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Calm and use the discount code Rogan at checkout that's discount code Rogan at Birdwell, pick up your first pair of birdies and see why they have been an American icon since and we are also brought to you by quip that's the motherfuking toothbrush I use. Com Rogan and last but not least we are brought to you by black tux wedding season motherfukers it's here people getting hitched and if you can do it big and go all out at your buddy's wedding you know you're never going to wear that God damn thing again right you know where it wants but you want to look good well that's where the black tux.

Com Rogan that's the black tux. German how are you buddy what's up brother I haven't seen you well the last time we saw each other it was just now but before that was right before the election the day before the world changed squirrely to Rams squirrel does not literally it seems like a lifetime of a different life for me I think it's a different life for you think about how much is change for both of us but it seems like another planet like an alternate universe or the day before the election in a lot of ways right Selana.

I mean we have all the answers and I sure as hell no I don't and I don't think you think you do either but we're at least given him a little room to figure it out and it's pretty cool well the thing about Peterson it's ever been fasting these how many people misrepresent what he says to try to frame handle him in a way that makes him evil and makes their position seem more ethical or moral or better or more intellectual this so many articles being rented.

I am almost on a daily basis he didn't misrepresent what he's saying it's epic bullshit I mean that's all it is nice guys want clicks that's all they want I mean I have we done about 20 shows in the last 6 weeks or so bounced around from Nashville and Houston and Atlanta in Chicago and everywhere else the crowds have been incredible it's a price but you know first.

They always go was angry white man that's an appointment at 4 so let's say it was all Angry white men there that in and of itself doesn't mean it's bad let's say there was like a really disaffected group of angry white men that really felt like by their masculinity had been compromised or they couldn't get jobs or they didn't feel good about their life like if it was someone talking to them that was helping them that would actually be good let's just put that aside right cuz they don't mean it in a positive way so now I can tell you about 60 40 male to female roughly at Jordan and it's.

What are they don't think the left is necessarily that way either I mean there's a real issue right with people that only identify with other women women that only identify with women and don't care about men there's a real issue with people that are only American they don't care about the rest of the world but I think we left it's doing this is the right is doing this I think it's just tribal it's just as weird thing that human beings tend to gravitate towards tribes for sure we can I talk about things usually from a little more of a political and then I think you do so down however you want two parts that tribalism right so yes.

I don't know any of them I mean Johnson libertarian candidate you know libertarian candidate Rand Paul should be if he really had the balls to be what he is a takedown you could do two hours with him and he'd be a lot better in a lot of ways but he should be the guy but he doesn't have the balls to do it because he wants to maintain being a Republican senator in Kentucky and he's not going to do it if you have to leave the party but if but I've seen a major shift I think in Republicans or at least conservatives or generally people on the right whatever you want to call that thing there is a massive libertarian streak that is alive and then right now which is why most of the people that I like these days that I get along with that I think are are fair and decent and honest are pretty much libertarian.

You might want to try it somewhere else where they're going to tax you less but that's the beauty of the things you want to leave the country so that the federal government should pretty much do nothing it should make sure we're not warring with each other that the states are. Waring that's about MN protective orders beyond that it doesn't have to do a lot leave it to the states let it look if you had a problem here you know your sewage leak right outside you want the federal government to deal with that or do you want the local municipality to deal with that you want everything to be as local as possible because that's how you influence thing and that's how you as an individual will be empowered and that's all I'm saying this clamoring for the government to take care of everything when you hear you heard a little bit of from Bernie but I just think again a lot of that is like it it's not doing it now so the idea is that the solution to be of the government takes over we take more rich people's taxes you know any deal spout off about income inequality and take that money and redistribute it and then somehow or another that's going to fix everything but it's not you just go to make government bigger you can have more jobs you can have more job in government.

I mean that's the thing it's like big block you want to get free college education about free stuff it's not free I mean that this should this is just stupid lazy thinking to say it is free it's not fair you got to pay the janitor and you got to pay the professors and every other day mean free for students and their the idea being that our taxes instead of going towards the military they would go towards education think it's free but it's not for you obviously have to pay for it but I think McDonald's said within 5 years it's all going to be iPads go to have to McDonald's and you know fast food places in airports now it's all iPad so if you the more you're going to the government which done do anything right or well or efficiently the more you're going to spend more on employees with an all these businesses are just going to figure out ways which they should do I mean that's Ingenuity right they will figure out ways to save cost save expenses and then less.

