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Think about it now and be present to enjoy it. Sesame Street is the American preschool educational television show which was first aired on public broadcasting television stations November 10, Joan Ganz Cooney, the founder of Sesame Street programme, she began to think about television as a teaching medium. During its near half-century run, Sesame Street has earned more than Emmy Awards.

Fashion in my creative imagination always delivers a good feeling.

It is not the glamour of the seasonal runways. In my memory, it was more about feelings, existed characters that touched my hurt. In Sesame Street reached its 50th season and colors make us escape our daily routine. Time to feel good, to play with curiosity and have a lot of fun. Time to change our daily life and feel good. Bright colors that attack our look. One of the most fashion-forward directions. These bright colors have roots in childhood. The age where imagination is in the front scene of our way of thinking and joy embrace the happiness of our hurt.

These brights remind us sportswear, but the new look sees the future looking bright. Your email address will not be published. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

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That is my motto. Playing with Buffett and the interaction with the fans is an incredible experience.

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I am extremely blessed and grateful for all the gifts God has granted me. While growing up on a farm outside of St. Louis, Roger Guth knew that playing music would be an integral part of his life. Roger remembers helping out his father's little wedding band by playing drums in local VFW halls as a ten year old, but also remembers the band having to bring along a drum machine just in case he fell asleep. By the time Roger entered his teens, he had already built a strong foundation as both a drummer and pianist.

Some of Roger's early influences in music came by listening to great jazz performers such as Elvin Jones and Buddy Rich, and then later by listening to some of the black jazz musicians of the time. Roger was inspired by many people to not only write music, but use his unique vocal ability as well. Elliot Scheiner had heard Roger's vocals on some demos and thought that there was something special there.

Over a period of time, Roger began writing music that he knew he would not only record, but sing as well. The results of this work came early in with the release of Roger's first CD, simply titled Scotch. The clever, humorous, and heartfelt songs from the CD have taken people by surprise, resulting in a whole new respect for this musician as fans are now requesting to hear him sing "Blue Guitar" while playing at Island Fest and Peter Mayer shows. Roger recently relocated to Nashville with his wife Kelly and son Adam. When asked what he aspires to do in the next ten years, Roger replied, "I'd like to do a lot of session work, write some great tunes, maybe try to get a record deal and help Pete Mayer make it big".

If Mac McAnally never sang or played another note of music, his place in music history is more than assured. Writer, producer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and all around musical sage, Mac has seen and done it all. Now he is back once again with a new and energizing album — Live in Muscle Shoals. Handy made a career out of mixing influences from his surroundings and expressing them musically.

I share that aspiration and hope to merit having shared the bill with his legacy on July 31, in his hometown of Florence, Alabama. The album serves as the perfect compliment to an incomparable career. He was a guitar and piano prodigy who performed in clubs at 13, wrote his first song at 15 and landed as a Muscle Shoals studio musician at Mac signed his first record deal, with Ariola, at 20 and launched two singles to moderate success on the Billboard Hot Alabama took his "Old Flame" to No.

The song cemented his status as a hit maker, a reputation that has never waned. Reba McEntire, T. Meanwhile, Mac's skills as a musician continued to bring calls that carried him into the studio. Over the course of his career he's built an enviable registry of credits that includes Roy Orbison, Hank Williams, Jr. And his guitar and vocal skills weren't confined to the studio as he joined Buffett's touring Coral Reefer band, an association that continues to this day.

McAnally has also produced several of Buffett's albums and written many of his songs. And even in the midst of creating a prodigious body of behind-the-scenes work, McAnally continued to make his own music. All told, he has recorded 11 albums, all for major labels. In fact, he was the first artist signed to David Geffen's legendary rock label Geffen Records. His accomplishments are now beginning to be fully recognized. The following year, the Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame followed suit, while the Country Music Association named him Musician of the Year for the last 3 years in a row.

