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Install the batteries correctly! To drive her wild! Free batteries included. Frisky Fingers Light Up Bullet. Textured silicone sleeve adds stimulation. Contains bullet vibe inside. This is a dildo with practicality in mind. Its length is impressive, but not outrageous, the girth is satisfying, but not intimidating, and the texture is inspired by an actual erect penis, complete with protruding veins and arrow-shaped tip. See similar items. After using the sex toy, wash it thoroughly in warm water with antibacterial soap.

Jack Rabbit. The Waterproof Jack Rabbit is made of soft jelly. The shaft has five rows of rotating synchronized internal beads. The clit teasing rabbit has a powerful internal bullet. The EZ load battery case requires three AA size batteries. Keep it confidently in your purse or car and use it anywhere you like. A throbbing bullet is located right at the tip of this rabbit vibrator and a super-powerful clitoral bullet is located down the shaft.

LeLuv Ribbed like a dragon this is the rotating rabbit vibrator features a unique vibration right at the tip and an extra-powerful clitoral vibrator. Results Pagination - Page 1 1 2 3. Got one to sell? Make an Offer. Passion parties personal Massager. Make Offer - Passion parties personal Massager.

Doc Johnson Go Vibe, Clear. Make Offer - Female-Multispeed-B. Shop by Category. Features see all. G-Spot Stimulation. At least the fleshlighters are paying for something they can actually fit their head in and screwing something instead of being screwed. Microsoft Halo Legendary Edition comes with an entirely different type of helmet. Also a different type of "comes.

The crazy is when you remember that this is a product for people who want to pretend to have sex with alien cats and realize how they catered to that. James Cameron achieved it with a quarter of a billion dollars in special effects on a meter screen. That's not attention to detail; that's a terrifying lack of imagination. If you're already pretending that a tube of plastic is an alien female from beyond the stars who is alive, biocompatible, and willing to use both of those facts on your penis, you really shouldn't need color-coding to keep that fantasy going.

That's a worse failure of imagination than having a wet dream about pissing the bed. On the upside, the imaginary outside comes with a double clitoris.

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It's well-known that the Internet is full of dicks, but that's not insulting the people in comments sections. Because these dicks are useful and women like them. I won't say that some of my best friends are dildos, but I know for a fact that a couple of my best friends' best friends' are dildos. And an army of online erotic engineers have realized that constructing artificial genitals and then sticking to the standard human design is like using virtual reality to simulate watching TV. Getty "My God, it's like I'm really sitting on my ass with a screen in front of my eyes!

Necronomicox Toys crafts the first to rise from the Stygian depths, only to descend to another Stygian depth both related to nether regions : The "Mythos. It doesn't actually name Cthulhu, because: a you're really not meant to do that; that's the entire point of Lovecraft's stories.

If your mind can't encompass the full scale of the Mythos, it might not be the only thing. At 11 inches long and 2 inches across not around -- across, and ouch , this thing is terrifying in entirely understandable and normal biological ways. Alien Dildos takes it to or rather, from the stars, offering your choice of xenomorphallus. Strangely, the "Alien" dildo looks less like a penis than that movie's monsters. For fantasy todger, there's Bad Dragon , as long as you understand that here "fantasy" doesn't mean "tall dark stranger," it means "giant humanoid dragons with terrifyingly anthropomorphized penii.

It's about as Internetty as a company can get without selling routers. Every product even comes with a full story and truly terrifying fan art, and I do mean they come in both. The Hammer is the most amazingly nerdy sex toy ever constructed. Someone realized that male and female electrical connectors have adapters and thought, "Why should they have all the fun? And those fairground "Test Your Strength" games only display your manliness by implication. Getty Nothing phallic about this at all. The Toymaker Project. The bulb measures your clenching strength, lighting the shaft from base to tip.

Using an Arduino system, for the electronics makers out there. Higher intensity causes people to see brighter lights and swirling colors. Since the bulb can be inserted into any orifice, and the dildo section can be inserted into any orifice that's what dildos are for , this genital converter has at least nine possible permutations and can work between two people of any combination of genders.

