whimper-Whineymen. He discovers that not only do the Whimper-Whineys whine all the time, but they are very ill-mannered and rude. He discovers that everything is sour in Whimper-Whineyland and decides his mother was right! If only he can get back home. Since he is a toymaker, he brings his bag of toys - and offers them to the Christ Child, and then to all the people of the town. His birthday gift to Jesus is a promise to bring gifts to all good boys and girls each year on the Christ Child's birthday.

I have a new rhyming book which has just been released. He discovers that being polite is the solution, and he makes many friends in the process. The plays are all written using popular songs interspersed with rhyming lines, created so that each child has at least one line in the performance.

There is an additional play currently under consideration. Briefly, the plays are:. Mary has brought her lamb to school and now the lamb is lost.

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Mary, with the help of Mother Goose, meets many storybook friends as she searches for her lost lamb. Grades