Guide Hollywood and Catholic Women:Virgins, Whores, Mothers, and Other Images

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Mary, mother of Jesus

The File on Robert Siodmak in Hollywood New Mexico Filmmaking. Location Filming in the Alabama Hills. Charles Michael Morfin. Philosophy of Film An Introduction. John N. Dunbar Ph. Language and Cinema Approaches to Semiotics [As]. Where the Movies Played in Downtown Pittsburg h. Bill Markley Jim Hatzell. Star Wars The New Myth. Max S. Kay Michael J. Author Kathryn Schleich wondered why women in Hollywood have so few choices.

As an adult convert to Catholicism, Schleich was introduced to the equally patriarchal hierarchy of the Catholic Church.

Mary the Virgin Mother

Seeing the reality of Catholic women being barred from full participation in so many of the important, meaningful practices of the Church, Schleich again asked, "Why? Why should a group of nuns who have escaped East Germany need the help of a wandering handyman to build a chapel? How is it that the brutal murder of a whore can trigger the redemption of an ambitious priest? And why can't Ingrid Bergman and Bing Crosby live the religious life, side by side, happily ever after?

From — she was the owner of a freelance business, The Last Word, Inc. Wilder Foundation in St. Paul, Minnesota. Grand Slam. Giving up the baseball tickets as part of the divorce settlement was the hardest thing for her. Injuries can brutally impact a sports team, taking them from winners to losers in no time, in the same way injury had forever altered their marriage.

Ted had had a detached retina and the surgery was outpatient with no initial complications. Two days later however, he was rushed into emergency surgery to clean out a fast-moving infection, brought about when the anesthesiologist sliced the back of his throat during intubation, turning it into a breeding ground for bacteria. After surgery, Ted was placed in a medically induced coma for 72 hours to expedite healing.

But from the moment the doctor had brought Ted back into the world, his personality had become almost surly, a degree turn from the loving and sweet-natured person he had once been.

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Baseball became one of few things they had in common until Ted shut down completely, barely speaking to her. It was, after all, just a game. Sarah had not always loved baseball. Now, she felt cheated that he wanted those tickets for himself, because the Twins had become her team, too. Instead of dreaming of a star-encrusted summer night at the new ballpark in Minneapolis, Sarah immersed herself in painting all the rooms in the house.

She asked her friend, Laura, a professional painter, for help and advice. But I need help with color. Where in the house do you want to start? Sarah smiled. See the blue and grey flecks in the carpet? I want to bring those out. Laura spread the fan of colors out over the carpet. Like these two shades. Painting will make the rooms feel new and fresh.

Hollywood and Catholic Women : Kathryn Schleich :

Laura was right, this was exciting. Sarah insisted on helping as there was an added benefit - painting allowed her to avoid the sports pages discussing the free agent trade of a side-winder pitcher she particularly liked and the acquisition of a Japanese superstar outfielder. Sarah could rationalize that she was just too busy working on the house to be bothered with sporting news, even if she knew it all.

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One day while they painted, Laura brought up the Twins. Rather than fight about them and money, I let him have the Twins tickets. Laura frowned. Maybe this summer you and I can go. I would love to see a game.

Larger Work

Sure, we could do that. Her next project was to remodel both bathrooms. I want to know what it feels like to break something and not feel bad about it. The contractor placed the large sledge-hammer in her hands. She raised the hammer above her head and brought it down to the floor in one fluid movement ending in a crash. It felt good to smash something.

For Sarah, she was acknowledging the demise of her marriage. Once the white-on-white bathrooms were completely renovated into soothing sanctuaries of warm browns and cool blues, Sarah considered this the last remnants of Ted disappearing. As opening day approached, Sarah was relieved that her two favorite Twins players — two local boys making their mark in the big leagues - were healthy. The previous year both had suffered injuries, and Sarah noted a local sports columnist predicted the Twins would end the season in third place, because the team was getting old.

Months before, when they had agreed to separate, Ted had initially talked her into a legal separation where they would still be married in the eyes of society and the Catholic Church. Then, Sarah discovered Ted was having an affair with a church staff member. As fortune would have it or misfortune, depending on your point-of-view , Sarah learned this from another member of the church. Her husband liked to talk with her, and the two seemed to always have their heads together about something.

In the hall. But, I saw them in the foyer on Monday. On the lips. I nearly dropped my teeth. This is it for me. Sarah sighed deeply, sadness infusing her voice. She recalled confronting Ted about his relationship; how much she had dreaded it. Too many she thought. Ted had been insistent Joe was abusive. Now, it appeared he was blatantly cheating on her. They were just sitting down to one of their favorite meals when she broached the topic of his betrayal. Sarah added mashed potatoes to her plate. You have to ask him. She cleared her throat.

He stared at her as though she had grown an extra head. Sarah had tried to mask the biting sarcasm in her voice. After that, the strain between them had become unbearable. You need to move out. You did not. These and other thoughts would dance through her head.