And, Mac continues to own and operate his own recording studio in Muscle Shoals. So the question remains: Why? Why now? Why is his biggest success and notoriety as an artist happening after he's already achieved so much? McAnally is more than confirmed as one of the most accomplished and revered creative forces in the music business. He has nothing left to prove.

Alon Mor - Jimmy's House

Maybe this time, however, the music business has something to prove to Mac McAnally. Doyle Grisham was born in Temple, Texas. His early influences included Carl Smith and Webb Pierce. He started playing guitar professionally when he was fifteen. While attending Temple Junior College, he discovered he could make more money playing music than continuing his pursuits to become a teacher. At 21, while on tour with the Big "D" Jamboree, he began playing steel guitar professionally. While working with Tompall and the Glaser Brothers at their studio and doing demos for their publishing companies, he developed a reputation and was asked to work with other producers around Nashville on their projects.

It was during this period in the early '70s that he played on his first Jimmy Buffett album, which opened him to the fields of pop music as well as country. In , Doyle was chosen as one of the five finalists for Instrumentalist of the Year at the Country Music Association awards. During the past few years he has divided his time between studio musician and engineer, record producer, and traveling musician, most recently as the steel guitar player with the Coral Reefer Band.

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He has appeared on several of Jimmy's albums over the last 25 years. John started playing trumpet at age 5 because his dad was a trumpet player.

He joined his school band, went to college, dropped out, and then got his first major musician job with the Tommy Dorsey orchestra. He later did a stint with the O'Jays and ended up touring with them. He eventually moved to Miami and attended the University of Miami School of Music where he played in the concert jazz band. He spent time during the "fabulous 80s" at jazz radio WDNA in Miami; however, in he was a "starving musician" paying bills as a substitute teacher in the Dade County public schools.

In , John was selling stereos, working at a local Circuit City store and "wasn't getting anywhere. He sent a tape, resume and picture and two weeks later he got the job. John has always been a jazz player and, when he's not touring with Jimmy Buffett, he can be found playing with a local swing band in the Palm Beach area.

A native Californian, Tina has been involved in entertainment and the arts all her life. Her professional career began at age sixteen, hosting a local television show. Modeling for teen fashion magazines and commercial acting soon followed. Performing with The Doodletown Pipers was the first taste of what would become her favorite pastime, singing and dancing.

Then, taking a short break from music, she represented The California Angels baseball organization as their on-air spokesperson in television commercials, appearing at games and various charity events as Miss California Angel. Next came performances with local bands, "Star Search" and music videos. Doing "ghost vocals" and television appearances as both a singer and actress kept her busy while also teaching aerobic dance classes and designing for the ornamental glass industry.

During the winter of , Tina joined The Coral Reefer Band, a calling she now refers to as "the best job in the world. Tina has a passionate interest in the promotion of hemp products as an important ecological and health resource. When she's not touring with Jimmy and The Coral Reefers, Tina's spare time is filled with the care of her four bunnies, who are happy that she's a vegetarian.

My maternal Grandfather was a singer as was my own Father so music has always been a big part of my life.

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When I was a little girl my parents would have me sing for their friends who would pay me a dime or sometimes even a quarter. I absolutely loved to sing and having others to sing for thrilled me to no end. In our home on any given day music could be heard. If it wasn't the radio, or the record player, one of My Father's singing groups would be rehearsing in the living room. I now know how blessed I am to have parents that supported and encouraged my musical interest from the very beginning.

I also realize the significance of knowing at such a young age what I wanted. Of course I have had many other jobs since then but I have never veered too far off my musical path. In the early eighties I was working as a loan processor, I was also recently divorced with a young child. One fateful day I received an offer to go on the road with a major recording artist for 3 months. I was excited but I was reluctant to quit my job for something that would only last 3 months. This was a defining moment in my life. No longer could I continue to treat music as a hobby only doing it part time.

I made the decision to step out on faith and use my God given talent to make a living for my Son and I.