Some banana stuff here and she's not going to go anywhere there's universities all over the country they're constantly teaching kids I mean for the most part these are there it's a small percentage it's a small percentage but they have way over influence on the amount of people they have scared the majority into silence I mean I don't know how often you're doing colleges these days but I don't have it all I'm doing them all the time.

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I don't even know that they all over there to protest me specifically but anyway that day was the day that Candice and Charlie ended up on TMZ with Kanye so they bailed on me and just left who have me for the wall they were on TMZ with Kanye just couple weeks ago Bay Kanye showed up at the TMZ offices with them so they just showed up with him and they blew off there there's good appearance what it was.

It was me and University New Hampshire Kane and TMZ yeah but they had a schedule like they're supposed to be there and they just decided not to so the people like paid. But but the whole thing behind it is you don't you don't cancel a gig because he got another gig that you think is better for you last minute that's terrible what's that phrase man the The Show Must Go On supposed to go on for sure so I saw you getting it was that the lady that. Everything he's ever said the Candace Owens I don't agree with everything can to someone says I don't have it a lot and this is nothing wrong with having a conversation like that in fact it's Illuminating here at the Times peace okay it says it seems to me that if you're willing to sit across from an Alex Jones or Mike cernovich and take him seriously there's a high probability that your reason for shorting the IDW is he an ability of certain members to see this is a fatal error Sans about me but I have a list right.

We could go places he's a fun. I don't believe everything he believes I think he's silly in a lot of ways but I like a lot of people that I don't agree with I don't have to agree with them I didn't know about his Sandy Hook tonight if I did it would have been the first thing I pressed him on when I talk to him I want to do it with my crazy friend Eddie Bravo cuz he believes every fucking conspiracy theories together and it was the klusterfuk that I hoped it would be a good thing about it is it showed people who else really is that showed a side of him that you just don't get from his infowar show you get to see him.

I am laughing and drunk and pounded whiskey and fucking around and people like oh I can see why you like that car I can see why he's fun we had a good time together things in the idea that this is only red or white that it is 1 or 0 to Binary that's ridiculous your position I think I think she's doing a smart thing because she's a writer for the New York Times I do have a lot of ridiculous people on and you have had ridiculous people on here but she left at ABIA if you take them Susie I do not take Alex Jones is opinion on interdimensional child molester seriously I don't soros's giving the marijuana fucking dosage recommendation that I don't know what to do with her now.

This gatekeeping thing I'd I just think it's interesting because if we're going to do what we do well at whatever level we do it it's like we're going to have to talk to people that people don't like listen CNN Primetime you know the OJ Simpson lawyers on on Monday he could have a Castro Seinfeld on Tuesday he could have a magician on Wednesday could have Lucille Ball if she was still alive on Thursday and then you know George the Secretary of State or something so no one thought he endorsed all of those ideas were friends with all those people but I think somehow now because because this feels like your home mine is actually in my home the way we are we're different we're friendlier we're not sitting here with no cards and with I have bees and and and all that.

Everything I said for the first 10 minutes. August and I get so crazy but I have to pick it up again in August I've been writing and now I'm on the road what's up. I mean I do want to go too far and put it in a fact it's when I get that prageru video about why I left the left that's sort of the Genesis of it of a sort of giving people a little bit of a road map what is a prageru video on our way to spray a conservative on economic and foreign policy yet so I did one year and a half ago February of last year I had actually never said the phrase why I left the left but I just talked about my frustrations with the left and why I believe in freedom and liberty they titled it why I left the left and actually the first the first half hour when it dropped I was pissed because I was like man did they just like blowing my gig like I really felt at that time I feel a little differently now that I was trying to fix the left from within or at least have conversations as someone that was one of.

I just think that that's a tricky one that's the that's different he's a guy promoting something on one of the things that he owns in a pride Mouse ears. Drew gay in solidarity on a sandwich every time I've gone into Chick-fil-A when you got a chick late are they nice or not yes or no in there twice and are they nice okay yeah yeah I don't know man I just don't think that I don't think there's that much outrage I think there's a business an outrage though and they're certainly a business a lot of people that write these articles and did the the Jordan Peterson thing has been very Illuminating to me because I watch them misrepresent his positions on so many different things and call him so many horrible names transphobic racist all right all these different things and in do so with you know with no justification of rationalization will you look at the actual article and they don't they don't post to what he actually said it's like that woman in the.