If you think you've got a pair where it won't work, you're really not thinking hard enough. Or otherwise being hard enough. Either way, the Hammer can help with that. It's also the best possible response to anyone who wants to turn the lights off before sex. In movies, the stereotypical sci-fi sexbot uses electronics to make it easier for men to screw women. This reverses that polarity. Just to max out the nerd quotient, inventor and demonstrator Kristen Stubbs of the Toymaker Project wears a Captain Hammer T-shirt while showing it off. But considering that she built a big electronic system designed to make everyone look at how big and brightly colored her dick is, she's really more of an Iron Man.

This Toni Stark of sexuality said, "I wanted a glowing penis, so I built one. That's a real problem-solving attitude: taking things in hand and enjoying them, even if you have to make them yourself. Luke meets a steampunk superstar in an interview with Professor Elemental and looks at the ultimate video game movie. Luke also tumbles and responds to every single tweet. In fantasy there is a diversity of possibility She also runs an online boutique to go with her Los Angeles-based pop-up shop, and her website is worth a visit for the photography alone.

This Madison-based bookstore, named after the Virginia Woolf essay, has been a thriving space for the local feminist community since They have training programs, sponsor races, and contribute a portion of every event sponsorship to a cause they care about.

This concept shop, gallery and gathering space in downtown Oakland specializes in sustainable and socially responsible apparel, accessories and gift items. A Baltimore-based sex toy shop founded in In addition to peddling relevant wares, they host in-store workshops with a queer-positive vibe.

Alexa Lemley and Samantha Aulick, a married lesbian couple, started their gourmet marshmallow store in outside of Indianapolis.

73 Lesbian-Owned Businesses and Queer Shops To Support This Holiday Season!

You can get the datebook and wall calendar in their online shop, as well as writing anthologies and other related products. Since , lesbian couple Alice and Jenny Bergman have been running this neighborhood favorite toy shop with a selection that emphasizes diversity, education, and ethically-made products for curious kiddos.

Today, our full line of natural products protect families around the world. She had a very popular personal blog once upon a time, and then she recapped The L Word , and then she had the idea to make this place, and now here we all are! Follow her on twitter and instagram. You need to login in order to like this post: click here. This is a fantastic list, thank you! They do have an Easy shop, but you can also buy directly from their site, as well as at various trade shows. Plus, they do custom orders.

Also, hella jealous because I no longer live close enough to get Cowgirl Creamery. Or should we still go through the Autostraddle affiliates page to do our shopping? Yes indeed! They do really beautiful, ethically-made retro-inspired lingerie.

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WELP I am adding them, they were supporters of us from the get-go. The stuff there is more femme inspired, than some of the others here. Caress Studios. USA based, wife and wife team create beautuful and fun art and greeting cards representing the lesbian, gay and queer community.

Pulsate, Rotate, & Roll: Guide to Thrusting Dildos and Self-Propelled Sex Toys

I run a sex-pos shop here in Australia, I stumbled across them and now proudly sell them. Go seek them out! Amazing list! I also highly highly recommend Ladyfingers Letterpress which is based in Colorado Springs — owned and run by wives Morgan and Arley. It appeals to androgyny, tomboy, etc. Another sex toy shop is Early to Bed, they have a really great brick store and online store with a good gender expression section.

Speaking of queer-owned businesses, does anyone know what happened to Marimacho? ALSO HEY, this prompted me to put together a list of local queer-woman owned businesses in Australia too for those not easily able to afford shipping across the expanse of ocean. From my brain:. Still worth a check out however everybody!

Love this artical…. Hey check out Ivysclothing. Based in California and Lesbian owned.. Thank you for the list- knew about some of these businesses but many of them are new to me! Please add Dapper D fashions to your list, the owners are a wonderful couple and they do so much for the community in Portland, Orwgon. We also carry cards, magazines, blank books and journals, calendars, gift items like candles, and pride products.

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Saint Harridan is going out of business! So sad…my wife and I were really satisfied customers of theirs. Vozjewelry gmail. Oh hi hi I have a truly lovely tarot shop just over here …. Do you live in earthquake country?