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Despite the tragic, and at times, melodramatic nature of the verse, the melody is broad and expansive in scope an octave plus three notes. The setting of this tune in Prairie Songs is intended to convey a feeling of grandeur and beauty of the land before time.

Life on the Rugged Plains

The second section of the piece quotes "The Turkey Song" which some authorities believe originated in Kentucky and moved west with the settlers. It is found in various collections of childrens' folksongs, including those of Pete Seeger and Jill Trinka.

JEFF The Brotherhood:Prairie Song Lyrics

Common Melodic patters beween the two songs make them sound as though they are related. The two themes are presented concurrently in the maestoso section just prior to the coda allegro.

Gustav Holst - First Suite in E-flat

Although scored for first clarinets, the pickup to measure 9 can be used to feature a solo player, with tutti resuming at the pickup to measure At measure 24, the ensemble must not eclipse the melody in the alto and tenor saxophones, and euphonium. Pay close attention to the articulation markings throughout the allegro section. Notes that conclude slurred passages are often marked with a staccato and should be played short, but not clipped or accented. The canonic section at measure 84 should remain piano until the sudden forte just before measure The two themes are combined at measure , and dynamics may have to be adjusted accordingly.

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Oklahoma Attractions: Pioneers and Prairie Song Living Museum

Pin It. Prairie Song Platte River, Nebraska Limited Edition of Artist Proof 95 The sun sets across a classic Midwestern landscape, complete with the silhouettes of familiar cottonwood trees, a windmill, and skeins of geese in the distance.

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