I don't know I don't know if we can work together we've only been doing it for 40 years I don't know why do women wear makeup in the workplace why do women wear short skirts and high heeled why do they I don't think he's saying you can. I discussed this many times including on stage with him why does he keep retweeting the Articles his belief is Mom still here I'm still here I have expose them and I'm still here and if anything I'm bigger because now it was a guy who's his friend yeah I know he's pissed about that one that was a weird one because the guys argument was shit it was like I was like why I think Jordan Peterson is dangerous dangerous you didn't explain why the chances like that if you write something like that it doesn't make any sense now I'm going to discredit your opinion then I got to think about I'm not going to let me listen to this intelligent person's perspective I'm going to go this is that silly fuck that I'm that dumb idea about Jordan Peterson I feel like it was just it was some sort of a rationalization for him getting attention to Virtue signal over what Peterson Assange didn't make any sense I don't think I actually read that that full one but I know that your eyes.

Nothing you got nothing in that what you just did. I would have been thrilled if it was like I love Brett me something about Brett Twilight or whatever powerhouses so it's like if there's any like each other each other you let guys like them discuss them they just it was very unfortunate that at least their first person.

The second one I think was much better but the first one was just a clusterfest I called Sam up afterwards I was like this is like right this is a non conversation you guys had he's like yeah I just got Beno stock in the country in the world.

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The older guy John not John expose got in trouble with Dave cross's wife he said it like David cross's wife said that he tried to hit on her when she was 16 James Woods he's really means but it's probably like 75 years old whenever he is probably I don't give a fuck anymore I mean I'm pretty sure he's got fuck you money like I don't matter. Thanks for sharing this!

Like someone said, this is very detailed and probably took you some time and it is greatly appreciated. I really love your tips and plan to start doing twists and updos as part of my routine. It really works, as can be seen from your growth! That olive oil spray sounds good too. So simple! I need something to moisturize my hair daily too so this is right up my alley. Its a good one because its so easy to moisturize your whole head with spray, lol. I find that when a routine becomes too difficult or has too many steps, I am not interested! Thanks again! You all really are the best! Thank you so much G Joseph.

#1 Hair Loss MISTAKE You Can Make! (How To KEEP Your Hair)

This post did take some TLC and it makes me smile to know you all can find something that is useful to you. I had to give myself a high five for the olive oil spray, lol. YES, saves a whole lot of time and I am feelin anything that is beneficial and saves time! Very informative, you make me want to try loose twist to achieve what you stated the look and feel of wearing my hair sans protective style. I have to let the mini twist away for a challenge and it might be a good alternative. Have you made a video about your loose twists? Oh please Moih Aunaturel no mistakes, nothing but perfection!

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Also Alicia James has a great version of my loose strand technique on her channel. Thank you and my pleasure :. Greetings Cipriana! I so greatly appreciate all your time and effort. I love you UrbanBushBabes. Thanks again for all that you do Thank you so much LuvitHeart and we appreciate you!!! I am so glad you are loving the loose twists look, it definitely has been my savior in finding a happy medium of wearing my hair out without fear of devastating tangles, lol. Thank you again :DDD.


Excellent post! I am going to incorporate the coconut oil scalp cleaning and try your method for sealing my ends. Thanks for the informative post. Willow you are so welcome! Remember to clear scalp first then apply oil. You can also dampen your fingers with water when you clear your scalp. Let me know how it turns out down the road. The darker the castor oil the more effective it is scientifically proven due to a higher ash content from roasting of the bean.

The plant itself is very dangerous and its coated with a toxin that is dangerous to all living things. Many workers in China where a lot of the Castor fields are located are injured every year by touching the plant. The castor oil harvested from castor beans is perfectly safe for humans.

However, the byproduct of harvesting castor oil is an extremely toxic poison called ricin. Ricin is present in the seeds of the castor plant as well as in the castor oil production byproduct. ToxicityA single gram of ricin is estimated to be 6, times more toxic than cyanide and 12, times more toxic than the venom of a rattlesnake. I dont trust Castor oil, but Cipriana is educating me on why she likes the black castor oil which may change my opinion about not using any form of it at all.

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So the risk of the toxin that comes from the castor bean plant is non existent after this roasting? Monniej, we appreciate you so much!

Thank you!!! This makes my heart sing knowing you are seeing results. A big thank you again!!! I have decided to simplify my regime and focus on moisture retention. Unfortunately all the natural oils I have used do not effectively seal my hair. Plain old grease keeps moisture sealed in at least days. But until I find something better…. I wash once a week and i find that scrubbing with the palms of my fingers is sometimes not enough to get off the buildup on my scalp.

Hey Lulu, so glad to share Just remember to lightly scratch and meduim to low cut fingernails help. It is amazing how beneficial this process has been in my routine. Oh I am with you Lulu, I love massages!!! You two never cease to amaze me and I always learn something new on this site!

Question: I understand the actual method of loose twisting but how do you stretch your hair in the first place to get that light and fluffy look like in the video when you took everything down? Is it a length thing? Ivy that is such a compliment, thank you so much! So I definitely have to stretch my hair first to achieve that look! I try to dust every week but sometimes because of my schedule it may be delayed a week or two. It give me great pleasure toostop by ur site,the info you give are very helpful. You are 1. Zadaya1, you are too kind. Thank you so much but really it gives us pure joy to know that the information we are providing is helping.

Especially with all the amazing natural hair sites that rock as well. Thank you so much again we deeply appreciate your words. Thank you so much for sharing your regimen! It was really detailed, but I do have a question or two. Do you wash your hair loose, in sections, or are the twist still in when you wash? After I have finished detangling I will stretch my twists with braids or bantu knots. I have type 4 hair as well.

Thank you, Cipriana, for your reply!! For a while there was a lack of quality blogs that featured women with type 4 hair. Thank you so much for filling this void and sharing your information with us. Cipriana thanks for the whole information, it is very helpful, but i would like to ask what are the available protective updo styles for a short hair of 10 months old.

How to Reverse Hair Loss

Do you also wash your hair monthly when it was below 1 year old or do you wash it frequently, i would await your reply thanks. Its great to see your routine. I love what you said about updos. It kills me that people still get hung up over people choosing to wear protective styles all the time. As if you are not supposed to like it. You clearly are showing off your hair. I remember seeing your picture on black girl long hair and knew your hair was taken care of.

I really hope more people can get that through their head. Thanks so much for sharing Cipriana. Love how thorough you are with things. Then once dry, I unravel the loose braids and finger detangle the loose twists with my oils. Awe man, you know these kinds of words make me gush and I have allergies!!! Thank you 1, times over Junfrau What is the best water based moisturiser in your opinion.

Thank you so much for your hair regimen!! I loveeeeeeeeee it!!! I will continue doing loose twist until…. One question: what do you say to the individual who is physically active throughout the week and, as a result of sweat, cannot afford to NOT condition their hair regularly? The sweat dries out my hair and I feel forced to wet it condition only at least every other day.

Am I wrong in the understanding that sweat makes your hair dirty? I also love the dry finger detangling idea. Is this true? Why is that, and what is the benefit? You guys are my new found hair idols. Questions, I recently lock my hair I follow checalocs and I am totally natural hair obsess will like to know what shampoo and condition you suggest?

And What do I do about my very dry brittle hair?? I have visit your blog many time before but disappointment kept me from following because most blogs i follow everyone have amazing long and healthy hair. I am really curious about your regiment and try to see maybe if it can work cause nothing else has. I make custom wigs you think that might work as a protective style? I love these oils you have mentioned. It contains a lot of what you just mentioned.

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  • I am determined to try it now! Thanks for your input! I love your website. Her hair is extremely dry and brittle , the ends knot up and tangle even tho I keep her hair in twist. She will be swimming 5 days a week. Any suggestions? Thank you for posting! When you wash your hair, do you wash it in the twists? Or do you take the twists out and wash in bigger sections? I have type 4 hair with multiple textures a-b-c, no kidding lol :D. Seal Ends Weekly This is a process that I have recently incorporated about 8 months ago into my regimen and I must say has helped tremendously in the condition of my ends, of eliminating breakage and drastically reducing split ends.

    Dust You of course have the option to trim but I prefer to dust my ends. Weekly Clearing and Scalp Massages with Coconut oil Since I wash my hair monthly my regimen consists of weekly scalp clearings once a week. Patience When dealing with extremely curly textures, adopt the snail attitude…slow and steady wins the race.